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IPE style sheet with symbols for electrical engineering
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The package ElectricalEngineering.isy provides electrical engineering circuits components for IPE.

Additional customization

For using the ElectricalEngineering package it is very useful to

  • include the file ElectricalEngineering.isy when creating a new file and
  • add a shortcut to open the symbol library.

In the proposed customization ipelet ipelets/customize.lua the following additional shortcuts are introduced

  • Shift+S to add symbol
  • Alt+Ctrl+I to add splines

This ipelet shall be stored in the ipelets folder which is located under ~/.ipe/ipelets in Linux systems.


Induction machine

  • Stored in Resources/InductionMachine.ipe

Induction machine


  • Stored in Resources/Transformer.ipe


Circuit components

  • Basic
    • Capacitor
    • Diode
    • Fuse
    • Ground
    • IGBT
    • Inductor
    • IGBT
    • Resistor
    • Resistor variable
    • Switch open/close
    • Thyrisotor
    • Transistor
    • Winding
  • Arrows
    • Current arrows
    • Curved arrow line
  • Sources
    • Current source
    • Voltage source
  • Machines
    • DC machine
    • Three phase
    • Transformer
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