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Guicer is an alternative Domain Specific Language (DSL) for configuring Guice injectors which is simpler and more concise than the original Guice DSL.


An introduction to the Guicer DSL is available at This page also contains information about how to contact the project author / team.


Guicer is built with Apache Maven. However, there is no distribution yet, so you need to build it yourself. For building, you need Java SE 6 and Apache Maven 3.0.4 or higher installed. Change to the repository directory and run:

$ mvn clean install


After building, you can simply copy the artifacts from the target directory or add a dependency in your own project like this:

<project ...>

Note that if you do this, then your project depends on the snapshot build in your local Maven repository. There really should be an official release to Maven Central soon.


This project is covered by the Eclipse Software License, Version 1.0.