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Code samples for the Thrive Conference 2019 in Postojna
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Thrive Conference 2019

Thrive Conference

Entity Framework Core Features

EF Core is not only a modern version of Entity Framework, it also offers many features not available with Entity Framework. In this session you learn many differences, including how to implement logging, changes with mapping including shadow properties, mapping to fields, owned types and owned collections, using model type query filters, migrations including seeding of data, and more. You'll also see how EF Core can map to a NoSQL Database with the Azure Cosmos DB provider.

Blazor - an Introduction to create .NET Core for the client

Blazor is no longer an experimental project from Microsoft. Blazor allows to write C# and .NET Code to add client-side functionality with Web applications. The first part of Blazor that's released with .NET Core 3.0 offers server-side Blazor functionality. Client-side Blazor using WebAssembly has a release planned with .NET Core 5 in 2020. In this session you get an introduction to Blazor, learn how you can use ASP.NET Core Razor syntax to create Blazor components. You'll see server-side Blazor in action, and what's needed to change it to the upcoming client-side Blazor, and what's going on behind the scenes.

C# 8 and .NET Core 3 - What's new?

C# 8 and .NET Core 3.0 will be released in 2019. What's new? What's coming? Can you already use some of the new functionality? What's important where you should pay attention to? Many of the new features of .NET Core are based on language enhancements. In this session you'll get an overview what's new with C# 8, see enhancements with .NET Core, get an overview of the most important features of ASP.NET Core, and you'll see how .NET Core can be used to create WPF applications.

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