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Simple NodeJS (ES6) Boilerplate
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Simple NodeJS (ES6) Boilerplate


This is a really simple boilerplate I use for NodeJS packages. It compiles ES6 scripts located inside the src folder into ES2015 compatible scripts. There is a testsuite in place which uses Mocha & Chai to run tests and create coverage reports. ESDoc is used to create a documentation from your comments.

I like my workflow as simple as possible, so you won't find any Grunt, Gulp or Make usage in this boilerplate. All scripts are defined inside the package.json.


Command Description
npm install Install dependencies & do initial compilation.
npm run compile Run tests & compile the application.
npm run test Run tests.
npm run docs Create documentation & coverage reports.
npm run watch Starts a watcher listening to changes inside the src folder.
npm run reinstall Remove and reinstall all local node modules.


Folder Description
./src Sources folder, should contain all your ES6 files.
./src/config Holds the apps configuration files, if necessary.
./test Folder for test specifications.
./documentation The generated documentation will be placed here.
./coverage The coverage reports will be placed here.
./dist Holds the compiled script files.
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