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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans:beans xmlns=""
<gateway id="cafe" service-interface=""/>
<!-- each order has a collection of order items that is split apart to be processed -->
<channel id="orders"/>
<splitter input-channel="orders" expression="payload.items" output-channel="drinks"/>
<!-- The router sends different drink orders on different paths -->
<channel id="drinks"/>
<router input-channel="drinks" expression="payload.iced ? 'coldDrinks' : 'hotDrinks'"/>
<!-- individual order items are processed by the barista -->
<channel id="coldDrinks">
<queue capacity="10"/>
<service-activator input-channel="coldDrinks" ref="barista" method="prepareColdDrink" output-channel="preparedDrinks"/>
<!-- individual order items are processed by the barista -->
<channel id="hotDrinks">
<queue capacity="10"/>
<service-activator input-channel="hotDrinks" ref="barista" method="prepareHotDrink" output-channel="preparedDrinks"/>
<!-- drink order items are aggregated in a call to the waiter -->
<channel id="preparedDrinks"/>
<aggregator input-channel="preparedDrinks" method="prepareDelivery" output-channel="deliveries">
<beans:bean class=""/>
<stream:stdout-channel-adapter id="deliveries"/>
<beans:bean id="barista" class=""/>
<poller id="poller" default="true" fixed-delay="1000"/>