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# GraphicsEditor

Code submission for Forward Internet

## Usage

From terminal:
'lein midje' to run the tests
'lein uberjar' to create package

To execute and run
'java -jar GraphicsEditor-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar'

enter commands as per requirements:
I M N       (creates an MxN image)
L X Y C     (colours a single pixel at coordinate X Y)
C           (clears image)
V X Y1 Y2 C (draws vertical line on col X between rows Y1 Y2)
H X1 X2 Y C (draws horiz. line on row Y between cols X1 X2)
F X Y C     (fills region identified by colour at X Y)
S           (show image)
T           (terminate)

Known issues: Error checking is not robust due to time restrictions.
There is checking on the initial create command to check if values are between 1 & 250 but nothing futher.

Did not have time to investigate how to better test the process commands funtion within the re-curse loop.

Region fill alorithm is a simple brute force flood-fill using persistent queue & loop.

## License -> Go ahead and share it!!

Copyright (C) 2011 Christian Blunden

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.
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