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Newsletter2Go API wrapper for PHP

This is a php plugin to send whitelisted e-mails via newsletter2go server.


  • Send whitelisted e-mails and newsletters
  • E-Mail or SMS
  • Usermanagement on server
  • Groupmanagement on server
  • Newslettermanagement on server


Installation and usage

You can install this newsletter2go wrapper by using composer:

    "require": {
        "christianklisch/newsletter2go-api-php": "v3.3.1"

Setup and sending simple e-mail:

		// init with api-key
    $api = new \Newsletter2Go\Newsletter2GoService('1234567890abcdef');

    $email = new \Newsletter2Go\Email();
    $email->setText('Hello my friend');
    $res = $api->sendSingleMail($email);


Copyright and license

Copyright 2015 Christian Klisch, released under the MIT license.