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coding as a passion

mainly javascript at wonderflow

i am an agile enthusiast, clean code connoisseur & testing aficionado

into data visualization and statistics, machine learning is something i am getting my hands dirty from time to time.

generally all kinds of technology that brings value to me, read IoT, bots, apps, cli utilities, automation of all kinds.

right now i am probably writing code for, simple-jekyll-search and other projects, most of the code can be found on my github profile

reach out on twitter @christian_fei

please don't spam me at crifei93 [@] gmail [.] com


italian, german & english speaking.

probably wrote at least some javascript every day over the past five years

depending on the weather outside, i refresh my little but solid elixir skills

when i feel really bad, i console myself with some haskell (completed the course FP101 at UNI Delft)

had a chance to dabble with python in the context of python notebooks when i was doing my first steps understanding what ML is

when i was doing ruby i felt on top of the world

as a classic, java, but i prefer to stay away from it

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