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This is the home of the community driven Android app for Malmöfestivalen.
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What is Malmöfestivalen for Android?

Malmöfestivalen is an annual music, culture and food festival taking place in Malmö, Sweden.

In 2009 the festival had only a web site to provide the festival visitors with information (and a news paper). However, as many events took place in different parts all over the city, a local and mobile edition was thought to make a positive addition to the festival experience.

The app uses a combination of online and offline storage and navigating the 1000+ events is therefore very fast and fluent, even without connectivity or with unstable mobile network connectivity.

The Malmöfestivalen for Android app was first developed and released for the 2010 festival. Since then, the project was opened up as an open source project in 2011 and is now a community driven project. More people, more features :)

Current status of the project

The Malmöfestivalen for Android is stable and released in Android Market.

Got a little time over? Help us make some awesome features so that we can give the users that little extra. :o)

So what does it look like?

Here are a few views from the app.

Start view:

Start view

Event detail view:

Detail view

Android features (and year implemented)

  • 2012:
  • Thumbnail pictures in lists when available.
  • Option to hide old favorites.


  • 2011:
  • Opens Spotify and Youtube native apps, if installed.
  • Browse festival categories (movies, art, fashion etc.) and events in these categories.
  • Download updates continuously
  • German language added.
  • 2010:
  • Show current and upcoming events
  • Favorites with reminders (never miss your favorite event)
  • Sharing event with friends
  • Map showing all scenes and GPS-positioning of the user
  • Links directly to the Malmöfestival site (
  • Importing favorites from "Ditt program" on
  • Languages: Swedish, Danish, English.

During 2010 some contributors thought it could be nice to have W7 and iOS editions. Unfortunately, these projects did not reach a state that could yield any publication of the apps.

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