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This is a set of PHP scripts which provide an interface to browse and edit a .bib file. Everything happens in the .bib file - no SQL database or anything like that needed.

Even if you don't need that, you might like bib-parse.php, which does a better job of parsing .bib files (or at least, my .bib files) than any other PHP parser I found.

I use this to run


Clone this repository somewhere on your web server. Copy config.json.dist to config.json and set it up. You'll need to change bibfile,root_url and password. Use PHP's crypt() function to hash your password. (My web host seems to run an old version of PHP that doesn't have the good hashing functions)


Add the following bookmarklet to save the page you're looking at:

javascript:(function(){var site = ''; var d = {'title':document.title,'url':window.location};var p=[];for(var x in d){p.push(x+'='+encodeURIComponent(d[x]))};var url = site+'/new?'+p.join('&');})()

(Remember to change site to your bib-site address)


Make a copy the templates folder and change your config to point to that. The templates are rendered using twig.