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The Clockwork Shooter!
A story, why not?
So someone finally got the Swiss angry, and they've conquered the known universe, prompting every Heroic Little Dude to climb in his spaceship and head for Lake Geneva. It's your job as the Swiss master watchmaker to build the clockwork machinery of destruction that will defend your beloved alpine nation from the villainous forces of liberty and imprecise timekeeping. Connect the cogs together, shoot the Heroic Little Dudes, eat some cheese with holes in it.
An explanation, because someone's bound to ask:
Link cogs together by clicking where you want them to go. The large pegs on the cogs are what push the other cogs round. Red lines on cogs show where they will shoot when turned. The bullets from ships either shoot out the large pegs, or damage the cogs. Cogs turn red the more they get damaged, but repair themselves when they are turned. There's no end to the game, I can never be bothered to put an end in my games.