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Unitilities: Utilities and scripts to facilitate work in Unity
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Unity Utilities

Unitilities v1.2.1

Set of utility scripts to facilitate work in Unity.

Currently, it includes:

  • Extension methods for:
    • GameObjects
    • Primitives and comparable types
    • Lists and arrays
    • Vectors
    • Strings
    • Colors
    • Date/Time
  • New data types and structures:
    • HSVColor: for a representation of color using the Hue-Saturation-Value system.
    • Pool: to manage GameObject instances instead of creating/destroying them.
    • Singleton.
    • Timer & ManagedTimer type, useful to do things after a certain time.
    • Tuple (Tuple-2, Tuple-3 and Tuple-4) to hold and bind generic types.
  • PlayerPrefs window to view and modify preferences inside the Unity Editor.
  • Gizmo-helpers for the Editor.
  • Localization

The project is currently divided into these namespaces:

  • Unitilities: for basic things. It's everything located under /Core.
  • Unitilities.Colors
  • Unitilities.Pools
  • Unitilities.Tuples
  • Unitilities.Debugging
  • Unitilities.EditorStuff
  • Unitilities.Timers
  • Unitilities.Localization