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I was going to wait until I'd got this perfect and then wow everyone with it, but as usual my mind's wandered elsewhere.
So for the last couple of weeks I've been thinking about how to do a simulation of that thing where you fold a piece of paper up lots of times, then cut it into the shape of a little person, unfolding to give a whole chain of little people.
So here's a why-can't-I-concentrate-for-longer-than-5-minutes-on-something EXE.
You can cut the bit of paper by clicking first outside of it, in the black space. Click on another point outside the paper to make a clean cut along that line, or click inside the paper to make an incision. Make another incision to the same point to cut a chunk out of the paper.
You can fold the paper by doing a normal clean cut, but right clicking instead of left clicking on the second click. You can cut folded paper, and unfold a fold by right clicking on it.
The folding doesn't completely work all the time yet because I haven't put the layering in. I know how to fix it, but can't be bothered today.
Anyway, hope someone likes this, I'm quite chuffed with myself for working out all the geometry and algorithms, but a bit disappointed I couldn't find the motivation to finish it properly.
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