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A canvas plugin for making David Carson styled art!
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A jQuery+canvas plugin for making random David Carson inspired art!

How to use: // Call the plugin on document.ready on a given canvas id: $('#carson').carson();

Override the Options:

  • delay Boolean - toggles delay.
  • delay_amount Number - the time (in milliseconds) for delay
  • fonts: Array of your fonts.
  • width: Number for width of canvas.
  • height: Number for height of canvas.
  • use_colors: Boolean to make it black and white or randomized colors.
  • complexity: Number (1,2,3 or 4) to determine complexity level (higher is more complex).
  • use_textures: Boolean if you want textures on or off.
  • use_stepped_bars: Boolean if you want to use the technique of having thin stepped lines across the canvas.
  • use_random_complexity: Boolean if you want the complexity level to be randomized.
  • text: String a string of text to use — you'll likely want to override this.
  • textures: Array of your texture filenames (relative filepath is required — e.g: img1.jpg, img2.jpg).


  • jQuery 1.7 (can quickly be removed though)
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