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Add a FIXME.

The keybinding map only shows "colon exec xterm -e", even if you change the
termprog option to something different. That's because the calls to
add_keybinding() happen only once, and right when starting Ratpoison. Not
certain how to go about this, though.
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1 parent 2ff17e4 commit 1861569c73a27bba06596ffc3736e9016325b44f @christiank committed Apr 15, 2011
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@@ -787,6 +787,7 @@ initialize_default_keybindings (void)
add_keybinding (XK_exclam, 0, "exec", map);
/* We're constructing the string "colon exec [termprog] -e ". */
+ /* FIXME: This shows up on they keybinding map only as ":exec xterm -e" */
struct sbuf *t = sbuf_new(0);
sbuf_concat(t, "colon exec ");
sbuf_concat(t, defaults.termprog_string);

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