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OCP4 UPI Helper Node Playbook

This assumes the following

  1. You're on a Network that has access to the internet
  2. The network you're on does NOT have DHCP
  3. The helpernode will be your LB/DHCP/PXE/DNS and HTTPD server
  4. You still have to do the OpenShift Install steps by hand (this just sets up the node to help you)
  5. I used CentOS 7
  6. You will be running the openshift-install command from this helpernode

You can visit the quickstart to...quickly start :)


Install a CentOS 7 server with this recommended setup:

  • 4 vCPUs
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 30GB HD
  • Static IP

Then prepare for the install

yum -y install ansible git
git clone
cd ocp4-upi-helpernode

Setup your Environment Vars

Inside that dir there is a vars.yaml file ... modify it to match your network (the example one assumes a /24)

Run the playbook

Once you edited your vars.yaml file; run the playbook

ansible-playbook -e @vars.yaml tasks/main.yml

Check DNS

Once it's ran, check if the DNS is okay with the checker script


Install OpenShift 4 UPI

Now you're ready to follow the OCP4 UPI install doc

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