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React App Boilerplate

Start developing React JS applications easily with the included tooling. Using gulp with browserify and jasmine for testing.

Read more about how it works at: React JS workflow, part 2


The boilerplate is minimalistic, meaning you have to expand on the current workflow for handling static assets etc.


  • Clone the repo
  • Run npm install



  • Now works with React 0.13.1 (Thanks to @fatso83)


  • Added es5 shim to testrunner-phantom.js html as phantomJS does not have bind etc.


  • Updated package.json dep versions


  • Using gulp-watch instead of, now reacts to adding and deleting files


  • Fixed watch bug
  • Deploy does not include react-addons


  • Run NODE_ENV=development gulp
  • Go to localhost:8889 to display the app
  • Go to localhost:8889/testrunner.html to see your tests
  • Any changes to app or styles folder will automatically rebuild to build folder
  • Both tests and application changes will refresh automatically in the browser
  • Run gulp test to run all tests with phantomJS and produce XML reports

Minify the code, ready for production

  • Run NODE_ENV=production gulp deploy


  • build/: Where your automatically builds to. This is where you launch your app in development
  • dist/: Where the deployed code exists, ready for production
  • styles/: Where you put your css files
  • specs/: Where you put your test files
  • gulpfile: Gulp configuration