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AI Challenge Source Code Repository

Codename: Epsilon

This code will provide the basis for the next contest (Winter 2011). Epsilon is supposed to implement the ants game.

Folder Contents

  • ants/ - Everything related to ants: engine, starter packages, maps/mapgen, visualizer
  • integration_testing - Anything related to testing/stress-testing the contest setup
  • manager/ - Tournament manager which coordinates the workers and computes skill ratings
  • worker/ - Standalone workers which run games (including compiler and sandbox)
  • sql/ - Files for creating an empty sql database
  • website/ - Main website and frontend

Initializing the git submodules:

  • git submodule init
  • git submodule update


This is out of date stuff. You might want to consult with setup/ and the IRC.

Main Server

  • Install Latest Ubuntu

  • Install Dependencies:

apt-get install subversion apache2 mysql-server php5 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mysql python-mysqldb openssh-server build-essential

  • Create mysql aichallenge user and database

Schema files are located in sql/, from that folder execute

mysql -u $aichallenge_user -p'$db_password' $aichallenge_db < * .sql

  • Configure www/server_info.php, sample file in www/server_info.php.sample

  • Configure manager/, sample file in manager/

  • Create submissions directory and give www-data all permissions

Change www/check_submit.php and manager/ to point to the submissions directory

  • Setup apache to serve up www/ directory.


  • For java bots apt-get install openjdk-6-jre-headless openjdk-6-jdk

  • Create the users with:

sudo python 10