[ABANDONED] SysInfo is a PHP library that can be used to fetch information about the system (CPU usage, Load avg., Memory usage +++)
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PHP library that can be used to fetch system information like CPU usage, load averages and memory usage (amongst other features). The library was made to accomodate a PHPUnit test listener, so the featureset is pretty slim, and only works on Linux. Feel free to play around with it and send a PR if you want to add some features (unit tests required).


To use this library you can specify christeredvartsen/sysinfo in your composer.json file.


$sysInfo = SysInfo\SysInfo::factory(); // automatically choose instance based on PHP_OS

// or

$sysInfo = new SysInfo\Linux();

$cpu = $sysInfo->getCPU(); // Fetch snapshot of CPU info
$load = $sysInfo->getLoad(); // Fetch snapshot of Load info
$uptime = $sysInfo->getUptime(); // Fetch snapshot of Uptime info
$memory = $sysInfo->getMemory(); // Fetch snapshot of Memory info
$disk = $sysInfo->getDisk(); // Fetch snapshot of Disk info

See the CPUInterface.php, DiskInterface.php, LoadInterface.php, UptimeInterface.php and MemoryInterface.php interfaces for more docs.