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Some files and samples related to quantum computing
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Quantum Computing

This repository contains a couple of documents and Python scrips related to quantum computing. At the moment, there is the following material.

  • A description of Shor's algorithm for factoring large integers, including a simulation in Python
  • An introduction to the mathematical foundations of quantum error correction, i.e. simple codes, the stabilizer formalism, toric codes and surface codes
  • A description of the quantum phase estimation algorithm, including its relation to Shor's algorithm and several applications, for instance matrix inversion
  • Material on implementations of quantum computers, specifically superconducting qubits based on Josephson junctions and quantum computing based on nuclear magnetic resonance, including a few Python notebooks
  • a few Python notebooks that demonstrate how to work with IBMs Qiskit framework are collected in the directory Qiskit - this currently includes example code for quantum Fourier transform, the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm, Shor's algorithm, Quantum Teleportation and simulating a Hydrogen molecule

Of course all these implementations and documents have been created for educational purposes and are not intended for production use - feel free to play with them and modify them if needed. When you use or cite this code or the documentation, please add a reference to this site or my blog

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