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LaTeX notes for a few courses I've taken at the University of Waterloo.
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UW Course Notes

This term I've decided to start typesetting all of the notes I take during lectures (with LaTeX).

I'm typing up these notes myself, and they're a combination from what was written on the board as well as things the professor has said verbally.

If you simply want to view the notes, look at the PDFs. I've also included the original LaTeX files if you're curious or if you'd like to extend the notes in some way.

I'd greatly appreciate reports of any typos and factual errors you find. Open an issue if you find something that should be fixed.


2B - Winter 2013:


I'm trying to make these notes as accurate as possible, however there might be some errors from things I've heard or seen incorrectly. If you're taking any of these courses, please rely on your own notes. Also, note that the format and content of a course can change drastically from term to term, or even between professors.


You can do what you want with these notes with two restrictions: you may not profit from them in any way, and you must leave my name in them somewhere. Don't be evil. Thanks! :)

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