Small tool that can be used to display tickets from one or more local Trac environments
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Trac index

Small Zend Framework application that can be used to list tickets from one or more Trac environments. The project is mostly suited for our setup, but feel free to fork it and play around with it. If you add some features, feel free to send pull requests.

Use at your own risk.

Requirements & Configuration

Checkout the code, copy application/configs/application-dist.ini to application/configs/application.ini, and edit the tracindex.* values. You will also need Zend Framework in your PHP include_path.

Example application.ini values

tracindex.rootPath = "/path/to/your/trac/environments"
tracindex.tracUrl = ""
tracindex.tracs[] = "someTrac"
tracindex.tracs[] = "someOtherTrac"