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Welcome to the RK2020 wiki

This device is a functional replica of the Odroid Go Advance 1.0 with some differences in the following areas:

  • Different case
  • Less function keys (no F1 - F6 keys)
  • Tempered glass screen protector instead of plastic
  • Smaller battery (2600 mah instead of 3000 mah in OGA)
  • Added 2 extra shoulder/trigger buttons (L2 and R2)
  • Much less Operating System support due to concerns of how this device was released

Where you can get this device from:

!!!WARNING!!! - Be careful as there are many fake rk2020 units being sold on Amazon and probably on other online sites like eBay. When in doubt, get it directly from rkconsole.

Slow shipping, will be the authentic unit with the latest hardware revision and cheaper price -

Slow shipping, I received a report that this unit is authentic with the latest hardware revision -,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

I do not recommend buying from Amazon or other locations yet until the revisions are available at other locations. The experience between the latest revision and the previous version are vastly improved.

If you've already got a unit, click here if you want to check if you've got a fake unit.

Where you can get some support:

Join the Retro Game Handhelds Discord:, click on the green checkmark box in the #welcome channel, then head to the #rk2020 channel.

Refer to the page links on the right for some useful information that may improve your experience with this device.