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CodeMirror for TinyMCE4

The TinyMCE wysiwyg editor comes with a very basic HTML source editor.This plugin for TinyMCE makes editing HTML source code a more pleasant experience. It is based on the excellent CodeMirror code editor, developed by Marijn Haverbeke. This plugin offers the following functionality:

  • Syntax highlighting of HTML, Javascript and PHP code
  • Line numbers
  • Highlighting the line currently being edited
  • Automatic indentation
  • Many undo/redo levels
  • Search/Replace functionality
  • Etc. etc.


If you already have codemirror used in your project, you can configure the codemirror path in your configuration, see bellow. If you don't have codemirror, you need to add it as submodule like this:

  1. cd into your tiny_mce directory, which contains folders like: classes, langs, plugins, skins ans themes
  2. open terminal and run: git submodule add plugins/codemirror/codemirror
  3. cd into plugins/codemirror/codemirror
  4. run command: sudo npm install
  5. run command: npm run-script prepublish


  1. Download and install TinyMCE 4 and make sure it runs correctly with default settings.

  2. Download this repository found at

  3. Place the directory plugins/codemirror in the tinymce/plugins directory.

  4. Download CodeMirror (version 4 or later) from

  5. Unpack inside the plugins/codemirror folder that was just created. A folder named codemirror-4.8 (or similar) will be created.

  6. Activate the codemirror plugin in TinyMCE:

    plugins: ['codemirror']

  7. Optionally, add the code button to TinyMCE’s toolbar:

    toolbar: 'undo redo | styleselect | bold italic | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist outdent indent | code'

  8. Test: You should see a Source code item in the Tools menu. Click it to edit the HTML source code.


Additional configuration options

You can modify the behaviour of the codemirror plugin, by adding a codemirror object to the TinyMCE configuration.

indentOnInit: boolean (false) CodeMirror automatically indents code. With the indentOnInit option, you tell the Source Code editor to indent all code when the editor opens. This might be slow for large documents.

fullscreen boolean (false) Whether to load the tinymce plugin and codemirror in full screen mode.

width: int (800) Codemirror window width

height: int (550) Codemirror window height

saveCursorPosition: boolean (true) Insert caret marker

path: string (codemirror) You might already have CodeMirror hosted elsewhere (outside TinyMCE). In that case, you can reuse that CodeMirror instance, by overriding the default path. For example:

path: ''

config: Object CodeMirror configuration object, which is passed on to the CodeMirror instance. Check for available configuration options.

jsFiles: Array Array of CodeMirror Javascript files you want to (additionally) load. For example:

jsFiles: [

The following Javascript files are always loaded: lib/codemirror.js, addon/edit/matchbrackets.js, mode/xml/xml.js, mode/javascript/javascript.js, mode/css/css.js, mode/htmlmixed/htmlmixed.js, addon/dialog/dialog.js, addon/search/searchcursor.js, addon/search/search.js, addon/selection/active-line.js.

cssFiles: Array Array of CodeMirror CSS files you want to (additionally) load. For example:

cssFiles: [

The following CSS files are always loaded: lib/codemirror.css, addon/dialog/dialog.css.

Config example

  selector: '#html',
  plugins: 'codemirror',
  toolbar: 'undo redo | styleselect | bold italic | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist outdent indent | code',
  codemirror: {
    indentOnInit: true, // Whether or not to indent code on init.
    fullscreen: true,   // Default setting is false
    path: 'CodeMirror', // Path to CodeMirror distribution
    config: {           // CodeMirror config object
       mode: 'application/x-httpd-php',
       lineNumbers: false
    width: 800,         // Default value is 800
    height: 600,        // Default value is 550
    saveCursorPosition: true,    // Insert caret marker
    jsFiles: [          // Additional JS files to load


This TinyMCE plugin is compatible with pretty much all browsers out there, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer, version 8 or better. It is NOT compatible with Interner Explorer 6 or 7, simply because CodeMirror itself does not work in these versions.


Run npm install in the project folder to install the development dependencies.

When making changes to plugins/codemirror/plugin.js, be sure to run npm run prepublish before committing. The prepublish script will generate the plugins/codemirror/plugin.min.js file.


Version 1.5.1 - 2017-01-20

  • FIX: "main" path for codemirror plugin
  • IMP: add codemirror as submodule
  • IMP: Update Readme

Version 1.5 - 2016-09-14

  • Bugfix: Cursor position inside JS, style or &nbps; #2
  • Bugfix: z-index issue with table panel and source code dialog #6
  • Add: Added CSS and set default CM theme
  • Add: Better defaults, per codeMirror
  • Add: codemirror config window width and height

Version 1.4 - 2014-12-15

  • Bugfix: Replace setLine call to replaceRange (for CodeMirror 4) This fixed � appearing in the source code.
  • Note: This plugin requires CodeMirror version 4 (3 is no longer supported)

Version 1.3 - 2014-03-04

  • Bugfix: If any text was highlighted in CodeMirror and the code dialog is closed and saved, the selected text was removed from TinyMCE.
  • Macintosh users now see Macintosh keyboard shortcuts.

Version 1.2 - 2013-09-04

  • Dirty state of CodeMirror now passed on to TinyMCE.
  • When submitting CodeMirror code to TinyMCE, cursor position is retained. Note: this only works when the cursor is not inside a .

Version 1.1 - 2013-07-19

  • New options jsFiles and cssFiles.

Version 1.0 - 2013-06-29

  • Initial release.


Arjan Haverkamp - original author

Contributors details, check on GitHub: