Modelica library for the simulation of photo voltaic cells and modules
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Modelica library for the simulation of photo voltaic cells, modules and plants. The library provides:

  • Simple cell models based on one diode and a irradiance dependent current source including temperature dependence of the open circuit voltage and the short circuit current
  • Simple symmetric modules and non-symmetric module including shading of cells
  • Simple symmetric plant
  • Solar pyramid model
  • Cell, module and plant parameters can be taken directly from manufacturer data sheets
  • Data of commercial modules stored in Modelica Records for convenient investigations
  • Analytical irradiance model without weather conditions
  • Single and three phase quasi static converters
  • Three phase transient converter
  • Maximum power tracker based on continuous voltage regulation
  • Linear, symmetric and chargable battery model, parameterized by cut off voltage, charge voltage, energy

PhotoVoltaics library

Application Examples

Phileas Rover

The maximum power harvest of a solar pyramid, which may be applicable to the Phileas Rover of the Austrian Space Forum, OEWF, can be investigated by the PhotoVoltaics library.

Phileas Rover Image source: OEWF

TGM Photovoltaic Power Plants

Actual irradiance and electric power measurement data of the TGM power plants in Vienna are provided in the PhotoVoltaics_TGM library. Measurements and simulation results can be compared by the provided example models. The PhotoVoltaics_TGM library relies on the Buildings library.



The Modelica code of the PhotoVoltaics library, the images and the measurement data of the TGM are released under the Modelica License 1.1. This Modelica library is free software and the use is completely at your own risk.

The package also contains weather data of Vienna retrieved from EnergyPlus. The data of EnergyPlus are distributed under the EnergyPlus Licensing conditions.

Development and contribution

The library was developed during a Diploma project at the Technical Engineering College, TGM, Wexstraße 19-23, 1200 Vienna, Austria. Library authors are Jovan Brkic, Muaz Ceran, Mohamed Elmoghazy, Ramazan Kavlak, and Christian Kral.

The three phase transient multi phase converter was contributed by Luiz Bueno, RWTH Aachen, Germany.


e-mail: dr.christian.kral(at)