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existence, being, entity, ens, esse, subsistence
reality, actuality, positiveness, fact, matter of fact, sober reality, existence
truth actual presence coexistence stubborn fact, hard fact, joke
not a dream no center of life, essence, inmost nature, inner reality, principle
vital have place, prevail, find oneself, pass the time, vegetate
consist in, lie in, be comprised in, be contained in, by
be constituted come into existence, arise come forth become bring into existence abide, continue, endure, last, remain, stay
existing, existent, under the sun, in existence, extant, afloat, afoot, on foot, current, prevalent, undestroyed
real, actual, positive, absolute, true substantial, substantive, self-existing, self-existent, essential
well-founded, well-grounded, unideal, unimagined, authentic
not potential actually, in fact, in point of fact, in reality, indeed, de facto, facto
ipso ens rationis, ergo sum cogito: "thinkest thou existence doth depend on time?" extinguishment, extirpation, Nirvana, obliteration
not exist have no existence be null and void, cease to exist pass away, perish, be extinct, become extinct, die out, disappear melt away, dissolve, leave not a rack behind, go, be no more, die annihilate, render null, nullify, abrogate destroy take away, remove obliterate, extirpate
inexistent, nonexistent negative, blank, missing, omitted, absent insubstantial, shadowy, spectral, visionary
unreal, potential, virtual, baseless, in nubibus, vain
unsubstantial unborn, uncreated, unbegotten, unconceived, unproduced, unmade
perished, annihilated, , extinct, exhausted, gone, lost, vanished, departed, gone with the wind, defunct fabulous, Adv
ideal supposititious negatively, adj
virtually non substantiality, hypostasis, person, being, thing, object, article, item, something, a being, an existence, creature, body, substance, flesh and blood, stuff, substratum, matter corporeity, element, essential nature, groundwork, materiality, substantialness, part
vital substantially, bodily, essentially
unsubstantiality, insubstantiality, nothingness, nihility, no degree, no part, no quantity, thing
no nothing, naught, nil, nullity, zero, cipher, no one, nobody, never a one, ne'er a one, no such thing, none in the world, nothing whatever, nothing at all, nothing on earth, not a particle all talk, moonshine, stuff and nonsense, matter of no importance, matter of no consequence, thing of naught, man of straw, John Doe and Richard Roe, faggot voter, nominis umbra, nonentity, flash in the pan, nihil
vox et praeterea shadow, phantom &c.(fallacy of vision) dream ignis fatuus 423, "such stuff as dreams are made of" inanity, paradise
fool's vanish, evaporate, fade, dissolve, melt away, Adj
disappear unsubstantial, baseless, groundless, ungrounded, without foundation, foundation
having no visionary immaterial spectral dreamy, shadowy, ethereal, airy, cloud built, cloud formed, gossamery, illusory, insubstantial, unreal
vacant, vacuous, empty eviscerated, blank, hollow, nominal, null, inane
there's nothing in it, "an ocean of dreams without a sound", essential part, quintessence, incarnation, quiddity, gist, pith, marrow, core, sap, lifeblood, backbone, heart, soul, important part principle, nature, constitution, character, type, quality, crasis, diathesis
habit, temper, temperament, spirit, humor, grain, disposition
endowment, capacity, capability moods, declensions, features, aspects, peculiarities idiosyncrasy, oddity, idiocrasy 176, diagnostics
be in the blood, run in the blood, be born so, adj
be intrinsic derived from within, subjective, intrinsic, intrinsical, fundamental, normal, implanted, inherent, essential, natural, innate, inborn, inbred, ingrained, inwrought, coeval with birth, genetous, haematobious, syngenic, radical, incarnate, thoroughbred, hereditary, inherited, immanent, congenital, congenite|, connate, running in the blood, ingenerate, ingenite|, indigenous, in the grain, bred in the bone, instinctive, inward, internal to the manner born, virtual
characteristic invariable, incurable, incorrigible, ineradicable, fixed
intrinsically, at bottom, in the main, in effect, practically, virtually, substantially, au fond, fairly
"character is higher than intellect" modal, adventitious, ascititious, adscititious, incidental, accidental, nonessential, contingent, fortuitous
implanted, ingrafted, inculcated, infused
outward, Adv
apparent extrinsically Absolute state, condition, category, estate, lot, ease, trim, mood, pickle, plight, temper, aspect dilemma, pass, predicament
constitution, habitude, diathesis, frame, fabric stamp, set, fit, mold, mould
mode, modality, schesis, form tone, tenor, turn, trim, guise, fashion, light, complexion, style, character
be in a state, possess a state, enjoy a state, labor under a state, be on a footing, do, fare, pass
come to conditional, modal, formal, structural, organic
conditionally, as the matter stands, as things are, #8
such being the case Relative circumstance, situation, phase, position, posture, attitude, place, point, terms, regime, footing, standing, status
occasion, juncture, conjunctive, contingency predicament, emergence, emergency, exigency, crisis, pinch, pass, push, occurrence, point
turning bearings, lies
how the land surroundings, context, environment 229a 232], location contingency, Adj
dependence causation attribution circumstantial, given, conditional, provisional, critical, modal, contingent, incidental, limitative
adventitious in the circumstances, under the circumstances, the circumstances, conditions thus, wise
in such accordingly, that being the case, such being the case, in view of the circumstances, that being so, sith, since, that
seeing as matters stand, as things go, go
as times conditionally, provided, if, in case, if so, if so be, if it be so, depending on circumstances, in certain circumstances, under certain conditions, if it so happen, if it so turn out, in the event of, in such a contingency, in such a case, in such an event, provisionally, unless, without
according to circumstances, according to the occasion, as it may happen, as it may turn out, as it may be, as the case may be, as the wind blows, nata
pro re "yet are my sins not those of circumstance" filiation 11, interest, relevancy dependency, relationship, position
relative comparison ratio, proportion
link, tie, union
bond of be related, have a relation, relate to, refer to, bear upon, regard, concern, touch, affect, have to do with, pertain to, belong to, appertain to, answer to, interest
bring into relation with, bring to bear upon, connect, associate, draw a parallel, Adj
link relative, correlative cognate, relating to, relative to, in relation with, referable or referrible to, belonging to, appurtenant to, with
in common related, connected, implicated, associated, affiliated, allied to, en rapport, with
in touch approximative, approximating, proportional, proportionate, proportionable, allusive, comparable
in the same category like relevant applicable, equiparant
relatively, pertinently thereof, as to, as for, as respects, as regards, about, concerning, anent, relating to, as relates to, with relation, with reference to, with respect to, with regard to, in respect of, while speaking of, a propos of, in connection with, by the way, by the by, whereas, for as much as, in as much as, in point of, as far as, on the part of, on the score of, quoad hoc, pro re nata, under the head of of, in the matter of, re
in "thereby hangs a tale" irrelation, dissociation, misrelation, inapplicability, inconnection, multifariousness, disconnection inconsequence, independence, incommensurability, irreconcilableness heterogeneity, unconformity irrelevancy, impertinence, nihil ad rem, non-pertinence
intrusion have no relation to have no bearing upon, have no concern with have no business with, not concern have no business there, have nothing to do with, intrude bring in head and shoulders, drag in head and shoulders, shoulders
lug in head and irrelative, irrespective, unrelated, arbitrary, independent, unallied, unconnected, disconnected, adrift, isolated, insular, extraneous, strange, alien, foreign, outlandish, exotic
not comparable, incommensurable, heterogeneous, unconformable irrelevant, inapplicable, not pertinent, not to the, purpose, impertinent, inapposite, beside the mark, a propos de bottes, aside from the purpose,, away from the purpose,, foreign to the purpose, beside the purpose, beside the question, beside the transaction, beside the point, record
misplaced traveling out of the remote, far-fetched, out of the way, forced, neither here nor there, quite another thing, detached, segregate, disquiparant
multifarious, discordant incidental, parenthetical, obiter dicta, episodic
parenthetically, by the way, by the by, en passant, incidentally, irrespectively, without reference to, without regard to, se
in the abstract a consanguinity, relationship, kindred, blood, parentage filiation, affiliation, lineage, agnation, connection, alliance, family connection, family tie, ties of blood, nepotism
kinsman, kinfolk, kith and kin, relation, relative, connection, sibling, sib, next of kin, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, cousin, cousin
german, first cousin, second cousin, cousin once removed, cousin twice removed, near relation, distant relation, brother, sister, blood
one's own flesh and family, fraternity, brotherhood, sisterhood, cousinhood
race, stock, generation, sept stirps, side, strain, breed, clan, tribe, nation
be related to claim relationship with related, akin, consanguineous, of the blood, family, allied, collateral, cognate, agnate, connate, kindred, affiliated, fraternal
intimately related, nearly related, closely related, remotely related, distantly related, allied, german
reciprocalness, reciprocity, reciprocation, mutuality, correlation, interdependence, interrelation, connection, link, association, interchange exchange, barter
reciprocator, reprocitist
reciprocate, alternate, interchange exchange, counterchange
reciprocal, mutual, commutual, correlative, reciprocative, interrelated, closely related, alternate, interchangeable, interdependent, international, complemental, complementary
mutually, mutatis mutandis, vice versa, each other, one another, adj
by turns reciprocally "happy in our mutual help" facsimile homoousia, alter ego 17, ipsissima verba 494, same, self, very, one and the same, very thing, actual thing, real McCoy, no other, one and only, flesh
in the be identical, coincide, coalesce, merge
treat as the same, render the same, identical, identify, of
recognize the identity identical, self, ilk, n
the same selfsame, one and the same, homoousian
coincide, coalescent, coalescing, indistinguishable, one, equivalent tweedle dee and tweedle dum, much the same, of a muchness, unaltered
identically, fours
on all contrariety, contrast, foil, antithesis, oppositeness, contradiction, antagonism clashing, repugnance
inversion the opposite, the reverse, the inverse, the converse, the antipodes, the antithesis, extreme
the other be contrary, contrast with, oppose, coelo
diller toto invert, reverse, turn the tables, turn topsy-turvy, turn end for end, turn upside down, out
turn inside contradict, contravene, Adj
antagonize contrary, contrarious, contrariant, opposite, counter, dead against, converse, reverse, opposed, antithetical, contrasted, antipodean, antagonistic, opposing, conflicting, inconsistent, contradictory, at cross purposes, negative, hostile differing toto coelo, diametrically opposite, diametrically opposed, as opposite as black and white, as opposite as light and darkness, as opposite as fire and water, as opposite as the poles, as different as night and day, "Hyperion to a satyr" Hamlet], quite the contrary, quite the reverse, no such thing, just the other way, contraire
tout au contrarily, contra, contrariwise, per contra, on the contrary, nay rather, vice versa, Phr
on the other hand "all concord's born of contraries" distinction, contradistinction, alteration
modification, permutation, tenses
moods and nice distinction, fine distinction, delicate distinction, subtle distinction, shade of difference, nuance, differentia
discrimination different thing, something else, apple off another tree, another pair of shoes, horse of a different color, other
this that or the be different, differ, vary, ablude|, mismatch, contrast, divaricate, differ toto coelo, intervallo
differ longo vary, Adj
modify discriminate differing, different, diverse, heterogeneous, multifarious, polyglot, distinguishable, dissimilar, varied, modified, diversified, various, divers, all manner of, all kinds of, variform 81, daedal
other, another, not the same, unequal unmatched, widely apart, poles apart, distinctive, characteristic, discriminative, distinguishing
incommensurable, incommensurate
differently il y a fagots et uniformity, homogeneity, homogeneousness, consistency, connaturality, connaturalness, homology, accordance, conformity agreement consonance, uniformness
regularity, constancy, even tenor, routine, monotony
be uniform, through
accord with run become uniform, conform to render uniform, homogenize, assimilate, level, smooth, dress
uniform, homogeneous, homologous, of a piece, consistent, connatural, monotonous, even, invariable, regular, unchanged, undeviating, unvaried, unvarying
uniformly, uniformly with in harmony with always, invariably, without exception, without fail, unfailingly, never otherwise, clockwork
by ab uno disce diversity, irregularity, unevenness, multiformity unconformity roughness dissimilarity, dissimilitude, divarication, divergence
diversified varied, irregular, uneven, rough multifarious, multiform of various kinds, all manner of, all sorts of, of
all kinds variously, in all manner of ways, everywhere
here there and similarity, resemblance, likeness, similitude, semblance, affinity, approximation, parallelism, agreement analogy, analogicalness, correspondence, homoiousia, parity
connaturalness, connaturality, brotherhood, likeness
family alliteration, rhyme, pun
repetition sameness uniformity analogue, the like, match, pendant, fellow companion, pair, mate, twin, double, counterpart, brother, sister, one's second self, alter ego, chip of the old block, par nobile fratrum, Arcades ambo, birds of a feather, et hoc genus omne, famille
gens de meme parallel, simile, type image photograph, close resemblance, striking resemblance, speaking resemblance, faithful likeness, resemblance
faithful be similar, look like, resemble, bear resemblance, smack of, savor of, approximate, parallel, match, rhyme with, take after, imitate favor, span approximate, much the same, near, close, something like, sort of, in the ballpark, such like, a show of, mock, pseudo, simulating, representing
exact lifelike, faithful, true to nature, true to life, the very image, the very picture of, for all the world like, comme deux gouttes d'eau, as like as two peas in a pod, as like as it can stare, instar omnium, cast in the same mold, like
ridiculously as if, so to speak, as it were, as if it were, quasi, just as, speculum
veluti in et sic de similibus, tel maitre tel valet, tel pere tel fils, like master, like servant, like father, like son, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, #18
a chip off the old block dissimilarity, dissimilaritude, unlikeness, diversity, disparity, dissemblance, divergence, variation., difference novelty, originality, creativeness, oogamy
be unlike, vary bear no resemblance to, coelo
differ toto render unlike, Adj
vary dissimilar, unlike, disparate, divergent, of a different kind unmatched, unique, new, novel, original
unprecedented nothing of the kind, no such thing, quite another thing, far from it, cast in a different mold, tertium quid, as like a dock as a daisy, celluloid
"very like a whale" imitator, echo, cuckoo|, parrot, ape, monkey, mocking bird, mime, copyist, copycat, plagiarist, pirate
imitate, copy, mirror, reflect, reproduce, repeat, do like, echo, reecho, catch, transcribe, match, parallel
mock, take off, mimic, ape, simulate, impersonate, personate, act represent counterfeit, parody, travesty, caricature, lampoon, burlesque
follow in the steps of, tread in the steps, follow in the footsteps of, follow in the wake of, take pattern by, follow suit, follow the example of, walk in the shoes of, take a leaf out of another's book, strike in with, follow suit, take after, model after, emulate
imitated, mock, mimic, modelled after, on
molded paraphrastic, literal, imitative, secondhand, imitable, aping, apish, mimicking
literally, to the letter, verbatim, literatim, sic, totidem verbis, word for word, mot a mot, exactly, precisely
like master like man,
"like but oh! how different!" modification, moods and tenses, discrepance, discrepancy
divergency 291, deviation aberration, innovation
vary deviate diverge alternate, swerve
varied, modified, 16a
diversified copy, facsimile, counterpart, effigies, effigy, form, likeness
image, picture, photo, xerox, similitude, semblance, ectype, photo offset, electrotype, imitation model, representation, adumbration, study, resemblance
portrait duplicate, reproduction, cast, tracing, reflex, reflexion, reflection, shadow, echo
transcript into a non-visual form], transcription, recording, scan
chip off the old block, reprint, new printing, rechauffe, apograph, copy
fair parody, caricature, burlesque, travesty, travestie, paraphrase
derivative, derivation, modification, expansion, extension, revision, second edition servile copy, servile imitation, plagiarism, counterfeit, pasticcio
fake &c.(deception) faithful, lifelike close, conscientious
unoriginal, imitative, derivative
prototype, original, model, pattern, precedent, standard, ideal, reference, scantling, type, archetype, antitype, protoplast, module, exemplar, example, ensample, paradigm, lay-figure
text, copy, design, fugleman, keynote, die, mold, matrix, last, plasm, proplasm, protoplasm, mint, seal, punch, intaglio, negative, stamp
be an example, be a role model, set an example, copy
set a a precedent embalms a principle adaption, adjustment, graduation, accommodation, reconciliation, reconcilement, assimilation
consent concurrence cooperation right man in the right place, very thing, quite the thing, thing
just the be accordant, agree, accord, harmonize, correspond, tally, respond, meet, suit, fit, befit, do, adapt itself to, fall in with, chime in with, square with, quadrate with, consort with, comport with, dovetail, assimilate, fit like a glove, fit to a tittle, fit to a T, match become one, homologate
consent render accordant, fit, suit, adapt, accommodate, graduate, adjust dress, regulate, readjust, accord, harmonize,
reconcile, fadge, dovetail, square
agreeing, suiting, in accord, accordant, concordant, consonant, congruous, consentaneous, correspondent, congenial, coherent, becoming, harmonious reconcilable, conformable, in accordance with, in harmony with, in keeping with, in unison with, , at one with, of one mind, of a piece, consistent, compatible, proportionate, commensurate, fours
on all apt, apposite, pertinent, pat, to the point, to the purpose, happy, felicitous, germane, ad rem, in point, on point, directly on point, bearing upon, applicable, relevant, admissible
fit adapted, in loco, a propos, appropriate, seasonable, sortable, suitable, idoneous, deft, meet at home, element
in one's proper a propos of, adj
pertinently rem acu tetigisti[obs3], if the shoe fits, wear it, the cap fits, auxilia humilia firma consensus facit bickering, clashing, misunderstanding, wrangle
disparity, mismatch, disproportion, dissimilitude, inequality, disproportionateness, variance, divergence, repugnance
unfitness, inaptitude, impropriety, inapplicability, inconsistency, inconcinnity, 10
irrelevancy misjoining, misjoinder, syncretism, intrusion, interference, discors
concordia fish out of disagree, clash, jar interfere, intrude, come amiss, not concern mismatch, equinam
humano capiti cervicem jungere disagreeing, discordant, discrepant, at variance, at war, hostile, antagonistic, repugnant, incompatible, irreconcilable, inconsistent with, unconformable, exceptional intrusive, incongruous, disproportionate, disproportionated, inharmonious, unharmonious, inconsonant, unconsonant, divergent, to
repugnant inapt, unapt, inappropriate, improper, unsuited, unsuitable, inapplicable, not to the point, unfit, unfitting, unbefitting, unbecoming, ill-timed, unseasonable, mal a propos, inadmissible, inapposite uncongenial, ill-assorted, ill-sorted, mismatched, misjoined, misplaced, misclassified, unaccommodating, irreducible, incommensurable, uncommensurable, unsympathetic
out of character, out of keeping, out of proportion, out of joint, out of tune, out of place, out of season, out of its element, at odds with, with
at variance in defiance, in contempt, in spite of, discordantly, travers
a tort et a asinus ad SIMPLE QUANTITY quantity, magnitude, size amplitude, magnitude, mass, amount, sum, quantum, measure, substance, strength, force
mathematics, mathesis
category, general conception, predicament
universal armful, handful, mouthful, spoonful, capful, stock, batch, lot, dose, yaffle
quantify, measure, fix, estimate, determine, quantitate, enumerate
quantitative, some, any, aught, more or less, few
a to the tune of, all of, a full, the sum of, fully, exactly, precisely
degree, grade, extent, measure, amount, ratio, stint, standard, height, pitch, reach, amplitude, range, scope, caliber, gradation, shade, tenor, compass, sphere, station, rank, standing, rate, way, sort
point, mark, stage intensity, Adj
strength comparative, gradual, shading off, Adv
within the bounds by degrees, gradually, inasmuch, pro tanto, however, howsoever, step by step, bit by bit, little by little, inch by inch, drop by drop, a little at a time, by inches, by slow degrees, by degrees, by little and little, in some degree, in some measure, to some extent, grado
di grado in equality, parity, coextension, symmetry, balance, poise, evenness, monotony, level
equivalence, equipollence, equipoise, equilibrium, equiponderance, par, quits, a wash, not a pin to choose, distinction without a difference, six of one and half a dozen of the other, tweedle dee and tweedle dum, identity similarity equalization, equation, equilibration, co*ordination, adjustment, readjustment, drawn game, drawn battle, neck and neck race, tie, draw, standoff, heat
dead match, peer, compeer, equal, mate, fellow, brother, equivalent
be equal, equal, match, reach, keep pace with, run abreast, come to, amount to, come up to, be on a level with, lie on a level with, balance, cope with, thing
come to the same render equal, equalize level, dress, balance, equate, handicap, give points, spot points, handicap, trim, adjust, poise, fit, accommodate, adapt strike a balance, establish equality, restore equality, restore equilibrium, readjust, Procrustes
stretch on the bed of equal, even, level, monotonous, coequal, symmetrical, coordinate, on a par with, on a level with, on a footing with, up to the mark, equiparant
equivalent, tantamount, indistinguishable, quits, homologous, synonymous resolvable into, convertible, much at one, as broad as long, neither more nor less., much the same as, the same thing as, as good as, all one, all the same, equipollent, equiponderant, equiponderous, equibalanced, equalized, drawn, half and half, isochronal, isochronous isoperimetric, isoperimetrical, isobath, isobathic
equally, pari passu, ad eundum, caeteris paribus, in equilibrio, purposes
to all intents and it comes to the same thing, it amounts to the same thing, gander
what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the inequality, disparity, imparity, odds, difference unevenness, inclination of the balance, partiality, bias, weight, shortcoming, casting weight, make
weight, inequation
superiority inferiority be unequal, countervail, have the advantage, give the advantage, turn the scale, kick the beam, topple, topple over, Adj
overmatch not come up to unequal, uneven, disparate, partial, unbalanced, overbalanced, top-heavy, lopsided, biased, skewed, disquiparant
haud passibus aequis middle compromise middle course, middle state, neutrality
mediocrity, denominator
least common split the difference, take the average, reduce to a mean, strike a balance, off
pair mean, intermediate, middle average, neutral
mediocre, middle-class, Adv
commonplace on an average, in the long run, taking one with another, taking all things together, taking it for all in all, communibus annis, numbers
in round medium tenuere compensation, equation, commutation, indemnification, compromise neutralization, nullification, counteraction reaction, measure for measure, Paul
retaliation equalization robbing Peter to pay set-off, offset, make-weight, casting-weight, counterpoise, ballast, indemnity, equivalent, quid pro quo, bribe, hush money, amends counterbalance, counterclaim, cross-debt, cross-demand
make compensation, compensate, compense, indemnify, counteract, countervail, counterpoise, balance, outbalance, overbalance, counterbalance, set off, hedge, square, give and take, make up for, lee way, cover, fill up, neutralize, nullify, equalize make good, Adj
redeem compensating, compensatory, countervailing, in the opposite scale, Adv
equivalent in return, in consideration, but, however, yet, still, notwithstanding, nevertheless, nathless, none the less, although, though, albeit, howbeit, mauger, at all events, at any rate, be that as it may, for all that, even so, on the other, hand, at the same time, quoad minus, quand meme, however that may be, after all is said and done, Phr
taking one thing with another "light is mingled with the gloom" multitude immensity, enormity, infinity might, strength, intensity, fullness, importance great quantity, quantity, deal, power, sight, pot, volume, world, mass, heap stock peck, bushel, load, cargo, cartload, wagonload, shipload, flood, spring tide, abundance principal part, chief part, main part, greater part, major part, best part, essential part, bulk, V
mass be great, run high, soar, tower, transcend, rise to a great height, carry to a great height, know no bounds, ascend, mount
enlarge great, greater large, considerable, fair, above par, big, huge Herculean, cyclopean, ample, abundant full, intense, strong, sound, passing, heavy, plenary, deep, high, signal, at its height, zenith
in the world-wide, widespread, far-famed, extensive, wholesale, many goodly, noble, precious, mighty, sad, grave, heavy, serious, far gone, arrant, downright, utter, uttermost, crass, gross, arch, profound, intense, consummate, rank, uninitiated, red-hot, desperate, glaring, flagrant, stark staring, thorough-paced, thoroughgoing, roaring, thumping, extraordinary., important unsurpassed complete august, grand, dignified, sublime, majestic vast, immense, enormous, extreme, inordinate, excessive, extravagant, exorbitant, outrageous, preposterous, unconscionable, swinging, monstrous, overgrown, towering, stupendous, prodigious, astonishing, incredible, marvelous unlimited unapproachable, unutterable, indescribable, ineffable, unspeakable, inexpressible, beyond expression, fabulous
undiminished, unabated, unreduced, unrestricted
absolute, positive, stark, decided, unequivocal, essential, perfect, finished
remarkable, of mark, marked, pointed, veriest, noteworthy, renowned
truly 494 a positive degree], decidedly, unequivocally, purely, absolutely, seriously, essentially, fundamentally, radically, downright, in all conscience, for the most part, main
in the entirely abundantly widely, wide
far and greatly, much, muckle, well, indeed, very, very much, a deal, no end of, most, not a little, pretty, pretty well, enough, in a great measure, richly, to a large extent, to a great extent, to a gigantic extent, on a large scale, so, never so, ever so, ever so dole, scrap, shred, tag, splinter, rag, much, by wholesale, mighty, powerfully, with a witness, ultra, in the extreme, extremely, exceedingly, intensely, exquisitely, acutely, indefinitely, immeasurably, beyond compare, beyond comparison, beyond measure, beyond all bounds, incalculably, infinitely
preeminently, superlatively immoderately, monstrously, preposterously, inordinately, exorbitantly, excessively, enormously, out of all proportion, vengeance
with a particularly, remarkably, singularly, curiously, uncommonly, unusually, peculiarly, notably, signally, strikingly, pointedly, mainly, chiefly, famously, egregiously, prominently, glaringly, emphatically, <gr/kat exochin/>, strangely, wonderfully, amazingly, surprisingly, astonishingly, incredibly, marvelously, awfully, stupendously
peculiarly furiously severely, desperately, tremendously, extravagantly, confoundedly, deucedly, devilishly, with a vengeance, a outrance, outrance[obs3]
a toute painfully, sadly, grossly, sorely, bitterly, piteously, grievously, miserably, cruelly, woefully, lamentably, shockingly, frightfully, dreadfully, fearfully, terribly, horribly
a maximis ad minima, "greatness knows itself" tenuity, paucity, fewness meanness, insignificance mediocrity, moderation
small quantity, modicum, trace, hint, minimum, vanishing point, material point, atom, particle, molecule, corpuscle, point, speck, dot, mote, jot, iota, ace, minutiae, details, look, thought, idea, soupcon, dab, dight, whit, tittle, shade, shadow, spark, scintilla, gleam, touch, cast, grain, scruple, granule, globule, minim, sup, sip, sop, spice, drop, droplet, sprinkling, dash, morceau, screed, smack, tinge, tincture, inch, patch, scantling, tatter, cantlet, flitter, gobbet, mite, bit, morsel, crumb, seed, fritter, shive, snip, snippet, snick, snack, snatch, slip, scrag, chip, chipping, shiver, sliver, driblet, clipping, paring, shaving, hair
nutshell, thimbleful, spoonful, handful, capful, mouthful, fragment, ocean
fraction drop in the animalcule trifle mere nothing, next to nothing, hardly anything, just enough to swear by, shade
the shadow of a finiteness, quantity
finite be small, nutshell
lie in a diminish small, little, diminutive minute, fine, inconsiderable, paltry faint slender, light, slight, scanty, scant, limited, meager sparing, few low, so-so, middling, tolerable, no great shakes, below par, under par, below the mark, at a low ebb, halfway, moderate, modest, tender, subtle
inappreciable, evanescent, infinitesimal, homeopathic, very small, atomic, corpuscular, microscopic, molecular, subatomic
mere, simple, sheer, stark, bare, run
near dull, petty, shallow, stolid, ungifted, unintelligent
to a small extent a small degree], on a small scale, a little bit, a wee bit, slightly, imperceptibly, miserably, wretchedly, insufficiently imperfectly, faintly passably, pretty well, enough
well partially, in part, in a certain degree, to a certain degree, to a certain extent, comparatively, some, rather in some degree, in some measure, something, somewhat, simply, only, purely, merely, at least, at the least, at most, at the most, ever so little, as little as may be, tant soit peu, in ever so small a degree, thus far, pro tanto, within bounds, in a manner, after a fashion, speak
so to almost, nearly, well-nigh, short of, not quite, all but, near upon, close upon, peu s'en faut, near the mark, within an ace of, within an inch of, on the brink of, scarcely, hardly, barely, only just, no more than,
about superiority, majority, greatness advantage, pull, preponderance, preponderation, vantage ground, prevalence, partiality, personal superiority, nobility Triton among the minnows, primus inter pares, nulli secundus, captain, crackajack * transcendence, ne plus ultra, lion's share, Benjamin's mess, excess, V
surplus be superior, exceed, excel, transcend, outdo, outbalance, outweigh, outrank, outrival, out-Herod, pass, surpass, get ahead of, over-top, override, overpass, overbalance, overweigh, overmatch, top, o'ertop, cap, beat, cut out, beat hollow, outstrip eclipse, throw into the shade, take the shine out of, outshine, put one's nose out of joint, have the upper hand, have the whip hand of, have the advantage, turn the scale, kick the beam, play first fiddle preponderate, predominate, prevail, precede, take precedence, come first, come to a head, culminate, beat all others, bear the palm, break the record, Adj
take the cake * superior, greater, major, higher, exceeding, great distinguished, ultra, vaulting, for
more than a match supreme, greatest, utmost, paramount, preeminent, foremost, crowning, first-rate unrivaled peerless, matchless, none such, second to none, sans pareil, unparagoned, unparalleled, unequalled, unapproached, unsurpassed, superlative, inimitable facile princeps, incomparable, sovereign, without parallel, nulli secundus, ne plus ultra, beyond compare, beyond comparison, culminating transcendent, transcendental, plus royaliste que le Roi, Adv
more catholic than the Pope increased enlarged beyond, more, over, over the mark, above the mark, above par, upwards of, in advance of, over and above, at the top of the scale, height
at its eminently, egregiously, preeminently, surpassing, prominently, superlatively, supremely, above all, of all things, the most, to crown all, <gr/kat exochin/gr>, par excellence, principally, especially, particularly, peculiarly, a fortiori, even, yea, more
still "I shall not look upon his like again" commonalty be inferior, fall short of, come short of, not pass, not come up to, want
become smaller, render smaller hide its diminished head, retire into the shade, yield the palm, play second fiddle, be upstaged, seat
take a back inferior, smaller, small minor, less, lesser, deficient, minus, lower, subordinate, secondary, second-rate sub, subaltern, thrown into the shade, weighed in the balance and found wanting, not fit to hold a candle to, to
can't hold a candle least, Adv
smallest reduced unimportant less, under the mark, below the mark, below par, at the bottom of the scale, at a low ebb, at a disadvantage, short of, under
increase, augmentation, enlargement, extension, dilatation increment, accretion, accession development, growth, aggrandizement, aggravation, rise, ascent exaggeration, exacerbation, spread flood tide, gain, produce, product, profit
increase, augment, add to, enlarge, dilate grow, wax, get ahead, gain strength, advance, run up, shoot up, rise, ascend sprout aggrandize, raise, exalt, deepen, heighten, strengthen, intensify, enhance, magnify, redouble, aggravate, exaggerate, exasperate, exacerbate, add fuel to the flame, oleum addere camino, superadd 37, Adj
spread increased, on the increase, undiminished, Adv
additional vires acquirit eundo coarctation|, extenuation
abridgment subsidence, wane, ebb, decline, ebbing, descent decrement, reflux, depreciation, deterioration anticlimax, V
mitigation decrease, diminish, lessen, abridge shrink drop off, fall off, tail off, fall away, waste, wear, wane, ebb, decline, descend subside, melt away, die away, retire into the shade, hide its diminished head, fall to a low ebb, run low, languish, decay, crumble
bate, abate, dequantitate|, discount, depreciate, extenuate, lower, weaken, attenuate, fritter away, mitigate dwarf, throw into the shade, Adj
reduce shorten subtract unincreased insert become added, accrue, advene, supervene
reinforce, reenforce, restrengthen, swell the ranks of, Adj
augment added, additional, supplemental, supplementary, suppletory, subjunctive, adjectitious, adscititious, ascititious, additive, extra, accessory
au reste, in addition, more, plus, extra, and, also, likewise, too, furthermore, further, item, and also, and eke, else, besides, to boot, et cetera, and so on, and so forth, into the bargain, cum multis aliis, over and above, moreover
with, withal, including, inclusive, as well as, not to mention, let alone, together with, along with, coupled with, in conjunction with, conjointly, Phr
jointly adde parvum parvo magnus acervus subtraction, subduction|!, deduction, retrenchment, removal, withdrawal, ablation, sublation, abstraction garbling,, v
mutilation, detruncation, amputation, abscission, excision, recision, curtailment minuend, subtrahend, abrasion
decrease subduct, subtract, deduct, deduce, bate, retrench, remove, withdraw, take from, take away, detract
garble, mutilate, amputate, detruncate, cut off, cut away, cut out, abscind, excise, pare, thin, prune, decimate, abrade, scrape, file, geld, castrate, eliminate
diminish curtail deprive of subtracted, subtractive
in deduction, less, short of, minus, without, except, except for, excepting, with the exception of, barring, save, exclusive of, save and except, with a reservation, not counting, count
if one doesn't adjunct, addition, additament, additum, affix, appelidage, annexe, annex, augment, augmentation, increment, reinforcement, supernumerary, accessory, item, garnish, sauce, accompaniment adjective, addendum, complement, supplement, continuation
rider, offshoot, episode, side issue, corollary, piece, flap, lappet, skirt, embroidery, trappings, cortege, tail, wing
suffix additional alate, alated, winged
in addition remainder, residue, remains, remanent, remnant, rest, relic, leavings, heeltap, odds and ends, cheesepairings, candle ends, orts, residuum, dregs refuse stubble, result, educt, fag-end, ruins, wreck, skeleton., stump, alluvium
surplus, overplus, excess, balance, complement, superplus, surplusage, superfluity &c.(redundancy) survival, survivance
remain, be left, exceed, survive, leave
remaining, left, left behind left over, residual, residuary, over, odd, unconsumed, sedimentary, surviving, net, exceeding, over and above, outlying, outstanding, #40a
cast off superfluous decrement, discount, defect, loss, deduction, afterglow, eduction, waste
mixture, admixture, commixture, commixtion, commixion, intermixture, alloyage, matrimony, miscegenation
junction combination impregnation, infusion, diffusion suffusion, transfusion, infiltration, seasoning, sprinkling, interlarding, interpolation adulteration, sophistication
tinge, tincture, touch, dash, smack, sprinkling, spice, seasoning, infusion, soupcon
alloy, amalgam, brass, chowchow, pewter, magma, half-and-half, melange, tertium quid, miscellany, ambigu|, medley, mess, hotchpot, pasticcio, patchwork, odds and ends, all sorts, jumble salad, sauce, mash, omnium gatherum, gallimaufry, olla-podrida, olio, salmagundi, potpourri, Noah's ark, caldron texture, mingled yarn, mosaic half-blood, half-caste, mulatto, terceron, quarteron, quinteron &c., quadroon, octoroon, griffo, zambo, cafuzo, Eurasian, fustee, fustie, griffe, ladino, marabou, mestee, mestizo, quintroon, zebrule[U
sacatra S.], catalo, cross, hybrid, mongrel
mix, join combine commix, immix, intermix, mix up with, mingle, commingle, intermingle, bemingle, shuffle pound together, hash up, stir up, knead, brew, impregnate with, interlard intertwine, interweave associate with, miscegenate
be mixed get among, with
be entangled instill, imbue, infuse, suffuse, transfuse, infiltrate, dash, tinge, tincture, season, sprinkle, besprinkle, attemper, medicate, blend, cross, alloy, amalgamate, compound, adulterate, sophisticate, infect
mixed, implex, composite, half-and-half, linsey
woolsey, chowchow, hybrid, mongrel, heterogeneous, motley miscellaneous, promiscuous, indiscriminate, miscible
among, amongst, amid, amidst, with, in the midst of, crowd
in the simpleness, purity, homogeneity
elimination, sifting, V
purification render simple, simplify
sift, winnow, bolt, eliminate, exclude, get rid of, clear, Adj
purify disentangle simple, uniform, of a piece, homogeneous, single, pure, sheer, neat
unmixed, unmingled, unblended, uncombined, uncompounded, elementary, undecomposed, unadulterated, unsophisticated, unalloyed, untinged, unfortified, pur et simple, incomplex
free from, exempt from, exclusive
simple junction, joining, joinder, union connection, conjunction, conjugation, annexion, annexation, annexment, astriction, attachment, compagination, vincture, ligation, alligation, accouplement, marriage infibulation, inosculation, symphysis, anastomosis, confluence, communication, concatenation, meeting, reunion, assemblage coition, copulation, sex, sexual congress, sexual conjunction, sexual intercourse, love-making
joint, joining, juncture, pivot, hinge, articulation, commissure, seam, gore, gusset, suture, stitch, mortise
link miter closeness, tightness, , annexationist
coherence combination join, unite, conjoin, connect, associate, put together, lay together, clap together, hang together, lump together, hold together, piece together, tack together, fix together, bind up together together, embody, reembody, one
roll into attach, fix, affix, saddle on, fasten, bind, secure, clinch, twist, make fast, tie, pinion, string, strap, sew, lace, tat, stitch, tack, knit, button, buckle, hitch, lash, truss, bandage, braid, splice, swathe, gird, tether, moor, picket, harness, chain, fetter lock, latch, belay, brace, hook, grapple, leash, couple, accouple, link, yoke, bracket, marry bridge over, span
braze, pin, nail, bolt, hasp, clasp, clamp, crimp, screw, rivet, impact, solder, set, weld together, fuse together, wedge, rabbet, mortise, miter, jam, dovetail, enchase, graft, ingraft, inosculate, entwine, intwine, interlink, interlace, intertwine, intertwist, interweave, entangle, twine round, belay, tighten, trice up, up
screw be joined hang together, hold together, Adj
cohere joined, joint, conjoint, conjunct, corporate, compact, hand
hand in firm, fast, close, tight, taut, taught, secure, set, intervolved |, inseparable, indissoluble, insecable, severable
jointly, in conjunction with fast, firmly, , intimately
tria juncta in disjunction, disconnection, disunity, disunion, disassociation, disengagement, discontinuity abjunction, cataclasm, inconnection, abstraction, abstractedness, isolation, insularity, insulation, oasis, island, separateness, severalty, disjecta membra, dispersion apportionment separation, parting, circumcision, detachment, segregation, divorce, sejunction|, seposition|, diduction, diremption, discerption, elision, caesura, break, fracture, division, subdivision, rupture, compartition |, dismemberment, dislocation, luxation, severance, disseverance, scission, rescission, abscission, laceration, dilaceration, disruption, abruption, avulsion, divulsion, section, resection, cleavage, fission, partibility, separability
fissure, breach, rent, split, rift, crack, slit, incision
dissection anatomy, decomposition cutting instrument buzzsaw, circular saw, saw
rip be disjoined come off, fall off, come to pieces, fall to pieces, peel off, loose
get disjoin, disconnect, disengage, disunite, dissociate, dispair, divorce, part, dispart, detach, separate, cut off, rescind, segregate, set apart, keep apart, insulate,, isolate, throw out of gear, cut adrift, loose, unloose, undo, unbind, unchain, unlock unpack, unravel, disentangle, set free sunder, divide, subdivide, sever, dissever, abscind, circumcise, cut, incide|, incise, saw, snip, nib, nip, cleave, rive, rend, slit, split, splinter, chip, crack, snap, break, tear, burst, rend rend asunder, rend in twain, wrench, rupture, shatter, shiver, cranch, crunch, craunch, chop, cut up, rip up, hack, hew, slash, whittle, haggle, hackle, discind|, lacerate, scamble, mangle, gash, hash, slice
cut up, carve, dissect, anatomize, dislimb, take to pieces, pull to pieces, pick to pieces, tear to pieces, tear to tatters, tear piecemeal, tear limb from limb, divellicate, skin disintegrate, dismember, disbranch, disband, disperse dislocate, disjoint, break up, mince, comminute apportion part, part company, separate, leave
disjoined, discontinuous multipartite, abstract, disjunctive, secant, isolated, insular, separate, disparate, discrete, apart, asunder, far between, loose, free, unattached, unannexed, unassociated, unconnected, distinct, adrift, straggling, rift, reft
scissile, divisible, discerptible, partible, separable
separately, one by one, severally, apart, adrift, asunder, in twain, in the abstract, abstractedly
vinculum, link, connective, connection, junction bond of union, copula, hyphen, intermedium, bracket, bridge, stepping-stone, isthmus
bond, tendon, tendril, fiber, cord, cordage, riband, ribbon, rope, guy, cable, line, halser|, hawser, painter, moorings, wire, chain, string fastener, fastening, tie, ligament, ligature, strap, tackle, rigging, standing rigging, running rigging, traces, harness, yoke, band ribband, bandage, brace, roller, fillet, inkle, with, withe, withy, thong, braid, girder, tiebeam, girth, girdle, cestus, garter, halter, noose, lasso, surcingle, knot, running knot, V
cabestro prop bridge over, span, #46
connect hang coherence, adherence, adhesion, adhesiveness, concretion, accretion, conglutination, agglutination, agglomeration, aggregation, consolidation, set, cementation, sticking, soldering, connection, dependence
tenacity, toughness, stickiness inseparability, inseparableness, bur, remora
conglomerate, V
concrete cohere, adhere, stick, cling, cleave, hold, take hold of, hold fast, close with, clasp, hug, grow together, hang together, twine round stick like a leech, stick like wax, stick close, cling like ivy, cling like a bur, adhere like a remora, shirt
adhere like Dejanira's glue, agglutinate, conglutinate, cement, lute, paste, gum, solder, weld, cake, agglomerate
consolidate cohesive, adhesive, adhering, cohering, tenacious, tough, sticky united, unseparated, unsessile, inseparable, inextricable, infrangible, #47
compact nonadhesion, immiscibility, incoherence, looseness, laxity, relaxation, loosening, freedom, sand
disjunction rope of make loose, loosen, slacken, relax, Adj
unglue detach nonadhesive, immiscible, incoherent, detached, loose, baggy, slack, lax, relaxed, flapping, streaming, disheveled, segregated, noncohesive
like grains of sand unconsolidated uncombined combination, mixture junction union, unification, synthesis, incorporation, amalgamation, embodiment, coalescence, crasis, fusion, blending, absorption, centralization
alloy, compound, amalgam, composition, tertium quid, resultant, impregnation
combine, unite, incorporate, amalgamate, embody, absorb, reembody, blend, merge, fuse, melt into one, consolidate, coalesce, centralize, impregnate, put together, lump together, cement a union, marry
combined, impregnated with, ingrained, inoculated
imbued decomposition, analysis, dissection, resolution, catalysis, dissolution, disintegration
corruption dispersion disjunction decompose, decompound, analyze, disembody, dissolve, resolve into its elements, separate into its elements, electrolyze, dissect, decentralize, break up, dust
disperse unravel crumble into decomposed, catalytic, analytical, resolvent, separative, solvent
whole, totality, integrity, totalness, entirety, ensemble, collectiveness, unity completeness indivisibility, indiscerptibility, integration, embodiment, integer
all, the whole, total, aggregate, one and all, gross amount, sum, sum total, tout ensemble, length and breadth of, Alpha and Omega, "be all and end all", complex, complexus amount to, to
come whole, total, integral, entire, complete one, individual
unbroken, intact, uncut, undivided, unsevered, unclipped, uncropped, unshorn, seamless, undiminished, undemolished, undissolved, undestroyed, unbruised
indivisible, indissoluble, indissolvable, indiscerptible
wholesale, sweeping, comprehensive
wholly, altogether, totally entirely, all, all in all, as a whole, wholesale, in a body, collectively, all put together, in the aggregate, in the lump, in the mass, in the gross, in the main, in the long run, en masse, as a body, on the whole, bodily|!, en bloc, in extenso, throughout, every inch, substantially
tout bien ou part, portion, dose, item, particular, aught, any, division, ward, subdivision, section, chapter, clause, count, paragraph, verse, article, passage, sector, segment, fraction, fragment, cantle, frustum, detachment, parcel
piece, lump, bit cut, cutting, chip, chunk, collop, slice, scale, lamina small part, morsel, particle installment, dividend, share debris, odds and ends, oddments, detritus, excerpta, member, limb, lobe, lobule, arm, wing, scion, branch, bough, joint, link, offshoot, ramification, twig, bush, spray, sprig, runner, leaf, leaflet, stump, sarmentum
component part compartment, V
department county part, divide, Adj
break partition fractional, fragmentary, sectional, aliquot, divided, in compartments, multifid, disconnected, partial
partly, in part, partially, piecemeal, part by part, by installments, by snatches, by inches, by driblets, bit by bit, inch by inch, foot by foot, drop by drop, in detail, lots
in completeness, completion integration, allness
entirety, perfection solidity, solidarity, unity, all, ne plus ultra, ideal, limit
complement, supplement, make-weight, filling, v
up impletion, saturation, saturity|, high water, high tide, flood tide, spring tide, fill, load, bumper, bellyful, brimmer, V
sufficiency be complete, head
come to a render complete, complete fill, charge, load, replenish, make up, make good, piece out, eke out, supply deficiencies, fill up, fill in, fill to the brim, fill the measure of, saturate
go the whole hog, go the whole length, lengths
go all complete, entire, whole perfect full, good, absolute, thorough, plenary, solid, undivided, with all its parts, all
exhaustive, radical, sweeping, thorough-going, dead
regular, consummate, unmitigated, sheer, unqualified, unconditional, free, abundant brimming, brimful, topful, topfull, chock full, choke full, as full as an egg is of meat, as full as a vetch, saturated, crammed, replete fraught, laden, full-laden, full-fraught, full-charged, laden
heavy completing, supplemental, supplementary, ascititious
completely, altogether, outright, wholly, totally, in toto, quite, all out, over head and ears, effectually, for good and all, nicely, fully, through thick and thin, head and shoulders, neck and heel, neck and crop, in all respects, in every respect, at all points, out and out, to all intents and purposes, toto coelo, utterly, clean, clean as a whistle, to the full, to the utmost, to the backbone, hollow, stark, heart and soul, root and branch, ground
down to the to the top of one's bent, as far as possible, outrance
a throughout, from first to last, from beginning to end, from end to end, from one end to the other, from Dan to Beersheba, from head to foot, from top to toe, from top to bottom, de fond en comble, a fond, measures
a capite ad calcem half defect, deficit, defalcation, omission, caret, shortage, link
interval break noncompletion missing missing piece, missing part, gap, hole, lacuna
be incomplete, Adj
fall short of lack neglect incomplete, imperfect unfinished, uncompleted mutilated, garbled, docked, lopped, truncated
in progress, in hand, going on, proceeding
incompletely, halves
by caetera desunt, caret
composition, constitution, crasis, combination inclusion, admission, comprehension, reception, embodiment, formation
be composed of, be made of, be formed of, be made up of, consist of, into
be resolved include contain, hold, comprehend, take in, admit, embrace, embody, involve, implicate, into
drag compose, constitute, form, make, make up, fill up, build up, Adj
enter into the composition of containing, &c.v
constituting exclusion, nonadmission, omission, exception, rejection, repudiation, exile noninclusion, preclusion, prohibition
separation, segregation, seposition, elimination, expulsion, cofferdam
be excluded from exclude, bar, leave out, shut out, bar out, reject, repudiate, blackball, lay apart, put apart, set apart, lay aside, put aside, relegate, segregate, throw overboard, strike off, strike out, separate.&c
neglect banish pass over, omit, garble, eliminate, weed, winnow
excluding, exclusive, excluded, unrecounted, not included in, inadmissible
exclusive of, barring, except, with the exception of, save, bating
component, component part, integral part, integrant part, element, constituent, ingredient, leaven, part and parcel, contents, appurtenance, feature, personnel
member enter into, enter into the composition of, be a component n, be part of, form part of merge in, be merged in, be implicated in, share in belong to, appertain to, combine, inhere in, unite
form, make, constitute, compose
forming extraneousness, extrinsicality 6, exteriority 220, alienage, alienism, foreign body, foreign substance, foreign element, alien, stranger, intruder, interloper, foreigner, novus homo, newcomer, immigrant, emigrant, creole, Africander, outsider, Dago*, wop, mick, polak, greaser, slant, Easterner subordination, course, even tenor, routine, method, disposition, arrangement, array, system, economy, adj
discipline orderliness rank, V
place be in order, become in order, form, fall in, draw up, arrange itself, range itself, place itself, fall into one's place, take one's place, take one's rank, round
rally adjust, methodize, regulate, systematize
orderly, regular, in order, in trim, in apple-pie order, in its proper place, neat, tidy, en regle, well regulated, correct, methodical, uniform, symmetrical, shipshape, businesslike, systematic, Phr
unconfused natura non facit saltum, "order is heaven's first law" refers to affections or appearance, complexity
not internal We also need a corresponding entry for conceptual or organizational --> disorder, derangement irregularity, anomaly anarchy, anarchism, want of method, untidiness, disunion, discord confusion, confusedness, mishmash, mix, disarray, jumble, huddle, litter, lumber, cahotage, farrago, mess, mash, muddle, muss to-do, trouble, pudder, pother, row, rumble, disturbance, hubbub, convulsion, tumult, uproar, revolution, riot, rumpus, stour, scramble, brawl, fracas, rhubarb disorderly person, disorderly persons offence, misdemeanor
slattern, V
slut be disorderly, ferment, cross-purposes
play at put out of order, derange ravel ruffle, rumple
disorderly, orderless, out of order, out of place, out of gear, irregular, desultory, anomalous acephalous, deranged, aimless, disorganized, straggling, unmethodical, immethodical, unsymmetric, unsystematic, untidy, slovenly, dislocated, out of sorts, promiscuous, indiscriminate, chaotic, anarchical, unarranged shapeless disjointed, joint
out of troublous, 59a
riotous complex irregularly, by fits, by fits and snatches, by fits and starts, pellmell, higgledy-piggledy, helter-skelter, harum-scarum, in a ferment, at sixes and sevens, at cross-purposes, Phr
upside down the cart before the horse, <gr/hysteron proteron/gr>[Grk], chaos is come again, "the wreck of matter and the crush of worlds" sleave, tangled skein, knot, Gordian knot, wheels within wheels, kink, gnarl, knarl, webwork
difficulty complexify, complicate
gnarled, knarled
complex, complexed, intricate, complicated, perplexed, involved, raveled, entangled, knotted, tangled, inextricable, irreducible
arrangement, plan preparation disposal, disposition, collocation, allocation, distribution, sorting, assortment, allotment, apportionment, taxis, taxonomy, syntaxis, graduation, organization, grouping, tabulation
analysis, classification, clustering, division, digestion
digest, synopsis syntagma, table, atlas, file, database, register organism, architecture
sieve, riddle, screen, sorter
reduce to order, bring into order, introduce order into, rally
arrange, dispose, place, form, put in order, set in order, place in order, set out, collocate, pack, marshal, range, size, rank, group, parcel out, allot, distribute, deal, cast the parts, assign the parts, dispose of, assign places to, assort, sort, sift, riddle, put to rights, set to rights, put into shape, put in trim, put in array, apportion
class, classify, divide, file, string together, thread, register catalogue, tabulate, index, graduate, digest, grade
methodize, regulate, systematize, coordinate, organize, settle, fix
unravel, disentangle, ravel, card, disembroil, feaze
arranged, embattled, in battle array, cut and dried, methodical, orderly, regular, systematic
"In vast cumbrous array" derangement, disorder evection, discomposure, disturbance, disorganization, deorganization, dislocation, perturbation, interruption, shuffling, involvement
inversion corrugation interchange derange, disarrange, misarrange, displace, misplace, mislay, discompose, disorder, deorganize, discombobulate, disorganize, embroil, unsettle, disturb, confuse, trouble, perturb, jumble, tumble, shuffle, randomize, huddle, muddle, toss, hustle, fumble, riot, bring into disorder, put into disorder, throw into disorder muss bedevil, complicate, involve, perplex, confound, imbrangle, embrangle, tangle, entangle, ravel, tousle, towzle, dishevel, ruffle, rumple litter, scatter, Adj
mix rearrange deranged, syncretic, syncretistic, mussy, messy, flaky, random, unordered 234, precursor priority precession anteposition, epacme, preference
precede, come before, come first, head, lead, take the lead, lead the way, lead the dance, be in the vanguard, introduce, usher in, have the pas, set the fashion open the ball, take precedence, have precedence, have the start place before, prefix, premise, prelude, preface
preceding, precedent, antecedent, anterior, prior before, former, foregoing, beforementioned, abovementioned, aforementioned, aforesaid, said, precursory, precursive, prevenient, preliminary, prefatory, introductory, prelusive, prelusory, proemial, preparatory
before, Phr
in advance seniores priores, jure
prior tempore prior sequence, coming after, going after consecution, succession, posteriority continuation, order of succession, successiveness, paracme
secondariness, 34
subordinancy afterbirth, afterburden, placenta, secundines
succeed, come after, come on, come next, follow, ensue, step into the shoes of, alternate
place after, suffix, append
succeeding &c.v., sequent, subsequent, consequent, sequacious, proximate, next, consecutive alternate, amoebean
latter, Adv
posterior after, subsequently, #64
behind precursor, antecedent, precedent, predecessor, forerunner, vancourier, avant-coureur, pioneer, prodrome|, prodromos, prodromus, outrider, leader, bellwether, herald, harbinger, foreboding, dawn, avant-courier, avant-garde, bellmare, forelooper, foreloper, stalking-horse, voorlooper, voortrekker
prelude, preamble, preface, prologue, foreword, avant-propos, protasis, proemium, prolusion, proem, prolepsis, prolegomena, prefix, introduction, heading, frontispiece, groundwork, preparation overture, exordium, symphony, premises
prefigurement omen precursory, prelusive, prelusory, preludious, proemial, introductory, prefatory, prodromous, inaugural, preliminary, Phr
precedent "a precedent embalms a principle" alpha, initial, inauguration, debut, le premier pas, embarcation, rising of the curtain, maiden speech, outbreak, onset, brunt, initiative, move, first move, narrow end of the wedge, thin end of the wedge, fresh start, departure
new origin source, rise, bud, germ egg, rudiment, genesis, primogenesis, birth, nativity, cradle, infancy, start, inception, creation, evolution
starting point dawn title-page, head, heading, van caption, fatihah
entrance, entry, inlet, orifice, mouth, chops, lips, porch, portal, portico, propylon, door, gate, gateway, postern, wicket, threshold, vestibule, propylaeum, skirts, border first stage, first blush, first glance, first impression, sight
first rudiments, elements, outlines, grammar, alphabet, ABCE
begin, start, commence, conceive, open, dawn, set in, take its rise, enter upon, enter, set out embark in, incept
initiate, launch, inaugurate
inchoate, rise, arise, originate
usher in, lead off, lead the way, take the lead, take the initiative, head, stand at the head, stand first, stand for, lay the foundations found set up, set on foot, agoing, set abroach, set the ball in motion, apply the match to a train, broach, open up, to
open the door get underway, set about, get to work, set to work, set to, make a beginning, start
make a handsel, take the first step, lay the first stone, cut the first turf, break ground, break the ice, break cover, pass the Rubicon, cross the Rubicon, open fire, open the ball, ventilate, air, undertake come into existence, come into the world, make one's debut, take birth, burst forth, break out, spring up, spring forth, crop up, pop up, appear, materialize
begin at the beginning, ovo
begin ab begin again, begin de novo, start afresh, make a fresh start, take it from the top, shuffle the cards, reshuffle the cards, resume, recommence
beginning, initial, initiatory, initiative, inceptive, introductory, incipient, proemial, inaugural, inchoate, inchoative, embryonic, rudimental, primogenial, primeval, primitive, primordial aboriginal, natal, nascent
first, foremost, leading, maiden
begun, v
just begun at the beginning, in the beginning, , first, in the first place, imprimis, first and foremost, in limine, in the bud, in embryo, in its infancy, from the beginning, from its birth, ab initio, ab ovo, ab incunabilis, origine
ab let's get going! let's get this show on the road! up and at 'em! aller Anfang ist schwer verge tag, peroration, bonne bouche, bottom dollar, tail end, guard
rear consummation, denouement, finish fate, doom, doomsday, crack of doom, day of Judgment, dies irae, fall of the curtain, goal, destination, limit, determination, expiration, expiry, extinction, extermination, death end of all things, finality, eschatology
break up, commencement de la fin, last stage, turning point, coup de grace, deathblow, knock-out, -blow, sockdolager* stop shut up shop, fiddle
hang up one's ending, final, terminal, definitive, crowning last, ultimate, hindermost, rear caudal, vergent
conterminate, conterminous, conterminable
ended, at an end, settled, decided, over, played out, set at rest, conclusive, penultimate, last but one, last but two, unbegun, uncommenced, fresh
finally, in fine, at the last, all
once for "as high as Heaven and as deep as hell" 228, equidistant, central mediterranean, equatorial, homocentric
in the middle, midway, halfway, midships, amidships, res
in medias continuity, consecution, consecutiveness, succession, round, suite, progression, series, train chain, catenation, concatenation, scale, gradation, course, ceaselessness, constant flow, extent
unbroken procession, column, retinue, cortege, cavalcade, rank and file, line of battle, array
pedigree, genealogy, lineage, race, ancestry, descent, family, house, line, line of ancestors, strain
rank, file, line, row, range, tier, string, thread, team, suit, colonnade
follow in a series, form a series, in
fall arrange in a series, collate, string together, file, thread, graduate, organize, sort, tabulate
continuous, continued, consecutive, progressive, gradual, serial, successive, immediate, unbroken, entire, linear, in a line, in a row, uninterrupted, unintermitting, unremitting, unrelenting 604a, perennial, evergreen, constant
continuously, seriatim, in a line, in succession, in turn, running, gradually, step by step, gradatim, at a stretch, in file, in column, in single file, file
in Indian discontinuity, disjunction anacoluthon, interruption, break, fracture, flaw, fault, crack, cut, gap solution of continuity, caesura, broken thread, parenthesis, episode, rhapsody, patchwork, intermission, fire
alternation dropping be discontinuous, alternate, intermit, sputter, stop and start, hesitate
discontinue, pause, interrupt, intervene, break, break in upon, break off, interpose break the thread, snap the thread, dissever
disconnect discontinuous, unsuccessive, broken, interrupted, dicousu, disconnected, unconnected, discrete, disjunctive, fitful spasmodic, desultory, intermitting, occasional, intermittent, alternate, Adv
recurrent at intervals, by snatches, by jerks, by skips, by catches, by fits and starts, skippingly, per saltum, intervallo
longo like "angel visits few and far between" 892, assembly, congress, convention, conventicle, gemote, conclave posse, posse comitatus, ark
Noah's miscellany, collectanea, museum, museology
menagerie crowd, throng, group, flood, rush, deluge, rabble, mob, press, crush, cohue, horde, body, tribe, crew, gang, knot, squad, band, party, swarm, shoal, school, covey, flock, herd, drove, atajo, bunch, drive, force, populousness
mulada host clan, brotherhood, fraternity, sorority, association volley, shower, storm, cloud
group, cluster, Pleiades, clump, pencil, set, batch, lot, pack, budget, assortment, bunch, parcel, packet, package, bundle, fascine, fasces, bale, seron, seroon, fagot, wisp, truss, tuft, shock, rick, fardel, stack, sheaf, haycock, fascicle, fascicule, fasciculus, gavel, hattock, stook
accumulation congeries, heap, lump, pile, rouleau, tissue, mass, pyramid, bing, drift, snowball, snowdrift, acervation, cumulation, glomeration, agglomeration, conglobation, conglomeration, conglomerate, coacervate, coacervation, coagmentation, aggregation, concentration, congestion, omnium gaterum, spicilegium, black hole of Calcutta, quantity collector, gatherer, whip, in
whipper assemble or come together], collect, muster, meet, unite, join, rejoin, cluster, flock, swarm, surge, stream, herd, crowd, throng, associate, congregate, conglomerate, concentrate, precipitate, center round, rendezvous, resort, come together, flock get together, pig together, forgather, huddle, reassemble
assemble, muster, bring together, get together, put together, draw together, scrape together, lump together, collect, collocate, colligate, get, whip in, gather, hold a meeting, convene, convoke, convocate, rake up, dredge, heap, mass, pile, pack, put up, truss, cram, acervate, agglomerate, aggregate, compile, group, aggroup, concentrate, unite, collect into a focus, bring into a focus, amass, accumulate collect in a dragnet, Pelion
heap Ossa upon assembled, closely packed, dense, serried, crowded to suffocation, teeming, swarming, populous, as thick as hops, all of a heap, fasciculated, cumulative
the plot thickens, acervatim, metis
tibi seris tibi 72} dispersion, disjunction divergence aspersion, scattering, dissemination, diffusion, dissipation, distribution, apportionment spread, respersion, circumfusion, interspersion, spargefaction, affusion
waifs and estrays, flotsam and jetsam, disjecta membra, adrift, stray, disheveled, streaming
sparsim, here and there, passim
focus, point of convergence corradiation, center gathering place, resort haunt retreat, venue, rendezvous, rallying point, headquarters, home, club, depot trysting place, place of meeting, place of resort, place of assignation, point de reunion, issue
bring to a point, bring to a focus, issue
bring to an class, division, category, categorema, head, order, section, department, subdepartment, province, domain
kind, sort, genus, species, variety, family, order, kingdom, race, tribe, caste, sept, clan, breed, type, subtype, kit, sect, set, subset, assortment, feather, kidney, suit, range, gender, sex, kin
manner, description, denomination, designation, rubric, character, stamp predicament, indication, particularization, selection, specification
similarity 77} inclusion, admission, comprehension, reception
composition be included in come under, fall under, range under, belong to, pertain to, range with, in
merge include, comprise, comprehend, contain, admit, embrace, receive, inclose embody, encircle
reckon among, enumerate among, number among, refer to, place with, arrange with, place under, account
take into included, including, inclusive, congener, congenerous, encircling
of the same class a maximis ad minima, et hoc genus omne, etc., coetera
et 76} exclusion Exclusion from a Reference is therefore made to the former at This identity does not occur with regard to Inclusion, category
which therefore constitutes a separate --> 79} generality, generalization, universality, catholicity, catholicism, miscellany, miscellaneousness, dragnet, common run, worldwideness
everyone, everybody, all hands, all the world and his wife, anybody, N or M, sorts
all prevalence, run
be general, prevail, be going about, abroad
stalk render general, generalize
general, generic, collective, broad, comprehensive, sweeping, encyclopedical, widespread universal, catholic, catholical, common, worldwide, ecumenical, oecumenical, transcendental, prevalent, prevailing, rife, epidemic, besetting, all over, with
covered Pan-American, Anglican, Pan-Hellenic, Pan-Germanic, Slavic, panharmonic
every, all, unspecified, impersonal
customary whatever, whatsoever, to a man, all
one and generally, always, for better for worse, in general, generally speaking, speaking generally, for the most part, #79
in the long run 78} speciality, specialite, individuality, individuity|, particularity, peculiarity, idiocrasy 176, personality, characteristic, mannerism, idiosyncrasy, specificness, singularity reading, version, lection, state, trait, distinctive feature, technicality, differentia
particulars, details, items, counts, minutiae
I, self, I myself, myself, himself, herself, itself
specify, particularize, individualize, realize, specialize, designate, determine, denote, indicate, point out, select
descend to particulars, enter into detail, go into detail, point
come to the special, particular, individual, specific, proper, personal, original, private, respective, definite, determinate, especial, certain, esoteric, endemic, partial, party, peculiar, appropriate, several, characteristic, diagnostic, exclusive, singular idiomatic, idiotypical, typical
this, that, yon, yonder
specially, especially, particularly, in particular, in propria persona, ad hominem, part
for my each, apiece, one by one, one at a time, severally, respectively, each to each, seriatim, in detail, in great detail, in excruciating detail, in mind-numbing detail, bit by bit, pro hac vice, nata
pro re namely, that is to say, for example, id est, exemplia gratia, e.g., i.e., videlicet, viz., wit
to le style est l'homme normality, normalcy, normalness, familiarity, naturalness, commonness rule, standard customary standard, V
pattern normalize, standardize
normal, natural, unexceptional, common, #81
usual multiformity, omniformity, variety, diversity, multifariousness, assortment
varied dissimilarity polymorphous, multiform, multifold, multifarious, multigenerous, multiplex, heterogeneous, diversified, dissimilar, various, varied, variform, manifold, many-sided, variegated, motley, mosaic, epicene, indiscriminate, desultory, irregular, mixed, different, assorted, mingled, odd, diverse, divers, all manner of, of every description, of all sorts and kinds, et hoc genus omne, Phr
and what not? de omnibus rebus et quibusdam aliis "harmoniously confused" agreement example, instance, specimen, sample, quotation, exemplification, illustration, case in point, object lesson, elucidation
standard, model, pattern rule, nature, principle, law, order of things, normal state, natural state, ordinary state, model state, normal condition, natural condition, ordinary condition, model condition, standing dish, standing order, Procrustean law, law of the Medes and Persians, rule
hard and fast conform to, conform to rule, accommodate oneself to, adapt oneself to, corners
rub off be regular, move in a groove, follow observe the rules, go by the rules, bend to the rules, obey the rules, obey the precedents, comply with, tally with, chime in with, fall in with, be guided by, be regulated by, fall into a custom, fall into a usage, follow the fashion, follow the crowd, follow the multitude, pass muster, do as others do, countenance
hurler avec les loups keep one in exemplify, illustrate, cite, quote, quote precedent, quote authority, appeal to authority, put a case, produce an instance, elucidate, explain
conformable to rule, regular according to regulation, according to rule, according to Hoyle, according to Cocker, according to Gunter, en regle of daily occurrence, of everyday occurrence, in the natural order of things, ordinary, common, habitual, usual, everyday, workaday
in the order of the day, naturalized
typical, normal, nominal, formal, canonical, orthodox, sound, strict, rigid, positive, uncompromising, Procrustean
secundum artem, shipshape, technical, exemple
illustrative, point
in conformably, by rule, agreeably to, in conformity with, in accordance with, in keeping with, according to, consistently with, as usual, ad instar, instar omnium, more solito, more-majorum
for the sake of conformity, as a matter of course, of course, pro forma, for form's sake, card
by the invariably, for example, exempli gratia, e
g., inter alia, among other things, instance
for cela va sans dire, ex pede Herculem, noscitur a sociis nonconformist, nondescript, character, original, nonesuch, nonsuch, monster, prodigy, wonder, miracle, curiosity, flying fish, black sheep, black swan, lusus naturae, rara avis, queer fish, mongrel, random breed, half-caste, half-blood, half-breed, metis, crossbreed, hybrid, mule, hinny, mulatto, tertium quid, hermaphrodite
phoenix, chimera, hydra, sphinx, minotaur, griffin, griffon, centaur, saggittary, kraken, cockatrice, wyvern, roc, dragon, sea serpent, mermaid, merman, merfolk, unicorn, Cyclops, "men whose heads do grow beneath their shoulders" fish out of water, neither one thing nor another, neither fish nor fowl, neither fish flesh nor fowl nor good red herring, one in a million, one in a way, one in a thousand, outcast, outlaw, off the beaten track, oasis
be uncomformable, abnormalize, leave the beaten track, leave the beaten path, infringe a law, infringe a habit, infringe a usage, infringe a custom, break a law, break a habit, break a usage, break a custom, violate a law, violate a habit, violate a usage, violate a custom, drive a coach and six through, stretch a point, have no business there, baffle all description, description
beggar all uncomformable, exceptional, abnormal, abnormous, anomalous, anomalistic, out of order, out of place, out of keeping, out of tune, out of one's element, irregular, arbitrary, teratogenic, lawless, informal, aberrant, stray, wandering, wanton, peculiar, exclusive, unnatural, eccentric, egregious, out of the beaten track, off the beaten track, out of the common, out of the common run, beyond the pale of, out of the pale of, misplaced, funny
unusual, unaccustomed, uncustomary, unwonted, uncommon, rare, curious, odd, extraordinary, out of the ordinary, strange, monstrous, wonderful unexpected, unaccountable, outre, out of the way, remarkable, noteworthy, queer, quaint, nondescript, none such, sui generis, unfashionable, fantastic, grotesque, bizarre, outlandish, exotic, tombe des nues, preternatural, denaturalized
heterogeneous, heteroclite, amorphous, mongrel, amphibious, epicene, half blood, hybrid, androgynous, androgynal, asymmetric adelomorphous, bisexual, hermaphrodite, monoclinous
qualified singular, unique, one-of-a-kind
newfangled, novel, non-classical, original, unconventional, unheard of, unfamiliar, undescribed, unprecedented, unparalleled, unexampled
unconformably, except, unless, save barring, beside, without, save and except, alone
let however, yet, but
once in a blue moon, years
once in a million what on earth! what in the world! What the devil! Holy cow! Can you top that?, Sacre bleu dead reckoning, muster, poll, census, capitation, roll call, recapitulation, account notation, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rule of three, practice, equations, extraction of roots, reduction, involution, evolution, estimation, approximation, interpolation, differentiation, integration
abacus, logometer, slide rule, slipstick, tallies, Napier's bones, calculating machine, difference engine, suan
pan, adding machine, cash register, electronic calculator, calculator, computer, arithmetician, calculator, abacist, algebraist, mathematician, statistician, geometer, programmer, accountant, auditor
number, count, tally, tell, call over, run over, take an account of, enumerate, muster, poll, recite, recapitulate, sum, sum up, cast up, tell off, score, cipher, compute, calculate, suppute, add, subtract, multiply, divide, extract roots, algebraize
check, prove, demonstrate, balance, audit, overhaul, take stock, affix numbers to, page
amount to, add up to, to
come numeral, numerical, arithmetical, analytic, algebraic, statistical, numerable, computable, calculable, commensurable, commensurate, incommensurable, incommensurate, innumerable, unfathomable, infinite
quantitatively, arithmetically, measurably, numbers
in list, catalog, catalogue, inventory, register account, bill, bill of costs, terrier, tally, listing, itemization, atlas, book, ledger, catalogue raisonne, tableau, invoice, bill of lading, prospectus, bill of fare, menu, carte, score, census, statistics, returns
contents, table of contents, outline, synopsis
program, programme, syllabus, agenda, schedule, calendar, docket
listing, printout, output
table, chart, database, index, inverted file, word list, concordance
dictionary, lexicon, vocabulary, glossary, thesaurus
file, card index, card file, rolodex, book
address Red book, Blue book, Domesday book, cadastre, directory, gazetter
almanac, army list, clergy list, civil service list, navy list, Almanach de Gotha, cadaster, Lloyd's register, nautical almanac, who's who, Records
Guiness's Book of World roll, check roll, checker roll, bead roll, muster roll, muster book, roster, panel, jury list, cartulary, diptych
list, itemize, sort, collate, enumerate, tabulate, catalog, tally
100} unity, oneness, individuality, solitude isolation unification one, unit, ace, individual, none else, other
no be one, be alone, Humphrey
dine with Duke isolate render one, Adj
unite one, sole, single, solitary, unitary, individual, apart, alone, kithless
unaccompanied, unattended, solus, single-handed, singular, odd, unique, unrepeated, azygous, first and last, insular
isolated monospermous, unific, uniflorous, unifoliate, unigenital, uniliteral, unijocular, unimodal together, in a body, collectively
noscitur a sociis, comes
virtutis fortuna duality, dualism, duplicity, biplicity, biformity, polarity, two, deuce, couple, duet, brace, pair, cheeks, twins, Castor and Pollux, gemini, Siamese twins, fellows, yoke, conjugation, dispermy, doublets, dyad, span
pair in pairs], couple, bracket, yoke, conduplicate, mate, renewal
span double, redouble, duplicate, reduplicate, geminate, Adj
repeat renew double, doubled, bicipital, bicephalous, bidental, bilabiate, bivalve, bivalvular, bifold, biform, bilateral, bifarious, bifacial, twofold, two
sided, disomatous, duplex, double-faced, double-headed, twin, duplicate, ingeminate, second
twice, once more, over again as much again, twofold, secondly, in the second place, again
bisection, bipartition, dichotomy, subdichotomy, halving, dimidiation
bifurcation, forking, branching, ramification, divarication, fork, prong, fold, half, moiety
bisect, halve, divide, split, cut in two, cleave dimidiate, dichotomize
go halves, with
divide separate, fork, bifurcate, branch off, out, ramify
bisected, cloven, cleft, bipartite, biconjugate, bicuspid, bifid, bifurcous, bifurcate, bifurcated, distichous, dichotomous, furcular, semi-, demi-, hemi
Triality, trinity, triunity
three, triad, triplet, trey, trio, ternion, leash, shamrock, tierce, Trisection
spike-team trisection, tripartition, trichotomy, third, part
third trisect, parts
divide into three trifid, trisected, tripartite, trichotomous, trisulcate
Triadelphous, triangular, tricuspid, tricapsular, tridental, tridentate, tridentiferous, trifoliate, trifurcate, trigonal, trigrammic, trigrammatic, tripetalous, tripodal, tripodic, triquetral, triquetrous
than to Subdivide? --> quaternity, four, tetrad, quartet, quaternion, square, quarter
tetract, tetragon, quadrangle, rectangle
quadrature, quadrifoil, quadriform, quadruplet, quatrefoil
quadrangle, quad
reduce to a square, square
four, quaternary, quaternal, quadratic, quartile, tetract, tetractic, tetractinal, tetrad, tetragonal, square, quadrate
multiply by four, quadruplicate, biquadrate
fourfold, four times, quadrable, quadrumanous, quadruple, quadruplicate, quadrible, fourth
quadrifoliate, quadrifoliolate, quadrigeminal, quadrigeminate, quadriplanar, quadriserial
four times, in the fourth place, fourthly
quadrisection, quadripartition, quartering v, fourth, quart, quarter, quartern, #100
farthing 87} plurality, a number, a certain number, one or two, two or three a few, several, majority
multitude multitude plural, more than one, upwards of, some, several, a few, certain, Adv
not alone et cetera, etc
among other things, alia
inter non deficit alter Fraction fraction, fractional part, Adj
part fractional, fragmentary, inconsiderable, negligible, infinitesimal
zero, nothing, null, nul, naught, nought, void, cipher, goose egg, none, nobody, no one, nichts, nixie*, nix*, zilch, zip, zippo legion, host, great number, large number, round number, enormous number, a quantity, numbers, array, sight, army, sea, galaxy, scores, peck, bushel, shoal, swarm, draught, bevy, cloud, flock, herd, drove, flight, covey, hive, brood, litter, farrow, fry, nest, crowd lots, wife
all in the world and his greater number, majority, multiplication, multiple
be numerous, swarm with, teem with, creep with, crowd, swarm, come thick upon, outnumber, multiply, people, swarm like locusts, bees
swarm like many, several, sundry, divers, various, not a few, Briarean, a hundred, a thousand, a myriad, a million, a quadrillion, a nonillion, a thousand and one, some ten or a dozen, some forty or fifty half a dozen, half a hundred very many, full many, ever so many, numerous, numerose, profuse, in profusion, manifold, multiplied, multitudinous, multiple, multinominal, teeming, populous, peopled, crowded, thick, studded, galore
thick coming, many more, more than one can tell, a world of, no end of, no end to, cum multis aliis, thick as hops, thick as hail, plenty as blackberries, numerous as the stars in the firmament, numerous as the sands on the seashore, numerous as the hairs on the head, and what not, and heaven knows what, Phr
endless their name is "legion", acervatim, en foule, "many
headed multitude" reduction, weeding, elimination, sarculation|, decimation, eradication
be few render few, reduce, diminish the number, weed, eliminate, cull, thin, decimate
few, scant, scanty, thin, rare, scattered, thinly scattered, spotty, few and far between, exiguous, infrequent rari nantes, hardly any, scarcely any, to be counted on one's fingers, reduced, unrepeated
rarely, there
here and repetition, iteration, reiteration, harping, recurrence, succession, run, battology, tautology, monotony, tautophony, rhythm diffuseness, pleonasm, redundancy
chimes, repetend, echo, ritornello, burden of a song, refrain, rehearsal, rechauffe, rifacimento, recapitulation
cuckoo reverberation drumming renewal twice-told tale, old story, old song, second edition, new edition, reappearance, reproduction, recursion rehearse, do over again, say over again, ring the changes on, harp on the same string, din in the ear, drum in the ear, conjugate in all its moods tenses and inflexions, begin again, go over the same ground, go the same round, never hear the last of, resume, return to, recapitulate, reword
repeated, repetitional, repetitionary, recurrent, recurring, ever recurring, thick coming, frequent, incessant, redundant, pleonastic
monotonous, harping, iterative, recursive moment, glass of time, sands of time, march of time, Father Time, ravages of time, arrow of time, river of time, whirligig of time, noiseless foot of time, scythe
continue last endure, go on, remain, persist, intervene, out
elapse hold take time, take up time, fill time, time
occupy pass time, pass away time, spend time, while away time, consume time, talk against time, tide over, use time, employ time, Adj
seize an opportunity waste time continuing, on foot, Adv
permanent while, whilst, during, pending, during the time, during the interval, in the course of, at that point, at that point in time, for the time being, day by day, in the time of, when, meantime, meanwhile, in the meantime, in the interim, ad interim, pendente lite, de die in diem, from day to day, from hour to hour hourly, always, for a time, for a season, till, until, up to, yet, as far as, by that time, so far, hereunto, heretofore, prior to this, point
up to this the whole time, all the time, all along, throughout for good hereupon, thereupon, whereupon, then, anno Domini, A.D., ante Christum, A.C., before Christ, B.C., anno urbis conditae, A.U.C., anno regni, A.R., once upon a time, one fine morning, one fine day, one day, once
time flies, Period
tempus fugit period, age, era, second, minute, hour, day, week, month, quarter, year, decade, decenniumm lustrum, quinquennium, lifetime, generation, epoch, ghurry, lunation, moon
century, millennium, magnus
annus horary, hourly, #108a
annual Contingent during pleasure, during good behavior, gesserit
quamdiu se bene corridors of time, sweep of time, vesta of time, course of time, progress of time, process of time, succession of time, lapse of time, flow of time, flux of time, stream of time, tract of time, current of time, tide of time, march of time, step of time, flight of time, aorist
duration elapse, lapse, flow, run, proceed, advance, pass, roll on, wear on, press on, flit, fly, slip, slide, glide, course
run its run out, expire, go by, pass by, Adj
be -past elapsing, aoristic, progressive
in due time, in due season, in in due course, in due process, in the fullness of time, time
in labitur et labetur diuturnity, a long time, a length of time, an age, a century, an eternity, slowness perpetuity blue moon, coon's age survival, survivance, time
longevity distance of protraction of time, prolongation of time, extension of time, V
delay last, endure, stand, remain, abide, continue, years
brave a thousand tarry drag on, drag its slow length along, drag a lengthening chain, protract, prolong, spin out, eke out, draw out, lengthen out, temporize, gain time, make time, time
talk against outlast, outlive, survive, again
live to fight durable, lasting, of long duration, of long-standing, permanent, endless, chronic, long-standing, intransient, intransitive, intransmutable, persistent, lifelong, livelong, longeval, long-lived, macrobiotic, diuturnal, evergreen, perennial, sempervirent, sempervirid, unrelenting, unintermitting, unremitting, perpetual lingering, protracted, prolonged, v
spun out long-pending, long
winded, Adv
slow long, for a long time, for an age, for ages, for ever so long, for many a long day, intervallo
long ago longo all the day long, all the year round, the livelong day, as the day is long, morning noon and night, hour after hour, day after day, for good, adj
permanently transience, transientness, evanescence, impermanence, fugacity, caducity, mortality, span, nine days' wonder, bubble, Mayfly, spurt, flash in the pan, temporary arrangement, interregnum
velocity suddenness changeableness transient, transient boarder, transient guest sudden, Adv
momentary temporarily, pro tempore, for the moment, for a time, awhile, en passant, in transitu, in a short time, soon briefly, at short notice, on the point of, on the eve of, in articulo, lip
between cup and one's days are numbered, the time is up, here today and gone tomorrow, non semper erit aestas[obs3], eheu! fugaces labuntur anni, sic transit gloria mundi, a schoolboy's tale, Perpetuity
the wonder of the hour! perpetuity, eternity, everness, aye, sempiternity, immortality, athanasia, interminability, agelessness, everlastingness, perpetuation, continued existence, uninterrupted existence, perennity, V
permanence last forever, endure forever, go on forever, end
have no eternize, perpetuate
perpetual, eternal, everduring, everlasting, ever-living, ever-flowing, continual, sempiternal, coeternal, endless, unending, ceaseless, incessant, uninterrupted, indesinent, unceasing, endless, unending, interminable, having no end, unfading, evergreen, amaranthine, neverending, never-dying, never-fading, deathless, immortal, undying, imperishable
perpetually, always, ever, evermore, aye, for ever, for aye, till the end of the universe, forevermore, forever and a day, for ever and ever, in all ages, from age to age, without end, world without end, time without end, in secula seculorum, to the end of time, to the crack of doom, Phr
to the "last syllable of recorded time" esto perpetuum, Instantaneity
labitur et labetur in omne volubilis oevum instantaneity, instantaneousness, immediacy, suddenness, abruptness
moment, instant, second, minute, twinkling, trice, flash, breath, crack, jiffy, coup, burst, flash of lightning, time
stroke of epoch, time, time of day, time of night, hour, minute, very minute very time, very hour, present time, right time, true time, time
exact correct be instantaneous, twinkle, flash
instantaneous, momentary, sudden, immediate, instant, abrupt, discontinuous, precipitous, precipitant, precipitate, subitaneous, hasty, quick as thought, quick as lightning, quick as a flash, electricity
rapid as speedy, quick, fast, fleet, swift, lively, blitz, Adv
rapid instantaneously, in no time, in less than no time, presto, subito, instanter, suddenly, at a stroke, like a shot, n
in a moment in the blink of an eye, in the twinkling of an eye, in a trice, in one's tracks, right away, toute a l'heure, at one jump, in the same breath, per saltum, uno saltu, at once, all at once, plump, slap, "at one fell swoop", at the same instant, immediately extempore, on the moment, on the spot, on the spur of the moment, no sooner said than done, just then, Phr
slap-dash touch and go, done
no sooner said than chronometry, horometry, horology, date, epoch, style, era
almanac, calendar, ephemeris, register, registry, chronicle, annals, journal, diary, chronogram
anachronism, metachronism, parachronism, prochronism, prolepsis, misdate, anticipation, antichronism
disregard of time, neglect of time, time
oblivion of intempestivity misdate, antedate, postdate, backdate, overdate, anticipate, take no note of time, lose track of time, anachronize
misdated, undated, overdue, past due, date
out of Time with reference to Succession priority, antecedence, anteriority, precedence, pre-existence, premises
precession precursor the past precede, come before, forerun, go before preexist, dawn, presage herald, in
usher be beforehand steal a march upon, anticipate, forestall, have the start, start
gain the prior, previous, preceding, precedent, anterior, antecedent, pre
existing, pre-existent, former, foregoing, aforementioned, before
mentioned, abovementioned, aforesaid, said, Adv
introductory before, prior to, earlier, previously, afore, aforehand, beforehand, ere, theretofore, erewhile, ere then, ere now, before then, before now, erewhile, already, yet, beforehand, of
on the eve prior tempore prior posteriority, succession, sequence, following subsequence, supervention, futurity successor, sequel remainder, reversion
follow after, come after, go after, succeed, supervene, ensue, occur, of
step into the shoes subsequent, posterior, following, after, later, succeeding, postliminious, postnate, postdiluvial, postdiluvian, puisne|!, posthumous, future afterdinner, postprandial
subsequently, after, afterwards, since, later, at a subsequent, at a later period, at a later date, next, in the sequel, close upon, thereafter, thereupon, upon which, eftsoons|, from that time, from that moment, after a while, after a time, time
in process of The Present the present, the present time, the present day, the present moment, the present juncture, the present occasion, the times, the existing time, the time being, today, these days, nowadays, our times, modern times, the twentieth century, nonce, crisis, epoch, day, hour
age, life
time of present, actual, instant, current, existing, extant, that is, present-day, up-to-date, up-to-the-moment
at this time, at this moment at the present time, now, at present, hand
at at this time of day, today, nowadays, already, even now, but now, just now, on the present occasion, for the time being, for the nonce, pro hac vice., on the nail, on the spot, on the spur of the moment, until now, to this day, day
to the present "the present hour alone is man's" Different different time, time
other aoristic, indefinite
at that time, at which time, at that moment, at that instant, then, on that occasion, upon, not now, time
some other when, whenever, whensoever, upon which, on which occasion, at another, at a different, at some other, any
at time, at various times, some one of these days, one of these days, one fine morning, eventually, some day, by and by, sooner or later, some time or other, time
once upon a synchronism, coexistence, coincidence, simultaneousness, simultaneity, concurrence, concomitance, unity of time, interim
contemporary, coetanian
coexist, concur, accompany, go hand in hand, keep pace with, synchronize
synchronous, synchronal, synchronic, synchronical, synchronistical, simultaneous, coexisting, coincident, concomitant, concurrent, coeval, coevous, contemporary, contemporaneous, coetaneous, coeternal, isochronous
at the same time, simultaneously, together, in concert, during the same time, in the same breath, pari passu, in the interim, one
as at the very moment just as, as soon as, #121
meanwhile futurity, futurition, future, hereafter, time to come, approaching time, coming time, subsequent time, after time, approaching age, coming age, subsequent age, after age, approaching days, coming days, subsequent days, after days, approaching hours, coming hours, subsequent hours, after hours, approaching ages, coming ages, subsequent ages, after ages, approaching life, coming life, subsequent life, after life, approaching years, coming years, subsequent years, after years, morrow, millennium, doomsday, day of judgment, crack of doom, future
remote approach of time advent, time drawing on, womb of time, eventuality
destiny heritage, posterity
heirs prospect foresight look forwards, anticipate forestall come on, draw on, draw near, approach, await, threaten, Adj
impend future, to come, coming next, near, close at hand, eventual, ulterior, Adv
in prospect prospectively, hereafter, in future, kal, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in course of time, in process of time, in the fullness of time, eventually, ultimately, sooner or later, proximo, paulo post futurum, in after time, one of these days, after a time, while
after a from this time, henceforth, henceforwards, thence, thenceforth, thenceforward, whereupon, which
upon soon on the eve of, on the point of, on the brink of, about to, upon
close quid sit futurum cras fuge quaerere The Past the past, past time, days of yore, times of yore, days of old, times of old, days past, times past, days gone by, times gone by, bygone days, old times, ancient times, former times, fore time, the good old days, the olden time, good old time, auld lang syne, eld|
antiquity, antiqueness, status quo, time immemorial, distance of time, remote age, remote time, remote past, rust of antiquity paleontology, paleography, paleology, paleozoology, palaetiology|, archaeology, paleogeography, paleoecology, paleobotany, paleoclimatoogy, archaism, antiquarianism, medievalism, Pre-Raphaelitism, paleography
retrospect, retrospection, looking back, memory laudator temporis acti, medievalist, Pre-Raphaelite, antiquary, antiquarian, archmologist &c., Oldbuck, Dryasdust
ancestry be past, have expired, have run its course, have had its day, pass, pass by, go by, pass away, go away, pass off, go off, lapse, over
blow look back, trace back, cast the eyes back, exhume
past, gone, gone by, over, passed away, bygone, foregone, elapsed, lapsed, preterlapsed, expired, no more, run out, blown over, has-been, that has been, extinct, antediluvian, antebellum, never to return, gone with the wind, exploded, forgotten, irrecoverable, obsolete former, pristine, quondam, ci-devant, late, ancestral
foregoing, last, latter, recent, over night, preterperfect, preterpluperfect
looking back, retrospective, retroactive, n
archaeological paleo-, archaeo-, formerly, of old, of yore, erst, whilom, erewhile, time was, ago, over, in the olden time, anciently, long ago, long since, a long while, a long time ago, years ago, yesteryear, ages ago, some time ago, some time since, back
some time yesterday, the day before yesterday, last year, ultimo, lately retrospectively, ere now, before now, till now, hitherto, heretofore, no longer, once, once upon a time, from time immemorial, from prehistoric times, in the memory of man, time out of mind, already, yet, up to this time, facto
ex post time was, the time has been, the time hath been, you can't go home again, fuimus Troes modernism, mushroom, parvenu, fashion
latest renew new, novel, recent, fresh, green, young evergreen, raw, immature, unsettled, yeasty, virgin, untried, unhandseled, untrodden, untrod, unbeaten, fire-new, span-new
late, modern, neoteric, hypermodern, nouveau, new-born, nascent, neonatal, new-fashioned, new-fangled, new-fledged, of yesterday, just out, brand-new, up to date, up to the minute, with it, fashionable, in fashion, in, hip thing of the past, relic of the past, megatherium, Sanskrit
tradition, prescription, custom, immemorial usage, law
common be old, have had its day, have seen its day, become old, age, fade, senesce
old, ancient, antique, of long standing, time-honored, venerable, elder, eldest, firstborn
prime, primitive, primeval, primigenous, paleolontological, paleontologic, paleoanthropological, paleoanthropic, paleolithic, primordial, primordinate, aboriginal diluvian, antediluvian, protohistoric, prehistoric, antebellum, colonial, precolumbian, patriarchal, preadamite, paleocrystic, fossil, paleozoolical, paleozoic, preglacial, antemundane, archaic, classic, medieval, Pre-Raphaelite, ancestral, black-letter
immemorial, traditional, prescriptive, customary, whereof the memory of man runneth not to the contrary, inveterate, rooted
antiquated, of other times, rococo, of the old school, after-age, obsolete, out of date, out of fashion, out of it, stale, old-fashioned, behind the age, old-world, exploded, gone out, gone by, passe, run out, senile time worn, secondhand
crumbling old as the hills, old as Methuselah, old as Adam, history
old as Archeozoic, Proterozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic
Precambrian, Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Mississippian, Pennsylvanian, Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, Tertiary, Paleogene, Neocene, Quaternary
Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene, Pleistocene, Recent
since the world was made, since the year one, Methuselah
since the days of vetera extollimus recentium incuriosi morning, morn, forenoon, a.m., prime, dawn, daybreak, dayspring, foreday, sunup, peep of day, break of day, aurora, first blush of the morning, first flush of the morning, prime of the morning, twilight, crepuscule, sunrise, cockcrow, cockcrowing, the small hours, morning
the wee hours of the spring, vernal equinox, Aries
first point of noon, midday, noonday, noontide, meridian, prime, nooning, noontime
summer, midsummer
matin, matutinal, vernal
at sunrise, with the sun, with the lark, dawns"
"when the morning "at shut of evening flowers" evening, eve, decline of day, fall of day, close of day, candlelight, candlelighting, eventide, nightfall, curfew, dusk, twilight, eleventh hour, sunset, sundown, going down of the sun, cock
shut, dewy eve, gloaming, bedtime
afternoon, postmeridian, p.m
autumn, fall, fall of the leaf, autumnal equinox, Indian summer, St
Luke's summer, St
Martin's midnight, dead of night, witching hour, witching hour of night, witching time of night, winter, time
killing vespertine, autumnal, nocturnal
"midnight, the outpost of advancing day", old age, advanced age, golden years, senility, senescence, years, anility, gray hairs, climacteric, grand climacteric, declining years, decrepitude, hoary age, caducity, superannuation, second childhood, second childishness, dotage, vale of years, decline of life, "sear and yellow leaf" firstling, doyen, father, primogeniture
geriatrics, nostology|
be aged, grow old, get old, age, decline, wane, dodder, senesce
aged, old elderly, geriatric, senile, matronly, anile|, in years, ripe, mellow, run to seed, declining, waning, past one's prime, gray, gray-headed, hoar, hoary, venerable, time-worn, antiquated, passe, effete, decrepit, superannuated, advanced in life, advanced in years, stricken in years, wrinkled, marked with the crow's foot, having one foot in the grave, time
doting like the last of pea older, elder, eldest, senior, firstborn
turned of, years old, of a certain age, no chicken, old as Methuselah, ancestral, patriarchal, gerontic
"give me a staff of honor for my age" "superfluous lags the veteran on the stage" haste suddenness prematurity, precocity, precipitation, anticipation, time
a stitch in be early, be beforehand adv., keep time, take time by the forelock, anticipate, forestall, have the start, gain the start, steal a march upon, gain time, draw on futurity, bespeak, secure, engage, preengage
accelerate, Adj
expedite make haste early, prime, forward, summary
prompt premature, precipitate, precocious, prevenient, anticipatory, rath
sudden unexpected near, near at hand, immediate
early, soon, anon, betimes, rath, eft, eftsoons, ere long, before long, shortly
beforehand, prematurely, precipitately too soon, before its time, before one's time, in anticipation, unexpectedly suddenly before one can say "Jack Robinson", at short notice, extempore, on the spur of the moment, on the spur of the occasion delay, delation, cunctation, procrastination, deferring, deferral, postponement, adjournment, prorogation, retardation, respite, pause, reprieve, stay of execution, protraction, prolongation, Fabian policy, medecine expectante, chancery suit, federal case, leeway, high time, moratorium, holdover
be late, tarry, wait, stay, bide, take time, dawdle linger, loiter, bide one's time, take one's time, gain time, hang fire, stand over, over
lie put off, defer, delay, lay over, suspend, table temporize, consult one's pillow, it
sleep on lose an opportunity be kept waiting, dance attendance, kick one's heels, cool one's heels, faire antichambre[obs3], wait impatiently, await sit up, night
sit up at late, tardy, slow, behindhand, serotine, belated, postliminious, posthumous, backward, unpunctual, untimely, delayed, postponed, dilatory delayed, abeyance
in late, lateward, backward, late in the day, at sunset, at the eleventh hour, at length, at last, ultimately, after time, behind time, after the deadline, too late, too late for slowly, leisurely, deliberately, at one's leisure, ex post facto, sine die suitable season, proper season, suitable time, proper time, high time, opportuneness, tempestivity
crisis, turn, juncture, conjuncture, crisis, turning point, time
given nick of time, golden opportunity, well timed opportunity, fine opportunity, favorable opportunity, opening, clear stage, fair field, mollia tempora[obs3], fata Morgana, V
spare time seize an opportunity, use an opportunity, give an opportunity, use an occasion, occasion
improve the suit the occasion seize the occasion, strike while the iron is hot, battre le fer sur l'enclume, make hay while the sun shines, seize the present hour, take time by the forelock, bond
prendre la balle au opportune, timely, well-timed, timeful, seasonable
providential, lucky, fortunate, happy, favorable, propitious, auspicious, critical, dicta
suitable obiter opportunely, in proper course, in due course, in proper season, in due season, in proper time, in due time, for the nonce, in the nick of time, in the fullness of time, all in good time, just in time, at the eleventh hour, never
now or by the way, by the by, en passant, a propos, pro re nata, pro hac vice, par parenthese, parenthetically, by way of parenthesis, incidentally, while speaking of, while on the subject, extempore, on the spur of the moment, on the spur of the occasion, Phr
on the spot carpe diem, let slip through the fingers, stolen
lock the barn door after the horse is ill-timed, mistimed, ill-fated, ill-omened, ill-starred, untimely, unseasonable, out of date, out of season, inopportune, timeless, intrusive, untoward, mal a propos, unlucky, inauspicious, infelicitous, unbefitting, unpropitious, unfortunate, unfavorable, unsuited inexpedient unpunctual too late for, premature too soon for, wise after the event, monday morning quarterbacking, twenty
twenty inopportunely, as ill luck would have it, in an evil hour, the time having gone by, fair
a day after the after death the doctor, mustard
after meat frequency, oftness, oftenness, commonness, repetition normality example routine, custom regularity, uniformity, constancy, clock-work precision, punctuality even tenor, system, routine formula, rule keynote, standard, model, V
precedent conformity recur do nothing but, keep, on
keep frequent, many times, not rare, thickcoming, incessant, perpetual, continual, steady, constant, thick, uniform, repeated customary regular according to rule common, everyday, usual, ordinary, familiar
old-hat, boring, well-known, trivial
often, oft, ofttimes, oftentimes, frequently, repeatedly unseldom, not unfrequently, in quick succession, in rapid succession, many a time and oft, daily, hourly every day, every hour, every moment perpetually, continually, constantly, incessantly, without ceasing, at all times, daily and hourly, night and day, day and night, day after day, morning noon and night, ever anon, invariably most often, commonly sometimes, occasionally, at times, now and then, from time to time, there being times when, toties quoties[obs3], often enough, when the mood strikes, again
again and infrequency, rareness, rarity, fewness seldomness, uncommonness
be rare unfrequent, infrequent, rare, rare as a blue diamond, few scarce, almost unheard of, unprecedented, which has not occurred within the memory of the oldest inhabitant, not within one's previous experience, Adam
not since scarce as hen's teeth, one in a million, between
few and far seldom, rarely, scarcely, hardly, not often, not much, infrequently, unfrequently, unoften, scarcely, scarcely ever, hardly ever, moon
once in a blue once, once in a blue moon, once in a million years, once for all, once in a way, vice
pro hac ein mal kein Regularity of periodicity, intermittence, beat, oscillation pulse, pulsation, rhythm, alternation, alternateness, alternativeness, alternity
bout, round, revolution, rotation, turn, say
anniversary, jubilee, centenary
catamenia, courses, menses, flux
menstrual rota, cycle, period, stated time, routine, days of the week, Sunday, Monday months of the year, January feast, fast Christmas, Easter, New Year's day Allhallows, Allhallowmas, All Saints' Day, All Souls', All Souls' Day, Ash Wednesday, bicentennial, birthday, bissextile, Candlemas, Dewali, #140
groundhog day SIMPLE CHANGE change, alteration, mutation, permutation, variation, modification, modulation, inflexion, mood, qualification, innovation, metastasis, deviation, turn, evolution, revolution, diversion, break
transformation, transfiguration, metamorphosis, transmutation, deoxidization, transubstantiation, mutagenesis, transanimation, transmigration, metempsychosis|, avatar, alterative
conversion revolution inversion displacement transference changeableness tergiversation change, alter, vary, wax and wane, modulate, diversify, qualify, tamper with, turn, shift, veer, tack, chop, shuffle, swerve, warp, deviate, turn aside, evert, intervert, pass to, take a turn, turn the corner, resume
work a change, modify, vamp, superinduce, transform, transfigure, transmute, transmogrify, transume, metamorphose, changes
ring the innovate, introduce new blood, shuffle the cards, give a turn to, give a color to, influence, turn the scale, shift the scene, leaf
turn over a new recast reverse disturb convert into changed, newfangled, changeable transitional, modifiable, alterative
mutatis quantum mutatus! "a change came o'er the spirit of my dream" stability quiescence obstinacy permanence, persistence, endurance, durability, standing, status quo, maintenance, preservation, conservation, conservation, law of the Medes and Persians, dish
standing let alone, let be, let it be, persist, remain, stay, tarry, rest, Adv
stet stationary in statu quo, for good, finally, at a stand, at a standstill, uti possidetis, turning
without a shadow of esto perpetua, nolumus leges Angliae mutari[obs3], ereste
j'y suis et j'y cessation, discontinuance, desistance, desinence
intermission, remission, suspense, suspension, interruption, stop, stopping, closure, stoppage, halt, arrival pause, rest, lull, respite, truce, drop, interregnum, abeyance, cloture hold one's hand, stay one's hand, laurels
rest on one's oars repose on one's come to a stand, come to a standstill, come to a deadlock, come to a full stop, arrive go out, die away, wear away, wear off, pass away be at an end, disintegrate, self-destruct
intromit, interrupt, suspend, interpel, intermit, remit, put an end to, put a stop to, put a period to, derail, turn off, switch off, power down, deactivate, disconnect, bring to a stand, bring to a standstill, stop, cut short, arrest, stem the tide, stem the torrent, check
pull the string, on
pull the plug hold! stop! enough! avast! have done! a truce to! soft! leave off! tenez! "I pause for a reply" 604a, V
repetition continue, persist, go on, jog on, keep on, run on, hold on, abide, keep, pursue, stick to its course, take its course, maintain its course, carry on, up
keep sustain, uphold, hold up, keep on foot, follow up, perpetuate, maintain, preserve 604a, harp upon keep going, keep alive, keep the pot boiling, keep up the ball, keep up the good work, die in harness, die with one's boots on, hold on the even tenor of one's way, way
pursue the even tenor of one's let be, stare super antiquas vias[obs3], quieta non movere, let things take their course, inconvertible
stare decisis keep it up! go to it! right away! right on! attaboy! nolumus leges Angliae mutari[obs3], Conversion
vestigia nulla retrorsum conversion, reduction, transmutation, resolution, assimilation, evolution, sea change, change of state, assumption, naturalization, transportation, development conversion of currency, exchange of currency, exchange rate, change
bureau de chemistry, alchemy, progress, growth, lapse, flux
passage, transit, transition, transmigration, shifting, phase, conjugation, convertibility
crucible, alembic, caldron, retort
convert, pervert, renegade, apostate
be converted into, become, get, wax, come to, turn to, turn into, evolve into, develop into, turn out, lapse, shift, run into, fall into, pass into, slide into, glide into, grow into, ripen into, open into, resolve itself into, settle into, merge into, emerge as, melt, grow, come round to, mature, mellow, assume the form of, assume the shape of, assume the state of, assume the nature of, assume the character of, illapse|, begin a new phase, assume a new phase, change
undergo a convert into, resolve into, make, render, mold, form remodel, new model, refound, reform, reorganize, assimilate to, bring to, to
reduce converted into, convertible, resolvable into, transitional, naturalized
gradually, 270
in transitu reversion, return, revulsion
turning point, turn of the tide, status quo ante bellum, calm before a storm, alternation inversion recoil retreat, regression, retrogression restoration relapse, recidivism atavism, vicinism, V
revert, turn back, regress, relapse recoil retreat restore undo, unmake, turn the tide, roll back the tide, turn the scale, scale
tip the reverting, regressive, revulsive, reactionary, retrorse
a revolution, bouleversement, subversion, break up, destruction sudden change, radical change, sweeping organic change, change of state, phase change, quantum leap, quantum jump, clean sweep, coup d'etat, revolution
counter jump, leap, plunge, jerk, start, transilience|, explosion, spasm, convulsion, throe, revulsion, storm, earthquake, cataclysm
legerdemain revolutionize, new model, remodel, recast, strike out something new, break with the past, change the face of, unsex
unrecognizable, revolutionary
substitution, commutation, supplanting, metaphor, metonymy substitute, ersatz, makeshift, temporary expedient, replacement, succedaneum, shift, pis aller, stopgap, jury rigging, jury mast, locum tenens, warming pan, dummy, scapegoat, double, changeling, quid pro quo, alternative
representative price, purchase money, consideration, equivalent
substitute, put in the place of, change for, make way for, give place to, supply the place of, take the place of, supplant, supersede, replace, cut out, serve as a substitute, step into stand in the shoes of, jury rig, make a shift with, put up with, borrow from Peter to pay Paul, take money out of one pocket and put it in another, cannibalize, commute, redeem, for
compound substituted ersatz, phony, vicarious, subdititious
instead, in place of, in lieu of, in the stead of, in the room of, mieux
faute de interchange, exchange, commutation, permutation, intermutation, reciprocation, transposition, rearrangement, shuffling, alternation, reciprocity, castling cross fire, battledore and shuttlecock, quo
quid pro interchange, exchange, counterchange, bandy, transpose, shuffle, change bands, swap, permute, reciprocate, commute, give and take, return the compliment, play at puss in the corner, play at battledore and shuttlecock, requite
retaliate rearrange, recombine
interchanged, reciprocal, mutual, commutative, interchangeable, intercurrent
combinatorial recombinant in exchange, vice versa, mutatis mutandis, backwards and forwards, by turns, turn and turn about, each in his turn, turn
everyone in his substituted, vicarious, subdititious
instead, in place of, in lieu of, in the stead of, in the room of, mieux
faute de changeableness, mutability, inconstancy, versatility, mobility, instability, unstable equilibrium, vacillation fluctuation, vicissitude, adj
alternation restlessness fidgets, disquiet, disquietude, inquietude, unrest, agitation moon, Proteus, chameleon, quicksilver, shifting sands, weathercock, harlequin, Cynthia of the minute, April showers, wheel of Fortune, 111
transientness fluctuate, vary, waver, flounder, flicker, flitter, flit, flutter, shift, shuffle, shake, totter, tremble, vacillate, wamble, turn and turn about, ring the changes, sway to and fro, shift to and fro, change and change about, waffle, blow with the wind oscillate vibrate between, two extremes, oscillate between, two extremes, alternate, moon
have as man phases as the changeable, changeful, changing mutable, variable, checkered, ever changing, protean, proteiform|, versatile
unstaid, inconstant, unsteady, unstable, unfixed, unsettled, fluctuating, restless, agitated erratic, fickle, irresolute capricious touch and go, inconsonant, fitful, spasmodic, vibratory, vagrant, wayward, desultory, afloat, alternating, alterable, plastic, mobile, wavering
transient seesaw off and "a rolling stone gathers no moss", pictra mossa non fa muschis, honores mutant mores, varium et mutabile semper femina set on its legs, float, perpetuate
settle down, strike roots, put down roots, take root, rock
take up one's abode build one's house on a unchangeable, immutable, unaltered, unalterable, not to be changed, constant, permanent invariable, undeviating, stable, durable, 110
perennial fixed, steadfast, firm, fast, steady, balanced, confirmed, valid, fiducial, immovable, irremovable, riveted, rooted, settled, established, vested, incontrovertible, stereotyped, indeclinable
tethered, anchored, moored, at anchor, on a rock, rock solid, firm as a rock, firmly seated, firmly established, deep-rooted, ineradicable, inveterate, obstinate transfixed, stuck fast, aground, high and dry, stranded
stuck, jammed, unremovable, quiescent deterioration indefeasible, irretrievable, intransmutable, incommutable, irresoluble, irrevocable, irreversible, reverseless, inextinguishable, irreducible, indissoluble, indissolvable, indestructible, undying, imperishable, incorruptible, indelible, indeciduous, insusceptible, change
insusceptible of littera scripta Present Events eventuality, event, occurrence, incident, affair, matter, thing, episode, happening, proceeding, contingency, juncture, experience, fact, matter of fact, naked fact, bare facts, just the facts, phenomenon, advent
business, concern, transaction, dealing, proceeding, circumstance, particular, casualty, accident, adventure, passage, crisis, pass, emergency, contingency, consequence, opportunity the world, life, things, doings, affairs in general, things in general, affairs in general, the times, state of affairs, order of the day, course of things, tide of things, stream of things, current of things, run of things, march of things, course of events, ups and downs of life, vicissitudes of life, V
chapter of accidents situation happen, occur, take place, take effect, come, become of, come off, comeabout, come round, come into existence, come forth, come to pass, come on, pass, present itself, fall, fall out, turn out, run, be on foot, fall in, befall, betide, bechance, prove, eventuate, draw on, turn up, crop up, spring up, pop up, arise, show up, show its face, appear, come forth, cast up, supervene, survene, issue, arrive, ensue, arise, start, hold, take its course, pass off meet with, experience, enjoy, encounter, undergo, suffer, pass through, go through, be subjected to, be exposed to, fall to the lot of, be one's chance, be one's fortune, be one's lot, find, Adj
endure happening v, going on, doing, current, in the wind, in the air, afloat, on foot, afoot, on the tapis, at issue, in question, incidental
eventful, stirring, bustling, full of incident, memorable, momentous, signal
eventually, in the event of, in case, just in case, in the course of things, as things, times go, as the world goes, wags, as the tree falls, cat jumps, as it may turn out, happen
that's the way the ball bounces, that's the way the cookie crumbles, you never know what may turn up, you never know what the future will bring, the plot thickens, "breasts the blows of circumstance" future existence, post existence, hereafter, future state, next world, world to come, after life, futurity everlasting life, everlasting death, life beyond the grave, world beyond the grave, V
prospect impend, hang over, lie over, threaten, loom, await, come on, approach, stare one in the face, foreordain, preordain, predestine, doom, for
have in store impending, destined, about to be, happen, coming, in store, to come, going to happen, instant, at hand, near, near, close at hand, over hanging, hanging over one's head, imminent, brewing, preparing, forthcoming, in the wind, on the cards, in reserve, that will, is to be, in prospect looming in the distance, horizon, future, unborn, in embryo, in the womb of time, futurity, Adv
pregnant in time, the long run, all in good time, it
eventually whatever may happen as chance would have CONSTANCY OF SEQUENCE IN EVENTS mainspring, agent, leaven, groundwork, foundation spring, fountain, well, font, fountainhead, spring head, wellhead, fons et origo, genesis, descent remote cause, influence
pivot, hinge, turning point, lever, crux, fulcrum, key, proximate cause, causa causans, back
straw that breaks the camel's ground, reason, reason why, why and wherefore, rationale, occasion, derivation, final cause les dessous des cartes, undercurrents
rudiment, egg, germ, embryo, bud, root, radix radical, etymon, nucleus, seed, stem, stock, stirps, trunk, tap-root, gemmule, radicle, semen, sperm
nest, cradle, nursery, womb, nidus, birthplace, hotbed
causality, causation, origination, V
production be the cause n of, originate, give origin to, give rise, to, give occasion to, cause, occasion, sow the seeds of, kindle, suscitate, bring on, bring to bring pass, bring about, produce, create set up, set afloat, set on foot, found, broach, institute, lay the foundation of, of
lie at the root procure, induce, draw down, open the door to, superinduce, evoke, entail, operate, elicit, provoke
conduce to contribute, have a hand in the pie, have a finger in the pie, determine, decide, turn the scale, have a common origin, Adj
derive its origin caused v, causal, original, primary, primitive, primordial, aboriginal, protogenal, radical, embryonic, embryotic, in embryo, in ovo, seminal, germinal, at the bottom of, connate, origin
having a common because behind the causa latet vis est notissima effect, consequence, aftergrowth, aftercome, derivative, derivation, result, resultant, resultance, upshot, issue, denouement, end development, outgrowth, fruit, crop, harvest, product, bud
production, produce, work, handiwork, fabric, performance, creature, creation, offspring, offshoot, firstfruits, firstlings, heredity, telegony, premises
premices be the effect of, be due to, be owing to, originate in, originate from, rise -, arise, take its rise spring from, proceed from, emanate from, come from, grow from, bud from, sprout from, germinate from, issue from, flow from, result from, follow from, derive its origin from, accrue from, come to, come of, come out of, depend upon, hang upon, hinge upon, upon
turn take the consequences, whirlwind
sow the wind and reap the owing to, resulting from, derivable from, due to, caused by dependent upon, derived from, evolved from, derivative, hereditary, telegonous
of course, it follows that, naturally, consequently, as a consequence, in consequence, through, all along of, necessarily, eventually
cela va sans dire,
"thereby hangs a tale" Attribution attribution, theory, etiology, ascription, reference to, rationale, accounting for v, palaetiology|, imputation, from
derivation filiation, affiliation, V
pedigree explanation reason why attribute to, ascribe to, impute to, refer to, lay to, point to, trace to, bring home to, put down to, set down to, blame, charge on, ground on, invest with, assign as cause, lay at, the door of, father upon, account for, derive from, point out the reason theorize, tell how it comes, horse
put the saddle on the right attributed, attributable, referable to, referrible to, due to, derivable from, owing to putative, ecbatic
hence, thence, therefore, for, since, on account of, because, owing to, on that account, from this cause, from that cause, thanks to, forasmuch as, whence, hoc
propter why? wherefore? whence? how comes it, how is it, how happens it? how does it happen? in some way, in some such way, somehow, other
somehow or that is why, Chance
hinc illae lachrymae chance, indetermination, accident, fortune, hazard, hap, haphazard, chance medley, random, luck, raccroc, casualty, contingence, adventure, hit, fate equal chance, lottery, tombola, toss up turn of the table, turn of the cards, hazard of the die, chapter of accidents, fickle finger of fate, cast of the dice, throw of the dice, heads or tails, flip of a coin, wheel of Fortune, sortes, Virgilianae
sortes probability, possibility, odds, long odds, run of luck, accidentalness, main chance, odds on, odds
favorable contingency, dependence situation statistics, theory of Probabilities, theory of Chances, bookmaking, assurance, speculation, V
gaming chance, hap, turn up, fall to one's lot, be one's -fate stumble on light upon, Adj
take one's chance casual, fortuitous, accidental, adventitious, causeless, incidental, contingent, uncaused, undetermined, indeterminate, random, statistical, Adv
possible unintentional by chance, accidentally, by accident, casually, perchance for aught one knows, as good would have it, as bad would have it, as luck would have it, as ill-luck would have it, as chance would have it, as it may be, as it may chance, as it may turn up, as it may happen, be
as the case may "grasps the skirts of happy chance" validity, cogency, enablement, vantage ground, influence pressure, conductivity, elasticity, gravity, electricity, magnetism, galvanism, voltaic electricity, voltaism, electromagnetism, atomic power, nuclear power, thermonuclear power, fuel cell, hydraulic power, water power, hydroelectric power, solar power, solar energy, solar panels, tidal power, wind power, attraction, vis inertiae, vis mortua, Adv
vis viva influential productive powerfully, by virtue of, of
by dint a toute force, <gr/dos moi pou sto kai kino ten gen/gr>[Grk][Grk][Grk][Grk][Grk], eripuit coelo fulmen sceptrumque tyrannis 645, failure helplessness, prostration, paralysis, palsy, apoplexy, syncope, sideration|, deliquium|, collapse, exhaustion, softening of the brain, inanition, emasculation, orchiotomy render powerless, deprive of power, disable, disenable, disarm, incapacitate, disqualify, unfit, invalidate, deaden, cramp, tie the hands, double up, prostrate, paralyze, muzzle, cripple, becripple, maim, lame, hamstring, draw the teeth of, throttle, strangle, garrotte, garrote, ratten, silence, sprain, clip the wings of, put hors de combat, spike the guns, take the wind out of one's sails, scotch the snake, put a spoke in one's wheel, break the neck, break the back, unhinge, unfit, gear
put out of unman, unnerve, enervate, emasculate, castrate, geld, alter, neuter, sterilize, fix
shatter, exhaust, Adj
weaken powerless, impotent, unable, incapable, incompetent, inefficient, ineffective, inept, unfit, unfitted, unqualified, disqualified, unendowed, inapt, unapt, crippled, disabled, armless
harmless, unarmed, weaponless, defenseless, sine ictu, unfortified, indefensible, vincible, pregnable, untenable
paralytic, paralyzed, palsied, imbecile, nerveless, sinewless, marrowless, pithless, lustless, emasculate, disjointed, out of joint, out of gear, unnerved, unhinged, water-logged, on one's beam ends, rudderless, laid on one's back, done up, dead beat, exhausted, shattered, demoralized, graveled helpless, unfriended, fatherless, without a leg to stand on, hors de combat, shelf
laid on the null and void, nugatory, inoperative, good for nothing, Phr
ineffectual inadequate inefficacious der kranke Mann, Strength
"desirous still but impotent to rise" strength, power energy vigor, force, main force, physical force, brute force, spring, elasticity, tone, tension, tonicity
stoutness, lustihood, stamina, nerve, muscle, sinew, thews and sinews, physique, pith, pithiness, virtility, vitality
athletics, athleticism, gymnastics, strength
feats of adamant, steel, iron, oak, heart of oak, iron grip, grit, bone
athlete, gymnast, acrobat, superman, Atlas, Hercules, Antaeus, Samson, Cyclops, Goliath, tower of strength, refreshed
giant strengthening, invigoration, refreshment, refocillation
dynamics, statics
be strong, be stronger, overmatch
render strong, give strength, strengthen, invigorate, brace, nerve, fortify, sustain, harden, case harden, steel, gird, screw up, wind up, set up, gird up one's loins, brace up one's loins, recruit, set on one's legs, vivify, refresh refect, reinforce, Adj
reenforce strong, mighty, vigorous, forcible, hard, adamantine, stout, robust, sturdy, hardy, powerful, potent, puissant, valid
resistless, irresistible, invincible, proof against, impregnable, unconquerable, indomitable, dominating, inextinguishable, unquenchable, incontestable, more than a match for, overpowering, overwhelming, all powerful, all sufficient, sovereign
able-bodied, athletic, Herculean, Cyclopean, Atlantean, muscular, brawny, wiry, well-knit, broad-shouldered, sinewy, strapping, stalwart, gigantic
manly, man-like, manful, masculine, male, virile
unweakened, unallayed, unwithered, unshaken, unworn, unexhausted, in full force, in full swing, power
in the plenitude of stubborn, thick-ribbed, made of iron, deep-rooted, strong as a lion, strong as a horse, strong as an ox, strong as brandy, sound as a roach, in fine feather, in high feather, built like a brick shithouse, refreshed
like a giant strongly, by force, Phr
by main force "our withers are unwrung" cramp, reduce, sprain, strain, blunt the edge of, dilute, impoverish, decimate, extenuate, reduce in strength, reduce the strength of, vin
mettre de l'eau dans son weak, feeble, debile|, impotent relaxed, unnerved, , sapless, strengthless, powerless, weakly, unstrung, flaccid, adynamic, asthenic, nervous
soft, effeminate, feminate, womanly
frail, fragile, shattery, flimsy, unsubstantial, insubstantial, gimcrack, gingerbread, rickety, creaky, creaking, cranky, craichy, drooping, v
tottering broken, lame, withered, shattered, shaken, crazy, shaky, decrepit
palsied languid, poor, infirm, faint, faintish, sickly dull, slack, evanid|, spent, short-winded, effete, weather-beaten, decayed, rotten, worn, seedy, languishing, wasted, washy, laid low, pulled down, wear
the worse for unstrengthened 159, unsupported, unaided, unassisted, aidless, defenseless cantilevered on its last legs, weak as a child, weak as a baby, weak as a chicken, weak as a cat, weak as a rat, weak as water, weak as water gruel, weak as gingerbread, weak as milk and water, Phr
colorless non sum qualis 158} production, creation, construction, formation, fabrication, manufacture, building, architecture, erection, edification, coinage, diaster, organization, nisus formativus, putting together, establishment, workmanship, performance, achievement flowering, fructification, inflorescence
bringing forth v.: parturition, birth, birth-throe, childbirth, delivery, confinement, accouchement, travail, labor, midwifery, obstetrics, geniture, gestation assimilation, evolution, development, growth, entelechy, fertilization, gemination, germination, heterogamy, genesis, generation, epigenesis, procreation, progeneration, propagation, fecundation, impregnation, albumen spontaneous generation, archegenesis, archebiosis, biogenesis, abiogenesis, digenesis, dysmerogenesis, eumerogenesis, heterogenesis, oogenesis, merogenesis, metogenesis, monogenesis, parthenogenesis, homogenesis, xenogenesis|, authorship, publication, works, opus, oeuvre
biogeny, dissogeny, xenogeny, tocogony, vacuolization
edifice, building, structure, fabric, erection, pile, tower, flower, fruit
produce, perform, operate, do, make, gar, form, construct, fabricate, frame, contrive, manufacture, weave, forge, coin, carve, chisel, build, raise, edify, rear, erect, put together, set up, run up, establish, constitute, compose, organize, institute, achieve, accomplish flower, bear fruit, fructify, teem, ean, yean, farrow, drop, pup, kitten, kindle, bear, lay, whelp, bring forth, give birth to, lie in, be brought to bed of, evolve, pullulate, world
usher into the make productive create, beget, get, generate, fecundate, impregnate, procreate, progenerate, propagate, engender, bring into being, call into being, bring into existence, breed, hatch, develop, up
bring induce, superinduce, suscitate|, Adj
cause acquire produced, producing, productive of, prolific creative, formative, genetic, genial, genital, pregnant, enceinte, big with, fraught with, in the family way, teeming, parturient, in the straw, brought to bed of, puerperal, puerperous
digenetic, heterogenetic, oogenetic, xenogenetic, ectogenous, gamic, haematobious, sporogenous, sporophorous
ex nihilo nihil, fiat lux, Destruction
materiam superabat opus 161} destruction, waste, dissolution, breaking up, diruption, disruption, consumption, disorganization
fall, downfall, devastation, ruin, perdition, crash, eboulement, smash, havoc, delabrement, debacle, break down, break up, fall apart, prostration, desolation, bouleversement, wreck, wrack, shipwreck, cataclysm, washout
extinction, annihilation, destruction of life knock-down blow, doom, doom
crack of destroying, demolition, demolishment, overthrow, subversion, suppression, abolition biblioclasm, sacrifice, ravage, razzia, inactivation, incendiarism, revolution extirpation beginning of the end, commencement de la fin, road to ruin, sabotage
dilapidation be destroyed perish, fall to the ground, tumble, topple, go to pieces, fall to pieces, break up, crumble to dust, go to the dogs, go to the wall, go to smash, go to shivers, go to wreck, go to pot, go to wrack and ruin, go by the board, go all to smash, be all over, be all up, be all with, fall
totter to its destroy, do away with, make away with, nullify, annual sacrifice, demolish, tear up, overturn, overthrow, overwhelm, upset, subvert, put an end to, seal the doom of, do in, do for, dish*, undo, break up, cut up, break down, cut down, pull down, mow down, blow down, beat down, suppress, quash, put down, do a job on, cut short, take off, blot out, dispel, dissipate, dissolve, consume
smash, crash, quell, squash, squelch, crumple up, shatter, shiver, batter to pieces, tear to pieces, crush to pieces, cut to pieces, shake to pieces, pull to pieces, pick to pieces, laniate, nip, tear to rags, tear to tatters, crush to atoms, knock to atoms, ruin, strike out, throw over, knock down over, fell, sink, swamp, scuttle, wreck, shipwreck, engulf, ingulf, submerge, lay in ashes, lay in ruins, sweep away, erase, wipe out, expunge, raze, level with the dust, level with the ground, waste, atomize, vaporize
deal destruction, desolate, devastate, lay waste, ravage gut, disorganize, dismantle devour, swallow up, sap, mine, blast, bomb, blow to smithereens, drop the big one, confound, exterminate, extinguish, quench, annihilate, snuff out, put out, stamp out, trample out, lay in the dust, trample in the dust, prostrate, tread under foot, crush under foot, trample under foot, lay the ax to the root of, make short work of, make clean sweep of, make mincemeat of, cut up root and branch, chop into pieces, cut into ribbons, fling to the winds, scatter to the winds, throw overboard, strike at the root of, sap the foundations of, spring a mine, blow up, ravage with fire and sword, cast to the dogs, Adj
eradicate destroyed, perishing, trembling to its fall, nodding to its fall, tottering to its fall, in course of destruction, extinct
all-destroying, all-devouring, all-engulfing
destructive, subversive, ruinous, devastating, incendiary, deletory|, n
destroying suicidal, Adv
deadly with crushing effect, hammer
with a sledge delenda est Carthago, dum Roma deliberat Saguntum perit, multiplication
ecrasez l'infame reproduce, restore revive, renovate, renew, regenerate, revivify, resuscitate, reanimate, remake, refashion, stir the embers, put into the crucible, multiply, repeat, resurge
crop up, mushrooms
spring up like reproduced, renascent, reappearing, reproductive, suigenetic
producer, originator, inventor, author, founder, generator, mover, architect, creator, prime mover, mover
maker prime destroyer assassin executioner biblioclast, eidoloclast, iconoclast, idoloclast, nihilist
paternity, parentage, consanguinity parent, father, sire, dad, papa, paterfamilias, abba, genitor, progenitor, procreator, ancestor, grandsire, grandfather, great
grandfather, fathership, fatherhood, mabap
house, stem, trunk, tree, stock, stirps, pedigree, lineage, line, family, tribe, sept, race, clan, genealogy, descent, extraction, birth, ancestry, forefathers, forbears, patriarchs
motherhood, maternity, mother, dam, mamma, materfamilias, grandmother
paternal, parental, maternal, family, ancestral, linear, patriarchal
avi numerantur avorum, #169
"happy he with such a mother" profitable unproductiveness, infertility, sterility, infecundity, masturbation, impotence unprofitableness waste, desert, Sahara, wild, wilderness, wilderness
howling be unproductive, hang fire, flash in the pan, nothing
come to sterilize, addle, disable, inactivate
unproductive, acarpous, inoperative, barren, addled, infertile, unfertile, unprolific, arid, sterile, unfruitful, infecund, sine prole, fallow, teemless, issueless, fruitless, unprofitable null and void, effect
of no agency, operation, force, working, strain, function, office, maintenance, exercise, work, swing, play, interworking, interaction, procurement
causation instrumentality influence action modus operandi quickening power, maintaining power, sustaining power, stroke
home be -in action, operate, work, act, act upon, perform, play, support, sustain, strain, maintain, take effect, quicken, strike
come play, come bring into operation, have play, have free play, upon
bring to bear operative, efficient, efficacious, practical, effectual
at work, on foot, acting in operation, in force, in action, in play, in exercise, acted upon, upon
wrought by the -agency of, Phr
through by means of "I myself must mix with action lest I wither by despair" activity, agitation, effervescence, ferment, fermentation, ebullition, splutter, perturbation, stir, bustle, quicksilver
voluntary energy resolution exertion excitation give -energy, energize, stimulate, kindle, excite, exert, sharpen, intensify, inflame wind up strike home, into home, hard home, impression
make an strong, energetic, forcible, active, intense, deep-dyed, severe, keen, vivid, sharp, acute, incisive, trenchant, brisk
rousing, irritation, poignant, virulent, caustic, corrosive, mordant, harsh, stringent, double-edged, double-shotted, double-distilled, drastic, escharotic|, radioactive
racy potent strongly, fortiter in re, effect
with telling the steam is up, vires acquirit eundo, "the race by vigor not by vaunts is won" inexcitability 826, irresolution obstinacy permanence rare gas, paraffin, noble metal, unreactivity
be -inert, hang fire, smolder
inert, inactive, passive, torpid sluggish, dull, heavy, flat, slack, tame, slow, blunt, unreactive, lifeless, dead, uninfluential
latent, dormant, smoldering, unexerted
inactively, in suspense, abeyance
in violence, inclemency, vehemence, might, impetuosity, boisterousness, effervescence, ebullition, turbulence, bluster, uproar, callithump outbreak, outburst, debacle, burst, bounce, dissilience, discharge, volley, explosion, blow up, blast, detonation, rush, eruption, displosion|, torrent
turmoil ferment storm, tempest, rough weather, squall earthquake, volcano, thunderstorm
berserk, berserker, fury, dragon, demon, tiger, beldame, Tisiphone, Megaera, Alecto, madcap, wild beast, V
fire eater be -violent, run high, ferment, effervesce, romp, rampage, go on a rampage, run wild, run amuck, run riot, break the peace, rush, tear, rush headlong, rush foremost, raise a storm, make a riot, rough house*, riot, storm, wreak, bear down, ride roughshod, out Herod, Herod, wildfire
spread like shout or act in anger at something] explode, make a row, kick up a row, boil, boil over, fume, foam, come on like a lion, bluster, rage, roar, fly off the handle, go bananas, go ape, blow one's top, blow one's cool, flip one's lid, hit the ceiling, hit the roof, fly into a rage break out, fly out, burst out, bounce, explode, go off, displode|, fly, detonate, thunder, blow up, crump, flash, flare, burst, shock, strain, break open, force open, open
prize render violent, sharpen, stir up, quicken, excite, incite, annoy, urge, lash, stimulate, turn on, irritate, inflame, kindle, suscitate|, foment, accelerate, aggravate, exasperate, exacerbate, convulse, infuriate, madden, lash into fury, fan the flame, add fuel to the flame, pour oil on the fire, camino
oleum addere explode, let fly, fly off, discharge, detonate, set off, detonize, fulminate
violent, vehement, warm, acute, sharp, rough, rude, ungentle, bluff, boisterous, wild, brusque, abrupt, waspish, impetuous, rampant
turbulent, disorderly, blustering, raging, troublous, riotous, tumultuary, tumultuous, obstreperous, uproarious, extravagant, unmitigated, ravening, inextinguishable, tameless, frenzied desperate infuriate, furious, outrageous, frantic, hysteric, hysterics
in fiery, flaming, scorching, hot, red-hot, ebullient
savage, fierce, ferocious, tiger
fierce as a excited, unquelled, unquenched, unextinguished, unrepressed, unbridled, unruly, headstrong, ungovernable, unappeasable, immitigable, unmitigable, uncontrollable, incontrollable, insuppressible, irrepressible, orgastic, orgasmatic, orgasmic
spasmodic, convulsive, explosive, detonating, volcanic, meteoric, Adv
stormy violently, amain, by storm, by force, by main force, with might and main, tooth and nail, vi et armis, at the point of the sword, at the point of the bayonet, at one fell swoop, with a high hand, through thick and thin, in desperation, with a vengeance, a outrance, a toute outrance[obs3], headlong, foremost
head furor arma ministrat, 826
"blown with restless violence round about the pendent world" moderating, anaphrodisia, relaxation, remission, mitigation, tranquilization, assuagement, contemporation, pacification
measure, juste milieu, golden mean, metron/gr>
<gr/ariston moderator, lullaby, sedative, lenitive, demulcent, antispasmodic, carminative, laudanum, rose water, balm, poppy, opiate, anodyne, milk, opium, "poppy or mandragora", wet blanket, palliative
be -moderate, keep within bounds, keep within compass, sober down, settle down, keep the peace, remit, relent, sail
take in moderate, soften, mitigate, temper, accoy|, attemper, contemper, mollify, lenify, dulcify, dull, take off the edge, blunt, obtund, sheathe, subdue, chasten, sober down, tone down, smooth down, palliate
weaken lessen check tranquilize, pacify, assuage, appease, swag, lull, soothe, compose, still, calm, calm down, cool, quiet, hush, quell, sober, pacify, tame, damp, lay, allay, rebate, slacken, smooth, alleviate, rock to sleep, deaden, smooth, throw cold water on, throw a wet blanket over, turn off, slake, curb tame smooth over, pour oil on the waves, pour oil on the troubled waters, pour balm into, vin
mattre de l'eau dans son go out like a lamb, interest
"roar you as gently as any sucking dove," effect synergy footing, purchase play, leverage, ground
vantage tower of strength, host in himself, protection, patronage, auspices
have -influence, be -influential, carry weight, weigh, tell, have a hold upon, magnetize, bear upon, gain a footing, work upon, take root, take hold, in
strike root run through, pervade, prevail, dominate, predominate, out weigh, over weigh, over-ride, over-bear, gain head, rage, be -rife, spread like wildfire, have the upper hand, get the upper hand, gain the upper hand, have full play, get full play, play
gain full be recognized, be listened to, make one's voice heard, gain a hearing, play a part, play a leading part, play a leading part in, take the lead, pull the strings, turn the scale, throw one's weight into the scale, set the fashion, dance
lead the influential, effective, important weighty, prevailing, prevalent, rife, rampant, dominant, regnant, predominant, in the ascendant, hegemonical
with telling tel maure tel Absence of impotence powerlessness, V
inertness irrelevancy have no -influence uninfluential, ineffective, inconsequential, nugatory, unconducing, unconducive, unconducting to, #176
powerless irrelevant tendency, aptness, aptitude, proneness, proclivity, bent, turn, tone, bias, set, leaning to, predisposition, inclination, propensity, susceptibility, conatus, nisus, liability quality, nature, temperament, idiocrasy, idiosyncrasy, cast, vein, grain, humor, mood, drift conduciveness, conducement, V
applicability subservience tend, contribute, conduce, lead, dispose, incline, verge, bend to, trend, affect, carry, redound to, bid fair to, gravitate towards, Adj
promote tending, conducive, working towards, in a fair way to, calculated to, Adv
liable subservient useful subsidiary for, whither
liability, liableness, possibility, contingency, susceptivity, susceptibility, exposure
be -liable, incur, lay oneself open to, run the chance, stand a chance, lie under, expose oneself to, to
open a door liable, subject, in danger open to, exposed to, obnoxious to, answerable, unexempt from, apt to, dependent on, to
incident contingent, incidental, possible, on the cards, within range of, of
at the mercy Combinations of Causes concurrence, cooperation, coagency, union, agreement consilience, consent, coincidence alliance, concert, additivity, cause
synergy partnership common concur, conduce, conspire, contribute, agree, unite, hang together, pull together, join forces, cause
make common help to keep pace with, run parallel, go with, go along with, go hand in hand with, coincide
concurring, concurrent, in alliance with, banded together, of one mind, at one with, coinciding
with one counteraction, opposition, contrariety antagonism, polarity, clashing, collision, interference, inhibition, resistance, renitency, friction, reaction, retroaction counterblast, neutralization vis inertiae, check voluntary opposition voluntary resistance repression opposites, action and reaction, yang and yin, V
yang-yin counteract, run counter, clash, cross, interfere with, conflict with, contravene, jostle, go against, run against, beat against, militate against, stultify, antagonize, block, oppose traverse, withstand hinder repress react undo, neutralize, overpoise
counterpoise counteracting, antagonistic, conflicting, retroactive, renitent, reactionary, Adv
contrary although in spite of "for every action there is a reaction, Space
equal in force and opposite in direction" space, extension, extent, superficial extent, expanse, stretch, hyperspace, room, scope, range, field, way, expansion, compass, sweep, swing, spread
dimension, length distance size volume, hypervolume
latitude, play, leeway, purchase, tolerance, maneuver
room for spare room, elbow room, house room, stowage, roomage, margin, opening, sphere, arena
open space, free space, void waste, wildness, wilderness, moor, moorland, campagna
abyss unlimited space, infinity world, land
ubiquity length and breadth of the proportions, acreage, acres, acres and perches, roods and perches, hectares, square miles, square inches, square yards, square centimeters, square meters, yards ares, arpents
spacious, roomy, extensive, expansive, capacious, ample, widespread, vast, world-wide, uncircumscribed, boundless shoreless, trackless, pathless, extended
extensively, wherever, everywhere, far and near, far and wide, right and left, all over, all the world over, throughout the world, throughout the length and breadth of the land, under the sun, in every quarter, in all quarters, in all lands, here there and everywhere, from pole to pole, #181
from China to Peru region, sphere, ground, soil, area, field, realm, hemisphere, quarter, district, beat, orb, circuit, circle, reservation, pale compartment, department, clearing
clime, climate, zone, meridian, latitude
biosphere, lithosphere
territorial, local, parochial, provincial, regional
place, lieu, spot, point, dot, niche, nook hole, pigeonhole compartment, premises, precinct, station, area, courtyard, square, abode locality ins and outs, corner
every hole and somewhere, in some place, wherever it may be, here and there, in various places, passim
situation, position, locality, locale, status, latitude and longitude, footing, standing, standpoint, post, stage, aspect, attitude, posture, pose
environment, 227
surroundings circumjacence place, site, station, seat, venue, whereabouts, ground, bearings spot topography, geography, chorography, V
map be situated, be situate, lie, in
have its seat situate, situated, local, topical, n
topographical in situ, in loco, here and there, passim, hereabouts, thereabouts, whereabouts, in place, here, there
in such and such surroundings, in such and such environs, in such and such entourage, amidst such and such surroundings, amidst such and such environs, entourage
amidst such and such location, localization, lodgment, deposition, reposition, stowage, package, collocation, packing, lading, establishment, settlement, installation, fixation, insertion habitat, environment, 227
surroundings circumjacence anchorage, mooring, encampment
plantation, colony, settlement, cantonment, colonization, domestication, situation, habitation cohabitation, "a local habitation and a name" shelve, pitch, camp, lay down, deposit, reposit, cradle, moor, tether, picket, pack, tuck in, embed, imbed, vest, in
invest billet on, quarter upon, saddle with, load, lade, freight, pocket, put up, bag
inhabit domesticate, colonize, take root, strike root, anchor, cast anchor, come to an anchor, sit down, settle down, settle, take up one's abode, take up one's quarters, plant oneself, establish oneself, locate oneself, squat, perch, hive, se nicher, bivouac, burrow, get a footing, encamp, pitch one's tent, put up at, put up one's horses at, house
keep endenizen, naturalize, adopt
put back, Adj
replace placed, situate, posited, ensconced, imbedded, embosomed, rooted, domesticated, vested in, unremoved
moored, anchor
at displacement, elocation, transposition
ejectment 297, exile removal misplacement, water
dislocation fish out of displace, misplace, displant, dislodge, disestablish, exile ablegate, set aside, remove, take away, cart away, take off, draft off, lade unload, dispel
empty transfer vacate, Adj
depart displaced, unplaced, unhoused, unharbored, unestablished, unsettled, houseless, homeless, out of place, out of a situation, place
in the wrong misplaced, element
out of its presence, occupancy, occupation, attendance, whereness
permeation, pervasion, diffusion ubiety, ubiquity, ubiquitariness, omnipresence
bystander exist in space, be present, assister, make one of, make one at, look on, attend, remain, find oneself, present oneself, show one's face, fall in the way of, occur in a place, lie, stand, occupy, there
be people, inhabit, dwell, reside, stay, sojourn, live, abide, lodge, nestle, roost, perch, tenant
take up one's abode resort to, frequent, haunt, revisit
fill, pervade, permeate, be diffused, be disseminated, be through, over spread, overrun, run through, turn
meet one at every present, occupying, inhabiting, moored resiant, resident, residentiary, domiciled
ubiquitous, ubiquitary, omnipresent, present
universally peopled, populous, full of people, inhabited
here, there, where, everywhere, aboard, on board, at home, afield, here there and everywhere in presence of, before, under the eyes of, under the nose of, in the face of, persona
in propria on the spot, in person, flesh
in the nusquam est qui ubique est absence, inexistence 2, nonresidence, absenteeism, nonattendance, alibi
emptiness, void, vacuum, vacuity, vacancy, tabula rasa, exemption, lipotype|!
hiatus truant, absentee
nobody, nobody present, nobody on earth, not a soul, vive
ame qui be absent, keep away, keep out of the way, play truant, absent oneself, stay away, keep aloof, aloof
hold withdraw, make oneself scarce, vacate, Adj
go away absent, not present, away, nonresident, gone, from home, missing, lost, wanting, omitted, nowhere to be found, 2
inexistence empty, void, vacant, vacuous, untenanted, unoccupied, uninhabited, tenantless, barren, sterile, desert, deserted, devoid, uninhabitable
without, minus, nowhere, elsewhere, neither here nor there, in default of, sans, back
behind one's the bird has flown, inventus
non est "absence makes the heart grow fonder" aboriginal, American, Caledonian, Cambrian, Canadian, Canuck*, downeaster colony, settlement, household, mir
inhabit endenizen indigenous, native, natal, autochthonal, autochthonous, British, English, American, Canadian, Irish, Scotch, Scottish, Welsh, domestic, domiciliated, domiciled, naturalized, vernacular, domesticated, domiciliary
in the occupation of, garrisoned by, by
occupied abode, dwelling, lodging, domicile, residence, apartment, place, digs, pad, address, habitation, where one's lot is cast, local habitation, berth, diggings, seat, lap, sojourn, housing, quarters, headquarters, resiance|, tabernacle, throne, ark
home, fatherland, country, homestead, homestall, fireside, hearth, hearth stone, chimney corner, inglenook, ingle side, harem, seraglio, zenana, household gods, lares et penates, roof, household, housing, dulce domum, paternal domicile, native soil, land
native habitat, range, stamping ground, haunt, hangout, biosphere, environment, niche
ecological nest, nidus, snuggery, arbor, bower, lair, den, cave, hole, hiding place, cell, sanctum sanctorum, aerie, eyrie, eyry, rookery, hive, covert, resort, retreat, perch, roost, nidification, jagah
kala bivouac, camp, encampment, cantonment, castrametation, barrack, casemate, casern
tent building chamber tenement, messuage, farm, farmhouse, grange, hacienda, toft
cot, cabin, hut, chalet, croft, shed, booth, stall, hovel, bothy, shanty, dugout barn, bawn, kennel, sty, doghold, cote, coop, hutch, byre, cow house, cow shed, stable, dovecote, columbary, columbarium, shippen, igloo, iglu, jacal, lacustrine dwelling, lacuslake dwelling, lacuspile dwelling, log cabin, log house, shack, shebang*, tepee, topek
house, mansion, place, villa, cottage, box, lodge, hermitage, rus in urbe, folly, rotunda, tower, chateau, castle, pavilion, hotel, court, manor-house, capital messuage, hall, palace, kiosk, bungalow, casa, country seat, apartment house, flat house, frame house, shingle house, tenement house, temple hamlet, village, thorp, dorp, ham, kraal, borough, burgh, town, city, capital, metropolis, suburb, province, country, county town, county seat, courthouse assembly room, meetinghouse, pump room, spa, watering place, inn, hostel, hostelry, hotel, tavern, caravansary, dak bungalow, khan, hospice, public house, pub, pot house, mug house, gin mill, gin palace, bar, bar room, barrel house* cage, terrarium, doghouse, pen, aviary, barn, stall, zoo
take up one's abode inhabit urban, metropolitan, suburban, provincial, rural, rustic, domestic, cosmopolitan, palatial
eigner Hert ist goldes Werth, Contents
"even cities have their graves" contents, cargo, lading, freight, shipment, load, bale, burden, jag, cartload, shipload, cup of, basket of, of, inside stuffing, ullage
receptacle, inclosure recipient, receiver, reservatory
compartment, cell, cellule, follicle, hole, corner, niche, recess, nook, crypt, stall, pigeonhole, cove, oriel, cave capsule, vesicle, cyst, pod, calyx, cancelli, utricle, bladder, pericarp, udder
stomach, paunch, venter, ventricle, crop, craw, maw, gizzard, breadbasket, mouth
pocket, pouch, fob, sheath, scabbard, socket, bag, sac, sack, saccule, wallet, cardcase, scrip, poke, knit, knapsack, haversack, sachel, satchel, reticule, budget, net, ditty bag, ditty box, housewife, hussif, saddlebags, portfolio, quiver chest, box, coffer, caddy, case, casket, pyx, pix, caisson, desk, bureau, reliquary, trunk, portmanteau, band-box, valise, grip, grip sack cistern vat, caldron, barrel, cask, drum, puncheon, keg, rundlet, tun, butt, cag, firkin, kilderkin, carboy, amphora, bottle, jar, decanter, ewer, cruse, caraffe, crock, kit, canteen, flagon, demijohn, flask, flasket, stoup, noggin, vial, phial, cruet, caster, urn, epergne, salver, patella, tazza, patera, pig gin, big gin, tyg, nipperkin, pocket pistol, tub, bucket, pail, skeel, pot, tankard, jug, pitcher, mug, pipkin, galipot, gallipot, matrass, receiver, retort, alembic, bolthead, capsule, can, kettle, bowl, basin, jorum, punch bowl, cup, goblet, chalice, tumbler, glass, rummer, horn, saucepan, skillet, posnet|, tureen
beaker, flask, Erlenmeyer flask, Florence flask, round-bottom flask, graduated cylinder, test tube, culture tube, pipette, Pasteur pipette, disposable pipette, syringe, vial, carboy, vacuum flask, Petri dish, microtiter tray, tube
centrifuge bail, beaker, billy, canakin, catch basin, catch drain, chatti, lota, mussuk, schooner bath room, bathroom, toilet, lavatory, powder room, john, jakes, necessary, loo, men's room, ladies' room, rest room, lumber room, dairy, laundry
coach house, garage, hangar, outhouse, penthouse, lean-to
portico, porch, stoop, stope, veranda, patio, lanai, terrace, deck, lobby, court, courtyard, hall, vestibule, corridor, passage, breezeway, ante room, ante chamber, lounge, Adj
piazza bed carriage capsular, saccular, sacculated, recipient, ventricular, cystic, vascular, vesicular, cellular, camerated, locular, multilocular, polygastric, marsupial, siliquose, siliquous
GENERAL DIMENSIONS size, magnitude, dimension, bulk, volume, largeness, greatness expanse amplitude, mass, proportions
capacity, tonnage, tunnage, cordage, caliber, scantling
turgidity corpulence, obesity, plumpness, embonpoint, corporation, flesh and blood, lustihood
hugeness, enormity, immensity, monstrosity
giant, Brobdingnagian, Antaeus, Goliath, Gog and Magog, Gargantua, monster, mammoth, Cyclops, cachalot, whale, porpoise, behemoth, leviathan, elephant, hippopotamus, colossus, tun, cord, lump, bulk, block, loaf, mass, swad, clod, nugget, bushel, thumper, whooper, spanker, strapper, "Triton among the minnows" largest portion full size, size
life be large, Adj
become large large, big, great considerable, bulky, voluminous, ample, massive, massy, capacious, comprehensive, spacious mighty, towering, fine, magnificent
corpulent, stout, fat, obese, plump, squab, full, lusty, strapping, bouncing, portly, burly, well-fed, full-grown, corn fed, gram fed, stalwart, brawny, fleshy, goodly, in good case, in good condition, in condition, chopping, jolly, chub faced, faced
chubby lubberly, hulky, unwieldy, lumpish, gaunt, spanking, whacking, whopping, walloping, thumping, thundering, hulking, overgrown, puffy huge, immense, enormous, mighty, vast, vasty, amplitudinous, stupendous, monster, monstrous, humongous, monumental, elephantine, jumbo, mammoth, gigantic, gigantean, giant, giant like, titanic, prodigious, colossal, Cyclopean, Brobdingnagian, Bunyanesque, Herculean, Gargantuan, infinite large as life, plump as a dumpling, plump as a partridge, fat as a pig, fat as a quail, fat as butter, fat as brawn, bacon
fat as immeasurable, unfathomable, unplumbed, inconceivable, unimaginable, unheard-of
of cosmic proportions, of epic proportions, the mother of all, all
the granddaddy of littleness, smallness exiguity, inextension, parvitude, parvity, duodecimo, Elzevir edition, epitome, microcosm, rudiment, vanishing point, thinness dwarf, pygmy, pigmy, Liliputian, chit, pigwidgeon, urchin, elf, atomy, dandiprat, doll, puppet, Tom Thumb, Hop-o'-my
thumb, manikin, mannikin, homunculus, dapperling, cock-sparrow
animalcule, monad, mite, insect, emmet, fly, midge, gnat, shrimp, minnow, worm, maggot, entozoon, bacteria, infusoria, microzoa, phytozoaria, microbe, grub, tit, tomtit, runt, mouse, small fry, millet seed, mustard seed, barleycorn, pebble, grain of sand, molehill, button, bubble
point, atom fragment powder point of a pin, mathematical point, minutiae micrometer, vernier, scale
microphotography, photomicrography, micrography, photomicrograph, microphotograph, microscopy, V
microscope be little, lie in a nutshell, Adj
become small little, small minute, diminutive, microscopic, microzoal, inconsiderable exiguous, puny, tiny, wee, petty, minikin, miniature, pygmy, pigmy, elfin, undersized, dwarf, dwarfed, dwarfish, spare, stunted, limited, cramp, cramped, pollard, Liliputian, dapper, pocket, portative, portable, duodecimo, dumpy, squat, short impalpable, intangible, evanescent, imperceptible, invisible, inappreciable, insignificant, inconsiderable, trivial, infinitesimal, homoeopathic, atomic, subatomic, corpuscular, molecular, rudimentary, rudimental, embryonic, vestigial
weazen|!, scant, scraggy, scrubby, brevipennate
thin granular shrunk in a small compass, in a nutshell, on a small scale, minutely, microscopically
expansion, increase of size, enlargement, extension, augmentation, amplification, ampliation, aggrandizement, spread, increment, growth, development, pullulation, swell, dilation, rarefaction, turgescence, turgidness, turgidity, dispansion|, obesity hydrocephalus, hydrophthalmus, dropsy, tumefaction, intumescence, swelling, tumor, diastole, distension, puffing, puffiness, inflation, pandiculation
dilatability, expansibility
germination, growth, upgrowth, accretion budding, gemmation
overgrowth, overdistension, hypertrophy, tympany
bulb plumper, size
superiority of big bang, constant
Hubble become larger render larger full blown, full grown, full formed, big abdominous, enchymatous, rhipidate, tumefacient, tumefying
contraction, reduction, diminution, decrease of size, defalcation, decrement, lessening, shrinking, compaction, tabes, collapse, emaciation, attenuation, tabefaction, consumption, marasmus, atrophy, systole, neck, hourglass
condensation, compression, compactness, compendium squeezing, strangulation, corrugation, astringency, astringents, sclerotics, contractility, compressibility, coarctation
inferiority in become small, become smaller, lessen, decrease grow less, dwindle, shrink, contract, narrow, shrivel, collapse, wither, lose flesh, wizen, fall away, waste, wane, ebb, decay be smaller than, fall short of, not come up to render smaller, lessen, diminish, contract, draw in, narrow, coarctate, boil down, constrict, constringe, condense, compress, squeeze, corrugate, crimp, crunch, crush, crumple up, warp, purse up, pack, squeeze, stow, pinch, tighten, strangle, cramp, dwarf, bedwarf, shorten circumscribe restrain abrade, pare, reduce, attenuate, rub down, scrape, file, file down, grind, grind down, chip, shave, shear, down
wear contracting, astringent, shrunk, contracted, strangulated, tabid, wizened, stunted, waning, neap, compact
unexpanded length cosmic distance, light-years
be distant, extend to, stretch to, reach to, spread to, go to, get to, stretch away to, range
remain at a distance, keep away, keep off, keep aloof, keep clear of, stand away, stand off, stand aloof, stand clear of, stay away, distance'
keep one's distance, from
distance oneself distant, far off, far away, remote, telescopic, distal, wide of, stretching to, yon, yonder, ulterior, transmarine, transpontine, transatlantic, transalpine, tramontane, ultramontane, ultramundane, hyperborean, antipodean, inaccessible, out of the way, unapproached, unapproachable, incontiguous
far off, far away, afar, afar off, off, away, a long way off, a great way off, a good way off, wide away, aloof, wide of, clear of, out of the way, out of reach, abroad, yonder, farther, further, beyond, outre mer, over the border, far and wide, "over the hills and far away" to the uttermost parts, to the ends of the earth, out of hearing, nobody knows where, a perte de vue, out of the sphere of, wide of the mark, to
a far cry apart, asunder, wide apart, wide asunder, longo intervallo, length
at arm's "distance lends enchantment" yardarm to yardarm, at the heels of, on the confines of, at the threshold, bordering upon, verging to, way
in the about, hereabouts, thereabouts, roughly, in round numbers, approximately, approximatively, as good as, well-nigh
interval, interspace, separation break, gap, opening, hole chasm, hiatus, caesura, interruption, interregnum, interstice, lacuna, cleft, mesh, crevice, chink, rime, creek, cranny, crack, chap, slit, fissure, scissure, rift, flaw, breach, rent, gash, cut, leak, dike, ha-ha
gorge, defile, ravine, canon, crevasse, abyss, abysm, gulf, inlet, frith, strait, gully, pass, furrow abra, barranca, barranco, clove 228, 7c
void incompleteness period interim gape with an interval, far between, breachy, rimose, rimulose
at intervals longo contiguity, contact, proximity, apposition, abuttal, juxtaposition, abutment, osculation, meeting, appulse, rencontre, rencounter, syzygy, coincidence, coexistence, v
adhesion touching tangent, abutter
be contiguous, join, adjoin, abut on, march with, graze, touch, meet, osculate, come in contact, coincide, coexist, adhere juxtapose, contact, Adj
join link contiguous, touching, in contact, conterminous, end to end, osculatory, pertingent|, tangential
hand to hand, #200
close to with no interval length, longitude, span, mileage, distance line, bar, rule, stripe, streak, spoke, radius
lengthening, prolongation, production, protraction, tension, tensure, extension
line, nail, inch, hand, palm, foot, cubit, yard, ell, fathom, rood, pole, furlong, mile, league, chain, link, arpent, handbreadth, jornada astronomical unit, AU, light-year, parsec
nanometer, nm, micron, micrometer, millimicron, millimeter, mm, centimeter, cm, meter, kilometer, km
pedometer, perambulator, V
scale be long, stretch out, sprawl, extend to, reach to, stretch to, make a long arm, "drag its slow length along." render long, lengthen, extend, elongate, stretch, prolong, produce, protract, let out, draw out, spin out|!, drawl
enfilade, look along, perspective
view in distend long, longsome, lengthy, wiredrawn, outstretched, lengthened, sesquipedalian interminable, no end of, macrocolous
linear, lineal, longitudinal, oblong
as long as my arm, as long as today and tomorrow, perspective
unshortened in from end to end, from stem to stern, from head to foot, from the crown of the head to the sole of the foot, from top to toe, aft
fore and shortness, brevity, span
littleness a shortening, abbreviation, abbreviature, abridgment, concision, retrenchment, curtailment, decurtation|, reduction epitome elision, ellipsis, conciseness abridger, epitomist, epitomizer
be short, render short, shorten, curtail, abridge, abbreviate, take in, reduce, compress epitomize retrench, cut short, obtruncate, scrimp, cut, chop up, hack, hew, cut down, pare down, clip, dock, lop, prune, shear, shave, mow, reap, crop, snub, truncate, pollard, stunt, nip, check the growth of, drawing]
foreshorten short, brief, curt, compendious, compact, stubby, scrimp, shorn, stubbed, stumpy, thickset, pug, #202
chunky Breadth, Thickness
breadth, width, latitude, amplitude, diameter, bore, caliber, radius, superficial extent thickness, crassitude, V
corpulence dilation be broad, become broad, render broad, expand thicken, widen, calibrate
broad, wide, ample, extended, discous, fanlike, outspread, outstretched, "wide as a church-door" line, hair's breadth, finger's breadth, strip, streak, vein
monolayer, deposition
epitaxial thinness, tenuity, emaciation, macilency, marcor|
shaving, slip thread paper, skeleton, shadow, anatomy, spindleshanks, lantern jaws, bone
mere skin and middle constriction, stricture, neck, waist, isthmus, wasp, hourglass, ridge, ghaut, ghat, pass, ravine narrowing, coarctation, angustation, tapering, V
contraction be narrow, narrow, taper, contract render narrow adj, away
waste narrow, close, slender, thin, fine, thread-like finespun, gossamer, paper-thin, taper, slim, slight-made, scant, scanty, spare, delicate, incapacious, contracted unexpanded emaciated, lean, meager, gaunt, macilent, lank, lanky, weedy, skinny, scrawny slinky, starved, starveling, herring gutted, worn to a shadow, eschar
lean as a rake stratification, scaliness, nest of boxes, onion
coats of an monolayer, bilayer, trilayer
slice, shave, pare, peel, delaminate, plate, coat, veneer, Adj
cover lamellar, lamellated, lamelliform, layered, laminated, laminiferous, micaceous, schistose, schistous, scaly, filmy, membranous, pellicular, flaky, squamous, foliated, foliaceous, stratified, stratiform, tabular, discoid, spathic, spathose
filament, line, fiber, fibril, funicle, vein, hair, capillament, cilium, cilia, pilus, pili, tendril, gossamer, hair stroke, veinlet, venula, venule
wire, string, thread, packthread, cotton, sewing silk, twine, twist, whipcord, tape, ribbon, cord, rope, yarn, hemp, oakum, jute
strip, shred, slip, spill, list, band, fillet, fascia, ribbon, riband, roll, lath, splinter, shiver, shaving
beard ramification, strand
filamentous, filamentiferous, filaceous, filiform, fibrous, fibrillous, thread-like, wiry, stringy, ropy, capillary, capilliform, funicular, wire-drawn, anguilliform, flagelliform, hairy taeniate, taeniform, taenioid, venose, venous
height, altitude, elevation, eminence, pitch, loftiness, sublimity
tallness, stature, procerity, prominence colossus giant, grenadier, giraffe, camelopard
mount, mountain, hill alto, butte high water, high tide, flood tide, tide
spring altimetry 244, batophobia
satellite, spy-in-the-sky
be high, tower, soar, command, hover, hover over, fly over, orbit, be in orbit, cap, culminate, overhang, hang over, impend, beetle, bestride, ride, mount, perch, surmount, tiptoe
cover overtop stand on become high, grow higher, grow taller, upgrow, orbit
rise send into render high, Adj
heighten high, elevated, eminent, exalted, lofty, tall, gigantic Patagonian, towering, beetling, soaring, hanging high reaching, insessorial, perching
upland, moorland, hilly, Adv
knobby on high, high up, aloft, up, above, aloof, overhead, airwind, upstairs, abovestairs, in the clouds, on tiptoe, on stilts, on the shoulders of, over head and ears, high
breast over, upwards, Phr
from top to bottom e meglio cader dalle finistre che dal lowness, debasement, depression, prostration depression molehill, lowlands, basement floor, ground floor, rez de chaussee, cellar, hold, bilge, feet, heels
low water, low tide, ebb tide, neap tide, tide
spring be low, lie low, lie flat, underlie, crouch, slouch, wallow, grovel, Adj
lower low, neap, debased, nether, nether most, flat, level with the ground, lying low, crouched, subjacent, squat, Adv
prostrate under, beneath, underneath, below, downwards, adown, at the foot of, under foot, under ground, down stairs, below stairs, at a low ebb, par
below depth, deepness, profundity, depression hollow, pit, shaft, well, crater, gulf bowels of the earth, bottomless pit, hell
soundings, depth of water, water, draught, submersion, plummet, sound, probe, sounding rod, sounding line, lead
sonar, side-looking sonar, bathometer
be deep, render deep, deepen
plunge sound, fathom, plumb, cast the lead, heave the lead, take soundings, make soundings, Adj
dig deep, deep seated, profound, sunk, buried, submerged subaqueous, submarine, subterranean, subterraneous, subterrene, underground
bottomless, soundless, fathomless, unfathomed, unfathomable, abysmal, deep as a well, bathycolpian, benthal, benthopelagic, downreaching, yawning
knee deep, deep
ankle beyond one's depth, out of one's depth, over head and ears, mark twine, twain
mark shallowness, shoals, scratch
mere shallow, slight, superficial, skin deep, ankle deep, knee deep, just enough to wet one's feet, shoal, shoaly
summit, summity|, top, peak, vertex, apex, zenith, pinnacle, acme, culmination, meridian, utmost height, ne plus utra, height, pitch, maximum, climax, culminating point, crowning point, turning point, turn of the tide, fountain head, water shed, water parting, sky, pole
tip, tip top, crest, crow's nest, cap, truck, nib, end crown, brow, head, nob, noddle, pate, capsheaf
high places, heights
topgallant mast, sky scraper, quarter deck, deck
hurricane architrave, frieze, cornice, coping stone, zoophorus, capital, epistyle, sconce, pediment, entablature, tympanum, ceiling attic, loft, garret, house top, story
upper summit conference, summit, peak of achievement, peak of performance, peaks and troughs, Adj
peaks and valleys highest substructure, substratum, ground, earth, pavement, floor, paving, flag, carped, ground floor, deck, footing, ground work, basis, hold, bilge
bottom, nadir, foot, sole, toe, hoof, keel, root, centerboard
bottom, undermost, nethermost, fundamental, founded on, based on, grounded on, on
built verticality, erectness, perpendicularity 216a, right angle, normal, circle
azimuth wall, precipice, cliff
elevation, erection, square, plumb line, plummet
be vertical, stand up, stand on end, stand erect, stand upright, stick up, up
cock render vertical, set up, stick up, raise up, cock up, erect, rear, legs
raise on its vertical, upright, erect, perpendicular, plumb, normal, straight, bolt, upright, rampant, standing up, rectangular, 216a
orthogonal vertically, up, on end, up on end, right on end, a plomb, endwise, one one's legs, angles
at right horizontality, flatness, level, plane, stratum dead level, dead flat, plane
level recumbency, lying down, reclination, decumbence, decumbency, discumbency|, proneness, accubation, supination, resupination, prostration, azimuth
plain, floor, platform, bowling green, cricket ground, croquet ground, croquet lawn, billiard table, terrace, estrade, esplanade, parterre
table land, plateau, ledge, butte, mesa level, level
spirit be horizontal, lie, recline, couch, lie down, lie flat, lie prostrate, sprawl, loll, down
sit render horizontal, lay down, lay out, level, flatten, prostrate, knock down, floor, fell
horizontal, level, even, plane, flat flat as a billiard table, flat as a bowling green, alluvial, calm, calm as a mill pond, smooth, glass
smooth as recumbent, decumbent, procumbent, accumbent, lying, prone, supine, couchant, jacent, prostrate, recubant
horizontally, on one's back, on all fours, ends
on its beam pendency, dependency, suspension, hanging, pedicel, pedicle, peduncle, tail, train, flap, skirt, pigtail, pony tail, pendulum, hangnail peg, knob, button, hook, nail, stud, ring, staple, tenterhook, fastening spar, horse
be pendent, hang, depend, swing, dangle, swag, daggle, flap, trail, flow, beetle
suspend, hang, sling, hook up, hitch, fasten to, append
pendent, pendulous, pensile, hanging, beetling, jutting over, overhanging, projecting, dependent, suspended, loose, flowing
having a peduncle, pedunculate, tailed, caudate
support, ground, foundation, base, basis, terra firma, bearing, fulcrum, bait supporter, aid prop, stand, anvil, fulciment|, cue rest, jigger, monkey, stay, shore, skid, rib, truss, bandage, sleeper, stirrup, stilts, shoe, sole, heel, splint, lap, bar, rod, boom, sprit, outrigger, ratlings
staff, stick, crutch, alpenstock, baton, staddle, bourdon, cowlstaff, lathi, mahlstick
post, pillar, shaft, thill, column, pilaster, pediment, pedicle, pedestal, plinth, shank, leg, socle, zocle, buttress, jamb, mullion, abutment, baluster, banister, stanchion, balustrade, headstone, upright, door post, jamb, jamb
door frame, framework, scaffold, skeleton, beam, rafter, girder, lintel, joist, travis, trave, corner stone, summer, transom, rung, round, step, sill, angle rafter, hip rafter, cantilever, modillion, crown post, king post, vertebra
columella, backbone, keystone, axle, axletree, axis, arch, mainstay
trunnion, pivot, rowlock, peg 214, pin
tiebeam thole board, ledge, shelf, hob, bracket, trevet, trivet, arbor, rack, mantel, mantle piece, mantleshelf, slab, console, counter, dresser, flange, corbel, table, trestle, shoulder, perch, horse, easel, desk, clotheshorse, hatrack, retable, teapoy
seat, throne, dais, divan, musnud, chair, bench, form, stool, sofa, settee, stall, arm chair, easy chair, elbow chair, rocking chair, couch, fauteuil, woolsack, ottoman, settle, squab, bench, aparejo, faldstool, horn, long chair, long sleeve chair, morris chair, lamba chauki, lamba kursi, saddle, pannel, pillion, side saddle, pack saddle, pommel
bed, berth, pallet, tester, crib, cot, hammock, shakedown, trucklebed, cradle, litter, stretcher, bedstead, four poster, French bed, bunk, kip, palang, bedding, bichhona, mattress, paillasse, pillow, bolster, mat, rug, cushion
footstool, hassock, tabouret, tripod, monopod
Atlas, Persides, Atlantes, Caryatides, Hercules
be supported lie on, sit on, recline on, lean on, loll on, rest on, stand on, step on, repose on, abut on, bear on, be based on have at one's back, bestride, bestraddle
support, bear, carry, hold, sustain, shoulder, hold up, back up, bolster up, shore up, uphold, upbear, prop, under prop, under pin, under set, riprap, bandage give support, furnish support, afford support, supply support, lend support, give foundations, furnish foundations, afford foundations, supply foundations, lend foundations, bottom, found, base, ground, imbed, embed
maintain, keep on foot, Adj
aid supporting, supported, fundamental, dorsigerous
astride on, straddle
216a} parallelism, coextension, equidistance, Adj
similarity parallel, coextensive, equidistant
alongside Perpendicularity 216} perpendicularity, orthogonality, verticality, V
be perpendicular, be orthogonal, intersect at right angles, be rectangular, be at right angles to, intersect at degrees, correlation
have no orthogonal, perpendicular, rectangular, uncorrelated
obliquity, inclination, slope, slant, crookedness, slopeness, leaning, bevel, tilt, bias, list, twist, swag, cant, lurch, Pisa
distortion bend tower of acclivity, rise, ascent, gradient, khudd, rising ground, hill, bank, declivity, downhill, dip, fall, devexity|, gentle slope, rapid slope, easy ascent, easy descent, shelving beach, talus, monagne Russe, averni
facilis descensus intersect, parallelism
lack inversion, eversion, subversion, reversion, retroversion, introversion, contraposition 237, contrariety reversal, tide
turn of the overturn, somersault, somerset, summerset, culbute, revulsion, pirouette
transposition, transposal, anastrophy, metastasis, hyperbaton, anastrophe, hysteron proteron[Grk], hypallage, synchysis, tmesis, parenthesis, metathesis, palindrome
pronation and be inverted turn round, turn about, turn to the right about, go round, go about, go to the right about, wheel round, wheel about, wheel to the right about, turn over, go over, tilt over, topple over, capsize, turtle
turn invert, subvert, retrovert, introvert, reverse, up turn, over turn, up set, over set, turn topsy turvy, culbuter, transpose, put the cart before the horse, tables
turn the inverted, wrong side out, wrong side up, inside out, upside down, bottom upwards, keel upwards, supine, on one's head, topsy
turvy, dessous
sens dessus inverse, heavy
reverse opposite top inversely, hirdy-girdy, heels over head, heels
head over crossing, intersection, interdigitation, decussation, transversion, crossing
convolution level reticulation, network, inosculation, anastomosis, intertexture, mortise
net, plexus, web, mesh, twill, skein, sleeve, felt, lace, wicker, mat, matting, plait, trellis, wattle, lattice, grating, grille, gridiron, tracery, fretwork, filigree, reticle, tissue, netting, mokes, rivulation
cross, chain, wreath, braid, cat's cradle, knot, entangle cloth, linen, muslin, webfoot
cambric cross, decussate, intersect, interlace, intertwine, intertwist, interweave, interdigitate, interlink
twine, entwine, weave, inweave, twist, wreathe, anastomose, inosculate, dovetail, splice, link, lace, tat
mat, plait, plat, braid, felt, twill, tangle, entangle, ravel, net, knot, dishevel, raddle
crossing, crossed, v
matted cross, cruciform, crucial, retiform, reticular, reticulated, areolar, cancellated, grated, barred, streaked, textile, crossbarred, cruciate, palmiped, secant, web-footed
cross, thwart, athwart, transversely, at grade superstratum, disk, disc, face, facet, extrados
excentricity, eccentricity, 227
circumjacence be exterior, lie around place exteriorly, place outwardly, place outside, put out, out
turn exterior, external, outer most, outward, outlying, outside, outdoor, round about extramural, extralimitary, extramundane
superficial, skin-deep, frontal, discoid
extraregarding, excentric, eccentric, outstanding, extrinsic ecdemic, exomorphic
externally, out, with out, over, outwards, ab extra, out of doors, muros
extra in the open air, sub Jove, sub dio, a la belle etoile, fresco
al interiority, inside, interior, interspace, subsoil, substratum, intrados
contents substance, pith, marrow, backbone heart, bosom, breast, abdomen, vitals, viscera, entrails, bowels, belly, intestines, guts, chitterings, womb, lap, penetralia, recesses, innermost recesses, V
cave be inside, adv
within place within, keep within, inclose intern, Adj
imbed interior, internal, inner, inside, inward, intraregarding, inmost, innermost, deep seated, gut, intestine, intestinal, inland, subcutaneous, abdominal, coeliac, endomorphic, interstitial 228, v
inwrought inclosed home, domestic, indoor, intramural, vernacular, endemic
internally, inwards, within, in, inly, here in, there in, where in, ab intra, withinside, in doors, within doors, at home, family
in the bosom of one's centrality, centricalness, center, middle focus core, kernel, nucleus, nucleolus, heart, pole axis, bull's eye, nave, navel, umbilicus, backbone, marrow, pith, vertebra, vertebral column, hotbed, concentration centralization, symmetry
center of gravity, center of pressure, center of percussion, center of oscillation, metacenter
center of buoyancy be central, converge render central, centralize, concentrate, focus
bring to a central, centrical, middle azygous, axial, focal, umbilical, concentric, middlemost, rachidian, spinal, vertebral
middle, midst, adj
centrally covering, cover, baldachin, baldachino, baldaquin, canopy, tilt, awning, tent, marquee, tente d'abri, umbrella, parasol, sunshade, veil shield roof, ceiling, thatch, tile, pantile, pentile, tiling, slates, slating, leads, barrack top, lid, covercle|, door, operculum, bulkhead peel, crust, bark, rind, cortex, husk, shell, coat, eggshell, glume
capsule, sheath, sheathing, pod, cod, casing, case, theca, elytron, elytrum, involucrum, wrapping, wrapper, envelope, vesicle, corn husk, corn shuck veneer, facing, overlay, plate, silver plate, gold plate, copper plate, engobe, ormolu, Sheffield plate, pavement, coating, paint, varnish 356a, plating, barrel plating, anointing, enamel, epitaxial deposition, vapor deposition, ground, whitewash, plaster, spackel, stucco, compo, cerement, V
ointment cover, superpose, superimpose, overlay, overspread, wrap encase, incase, face, case, veneer, pave, paper, tip, cap, bind, bulkhead, bulkhead in, anodize
clapboard covering, superimposed, overlaid, plated, cutaneous, dermal, cortical, cuticular, tegumentary, skinny, scaly, squamous, covered, imbricated, loricated, armor plated, ironclad, under cover, cowled, cucullate, dermatoid, encuirassed, hooded, squamiferous, tectiform, vaginate
lining, inner coating, coating stalactite, stalagmite
filling, stuffing, wadding, padding
wainscot, parietes, wall
line, stuff, incrust, wad, pad, fill
lined for types of cloth and other materials for garments --> clothing, investment, covering dress, raiment, drapery, costume, attire, guise, toilet, toilette, trim, habiliment, vesture, vestment, garment, garb, palliament|, apparel, wardrobe, wearing apparel, clothes, things, underclothes
array, tailoring, millinery, finery full dress garniture, properties
theatrical outfit, equipment, trousseau, uniform, regimentals, continentals Levis, Calvin Klein, Calvins, Bonjour, Vanderbilt
Gloria headdress, headgear, chapeau, crush hat, opera hat, kaffiyeh, sombrero, jam, tam-o-shanter, tarboosh, topi, sola topi, pagri, puggaree, cap, hat, beaver hat, coonskin cap, castor, bonnet, tile, wideawake, billycock, wimple, nightcap, mobcap, skullcap, hood, coif, capote, calash, kerchief, snood, babushka, head, coiffure, crown chignon, pelt, wig, front, peruke, periwig, caftan, turban, fez, shako, csako, busby, kepi, forage cap, bearskin, baseball cap, fishing hat, helmet mask, domino
body clothes, linen, hickory shirt stomacher, petticoat, panties, under waistcoat, jock diaper, nappy[Brit], disposable diaper, cloth diaper, Luvs names for diapers], Huggies
invest, cover envelope, lap, involve, inwrap, enwrap, wrap, fold up, wrap up, lap up, muffle up, overlap, sheath, swathe, swaddle, roll up in, circumvest
vest, clothe, array, dress, dight, drape, robe, enrobe, attire, apparel, accounter, rig, fit out, deck perk, equip, harness, caparison
wear, don, put on, huddle on, slip on, mantle
invested, habited, dighted, barbed, barded, clad, costume, shod, chausse, 882
en grande tenue "the soul of this man is his clothes" girdle outskirts, boulebards, suburbs, purlieus, precincts, faubourgs, environs, entourage, banlieue, neighborhood, vicinage, vicinity
lie around adv., surround, beset, compass, encompass, environ, inclose, enclose, encircle, embrace, circumvent, lap, gird, belt, begird, engird, skirt, twine round, Adj
hem in circumjacent, circumambient, circumfluent, ambient, surrounding, circumferential, suburban
around, about, without, on every side, on all sides, right and left, all round, about
round interposition, interjacence, intercurrence, intervenience, interlocation, interdigitation, interjection, interpolation, interlineation, interspersion, intercalation
interpenetration, permeation, infiltration
intervention, interference, intrusion, obtrusion, insinuation
insertion dovetailing, embolism
intermediary, intermedium, go between, bodkin|!, intruder, interloper, parenthesis, episode, flyleaf
partition, septum, diaphragm, midriff, dissepiment, party wall, panel, divider
room halfway lie between, come between, get between, intervene, slide in, interpenetrate, permeate
put between, introduce, import, throw in, wedge in, edge in, jam in, worm in, foist in, run in, plow in, work in, interpose, interject, intercalate, interpolate, interline, interleave, intersperse, interweave, interlard, interdigitate, sandwich in, fit in, squeeze in, let in, dovetail, splice, mortise, insinuate, smuggle, infiltrate, ingrain
interfere, put in an oar, thrust one's nose in, intrude, obtrude, have a finger in the pie, introduce the thin end of the wedge, Adj
thrust in interjacent, intercurrent, intervenient, intervening, intermediate, intermediary, intercalary, interstitial, embolismal
parenthetical, episodic, mediterranean, intrusive, embosomed, merged
between, betwixt, twixt, among, amongst, amid, amidst, mid, midst, in the thick of, betwixt and between, sandwich-wise, parenthetically, dictum
obiter circumscription, limitation, inclosure, confinement circumvallation, encincture, V
envelope container circumscribe, limit, bound, confine, inclose, surround compass about, imprison hedge in, wall in, rail in, fence round, fence in, hedge round, picket, corral
enfold, bury, encase, incase, pack up, enshrine, inclasp, wrap up embay, embosom
containment circumscribed, begirt, lapt, buried in, immersed in, embosomed, in the bosom of, imbedded, encysted, mewed up, imprisoned landlocked, fence
in a ring outline, circumference, perimeter, periphery, ambit, circuit, lines tournure, contour, profile, silhouette, bounds, line
coast zone, belt, girth, band, baldric, zodiac, girdle, tyre, cingle, clasp, girt, cordon circlet, #231
edge, verge, brink, brow, brim, margin, border, confine, skirt, rim, flange, side, mouth, jaws, chops, chaps, fauces, lip, muzzle
threshold, door, porch, portal coast, shore
frame, fringe, flounce, frill, list, trimming, edging, skirting, hem, selvedge, welt, furbelow, valance, gimp
border, marginal, skirting, labial, labiated, marginated
inclosure, envelope, case wrapper, girdle pen, fold, pen fold, in fold, sheep fold, paddock, pound, corral, yard, net, net
seine wall, hedge, hedge row, espalier, fence pale, paling, balustrade, rail, railing, quickset hedge, park paling, circumvallation, enceinte, fence
ring barrier, barricade, gate, gateway, bent, metoposcopy
dingle be in front, stand in front, front, face, confront, bend forwards, come to the front, fore
come to the fore, anterior, front, frontal
before, in front, in the van, in advance, ahead, right ahead, forehead, foremost, in the foreground, in the lee of, before one's face, before one's eyes, face to face, vis-a-vis, front
front a formosa muta commendatio est reverse, shield
other side of the be behind adv., fall astern, bend backwards, rear
bring up the back, rear, hind, hinder, hindmost, hindermost, postern, posterior, dorsal, after, caudal, lumbar, mizzen, tergal
behind, in the rear, in the background, behind one's back, at the heels of, at the tail of, at the back of, back
back to after, aft, abaft, astern, sternmost, aback, rearward
ogni medaglia ha il suo rovescio[obs3], coin
the other side of the laterality, side, flank, quarter, lee, hand, cheek, jowl, jole, wing, profile, temple, parietes, loin, haunch, hip, beam
gable, gable end, broadside, side
lee points of the compass, East, Orient, Levant, West, orientation
be on one side adv., flank, outflank, sidle, skirt, orientate
lateral, sidelong, collateral, parietal, flanking, skirting, flanked, sideling
many sided, multilateral, bilateral, trilateral, quadrilateral
Eastern, orient, oriental, Levantine, Western, occidental, Hesperian
sideways, sidelong, broadside on, on one side, abreast, alongside, beside, aside, by the side of, side by side, cheek by jowl to windward, to leeward, laterally, right and left, ends
on her beam "his cheek the may of days outworn" be opposite, subtend
opposite, reverse, inverse, converse, antipodal, subcontrary, fronting, facing, opposite
diametrically Northern, septentrional, Boreal, arctic, Southern, Austral, antarctic
over, over the way, over against, against, face to face, vis-a
vis, asunder
as poles dextrality, right, right hand, dexter, offside, starboard
dextral, right-handed, dexter, dextrorsal, dextrorse, ambidextral, ambidextrous, dextro
dextrad, dextrally
sinistrality, left, left hand, a gauche, sinister, nearside, larboard, port
left-handed, sinister, sinistral, sinistrorsal, sinistrorse, sinistrous, Pref
sinistrally, sinistrously
General Form form, figure, shape, conformation, configuration, make, formation, frame, construction, cut, set, build, trim, cut of one's jib, stamp, type, cast, mold, fashion, plasmature
contour structure feature, lineament, turn, phase posture, attitude, pose
forming, formation, figuration, efformation, sculpture, plasmation
form, shape, figure, fashion, efform, carve, cut, chisel, hew, cast, rough hew, rough cast, sketch, block out, hammer out, trim, lick into shape, put into shape, model, knead, work up into, set, mold, sculpture, cast, stamp, Adj
build formed plastic, fictile, formative, fluid
pleomorphic, protean, changeable, #241
amorphism, informity, unlicked cub, rudis indigestaque moles, disorder deformity disfigurement, defacement, mutilation, deforming
chaos, V
randomness fluid deface form], disfigure, deform, mutilate, truncate, derange blemish, mar
shapeless, amorphous, formless, unformed, unhewn, unfashioned, unshaped, unshapen, rough, rude, Gothic, barbarous, rugged
symmetry, shapeliness, finish, beauty proportion, eurythmy, uniformity, parallelism, bilateral symmetry, trilateral symmetry, multilateral symmetry, centrality arborescence, branching, ramification, vitae
arbor symmetrical, shapely, well set, finished, beautiful classic, chaste, severe
regular, uniform, balanced, equal parallel, coextensive
arborescent, arboriform, dendriform, dendroid, branching, ramous, ramose, filiciform, filicoid, subarborescent, papilionaceous
fuji-shaped, fujigata
distortion, detortion, contortion, twist, crookedness grimace, deformity, malformation, malconformation, harelip, monstrosity, misproportion, want of symmetry, anamorphosis, ugliness talipes, teratology
asymmetry, irregularity
distort, contort, twist, warp, wrest, writhe, make faces, deform, misshape
distorted, out of shape, irregular, asymmetric, unsymmetric, awry, wry, askew, crooked, not true, not straight, on one side, crump, deformed, harelipped, misshapen, misbegotten, misproportioned, ill proportioned, ill-made, grotesque, monstrous, crooked as a ram's horn, camel backed, hump backed, hunch backed, bunch backed, crook backed, bandy, bandy legged, bow legged, bow kneed, knock kneed, splay footed, club footed, round shouldered, snub nosed, curtailed of one's fair proportions, stumpy gaunt bloated scalene, simous, taliped, talipedic
all manner of crooked as a Virginia fence 216a, obliquity angle of 45x, miter, acute angle, obtuse angle, salient angle, reentering angle, angle
spherical angular measurement, angular elevation, angular distance, angular velocity, trigonometry, goniometry, altimetry, clinometer, graphometer, goniometer, theodolite, sextant, quadrant, dichotomy
triangle, trigon, wedge, rectangle, square, lozenge, diamond, rhomb, rhombus, quadrangle, quadrilateral, parallelogram, quadrature, polygon, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, oxygon, decagon
pyramid, cone
Platonic bodies, cube, rhomboid, tetrahedron, pentahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, eicosahedron, prism, pyramid, parallelopiped, curb roof, gambrel roof, roof
mansard bend, fork, bifurcate, crinkle
angular, bent, crooked, aduncous, uncinated, aquiline, jagged, serrated, falciform, falcated, furcated, forked, bifurcate, zigzag, furcular, hooked, dovetailed, knock kneed, crinkled, akimbo, kimbo, geniculated, oblique fusiform, wedge-shaped, cuneiform, cuneate, multangular, oxygonal, triangular, trigonal, trilateral, quadrangular, quadrilateral, foursquare, rectangular, square, multilateral, polygonal, cubical, rhomboid, rhomboidal, pyramidal
curvature, curvity, curvation, incurvature, incurvity|, incurvation, bend, flexure, flexion, flection, conflexure|, crook, hook, bought, bending, deflection, deflexion, inflection, inflexion, concameration, arcuation, devexity|, turn, deviation, detour, sweep, curl, curling, bough, recurvity, recurvation, kink
sinuosity carve, arc, arch, arcade, vault, bow, crescent, half-moon, lunule, horseshoe, loop, crane neck, parabola, hyperbola, helix, spiral, catenary, festoon, conchoid, cardioid, caustic, tracery, arched ceiling, arched roof, bay window, window
bow sine curve, spline, spline curve, spline function, V
obliquity be curved, curve, sweep, sway, swag, sag, deviate curl, turn, reenter
render curved, flex, bend, curve, incurvate, inflect, deflect, scatter, refract crook, turn, round, arch, arcuate, arch over, concamerate, bow, curl, recurve, frizzle
rotundity convexity curved, curviform, curvilineal, curvilinear, devex|, devious, recurved, recurvous, crump, bowed, vaulted, hooked, falciform, falcated, semicircular, crescentic, sinusoid, parabolic, paraboloid, luniform, lunular, semilunar, conchoidal, helical, double helical, spiral, kinky, cordiform, cordated, cardioid, heart shaped, bell shaped, boat shaped, crescent shaped, lens shaped, moon shaped, oar shaped, shield shaped, sickle shaped, tongue shaped, pear shaped, fig shaped, kidney
shaped, reniform, lentiform, lenticular, bow-legged oblique circular aduncated, arclike, arcuate, arched, beaked, bicorn, bicornuous, bicornute, clypeate, clypeiform, cymbiform, embowed, galeiform, hamate, hamiform, hamous, hooked, linguiform, lingulate, lobiform, lunate, navicular, peltate, remiform, rhamphoid, rostrate, rostriferous, rostroid, scutate, scaphoid, uncate, unguiculate, unguiform
straightness, rectilinearity, directness, inflexibility straight line, right line, direct line, cut
short be straight, have no turning, not incline to either side, not bend to either side, not turn to either side, not deviate to either side, go straight, steer for render straight, straighten, rectify, set straight, put straight, unbend, unfold, unwrap
uncurl unravel straight, rectilinear, rectilineal, direct, even, right, true, in a line, unbent, virgate, undeviating, unturned, undistorted, unswerving, straight as an arrow inflexible laser-straight, ramrod-straight
circularity, roundness, rotundity circle, circlet, ring, areola, hoop, roundlet, annulus, annulet, bracelet, armlet, ringlet, eye, loop, wheel, cycle, orb, orbit, rundle, zone, belt, cordon, band, contrate wheel, crown wheel, hub, nave, sash, girdle, cestus, cincture, baldric, fillet, fascia, wreath, garland, crown, corona, coronet, chaplet, snood, necklace, collar, noose, lasso, lassoo
ellipse, oval, ovule, ellipsoid, cycloid, epicycloid, epicycle, semicircle, quadrant, sextant, sector
sphere make round, round
go round, Adj
encircle describe a circle round, rounded, circular, annular, orbicular, oval, ovate, elliptic, elliptical, egg-shaped, pear-shaped cycloidal, Phr
spherical "I watched the little circles die" winding, convolution, involution, circumvolution, wave, undulation, tortuosity, anfractuosity, sinuosity, sinuation, meandering, circuit, circumbendibus, twist, twirl, windings and turnings, ambages, torsion, inosculation, reticulation rivulation, roughness coil, roll, curl, buckle, spiral, helix, corkscrew, worm, volute, rundle, tendril, scollop, scallop, escalop, kink, ammonite, snakestone
serpent, eel, maze, labyrinth
be convoluted, wind, twine, turn and twist, twirl, wave, undulate, meander, inosculate, entwine, intwine, twist, coil, roll, wrinkle, curl, crisp, twill, frizzle, crimp, crape, indent, scollop, scallop, wring, intort, contort, Adj
wreathe convoluted, winding, twisted, tortile, tortive|, wavy, undated, undulatory, circling, snaky, snake-like, serpentine, serpent, anguill, vermiform, vermicular, mazy, tortuous, sinuous, flexuous, anfractuous, reclivate, rivulose, scolecoid, sigmoid, sigmoidal, spiriferous, spiroid, involved, intricate, complicated, perplexed, labyrinth, labyrinthic, labyrinthian, labyrinthine, peristaltic, daedalian, kinky, knotted
wreathy, frizzly, crepe, buckled, raveled spiral, coiled, helical, cochleate, cochleous, screw-shaped, turbinated, turbiniform
in and out, round and round, a can of worms, knot
Gordian rotundity, roundness, cylindricity, sphericity, spheroidity, globosity
cylinder, cylindroid, cylindrical, barrel, drum, roll, roller, rouleau, column, rolling-pin, rundle
cone, conoid, pear shape, egg shape, shape
bell sphere, globe, ball, boulder, bowlder, spheroid, ellipsoid, oblong spheroid, oblate spheroid, prolate spheroid, drop, spherule, globule, vesicle, bulb, bullet, pellet, pelote, clew, pill, marble, pea, knob, pommel, horn, knot curved surface, hypersphere, surface
hyperdimensional render spherical, form into a sphere, sphere, roll into a ball, give rotundity, round
rotund, round cylindric, cylindrical, cylindroid, columnar, lumbriciform, conic, conical, spherical, spheroidal, globular, globated, globous, globose, egg shaped, bell shaped, pear shaped, ovoid, oviform, gibbous, rixiform, campaniform, campanulate, campaniliform, fungiform, bead-like, moniliform, pyriform, bulbous, tres atque rotundus, round as an orange, round as an apple, round as a ball, round as a billiard ball, ball
round as a cannon Superficial Form convexity, prominence, projection, swelling, gibbosity, bilge, bulge, protuberance, protrusion, camber, cahot tooth, knob, elbow, process, apophysis, condyle, bulb, node, nodule, nodosity, tongue, dorsum, bump, clump, sugar loaf bow, mamelon, molar, belly, corporation|!, pot belly, gut, withers, back, shoulder, lip, flange
pimple, zit airbubble, blob, papule, verruca
papilla, nipple, teat, tit proboscis, nose, neb, beak, snout, nozzle, schnoz
peg, button, stud, ridge, rib, jutty, trunnion, snag
cupola, dome, arch, balcony, eaves, pilaster
relief, relievo, cameo, bassorilievo, mezzorilevo, altorivievo, low relief, bas relief, relief
high hill cape, promontory, mull, forehead, foreland, point of land, mole, jetty, hummock, ledge, spur, naze, ness
be prominent, project, bulge, protrude, pout, bouge|, bunch, jut out, stand out, stick out, poke out, stick up, bristle up, start up, cock up, shoot up, swell over, hang over, bend over, beetle
render prominent, raise emboss, chase
belly convex, prominent, protuberant, projecting, bossed, embossed, bossy, nodular, bunchy, clavate, clavated, claviform, hummocky, moutonne, mammiliform, papulous, papilose, hemispheric, bulbous, bowed, arched, bold, bellied, tuberous, tuberculous, tumous, cornute, odontoid, lentiform, lenticular, gibbous, club shaped, #251
hubby flatness, smoothness plane, level plate, platter, table, tablet, slab
render flat, flatten, Adj
level flat, plane, even, flush, scutiform, discoid, level flat as a pancake, flat as a fluke, flat as a flounder, flat as a board, hand
flat as my concavity, depression, dip, hollow, hollowness, indentation, intaglio, cavity, dent, dint, dimple, follicle, pit, sinus, alveolus, lacuna, excavation, strip mine, honeycomb
trough cup, basin, crater, punch bowl, socket
cell valley, vale, dale, dell, dingle, combe, bottom, slade, strath, glade, grove, glen, cave, cavern, cove, grot, grotto, alcove, cul-de-sac, gully arch bay excavator, sapper, miner
honeycomb be concave, retire, in
cave render concave, depress, hollow, scoop, scoop out, gouge, gouge out, dig, delve, excavate, dent, dint, mine, sap, undermine, burrow, tunnel, in
stave depressed, alveolate, calathiform, cup-shaped, dishing, favaginous, faveolate, favose, scyphiform, scyphose, concave, hollow, stove in, retiring, retreating, cavernous, porous infundibul, infundibular, infundibuliform, funnel shaped, bell shaped, campaniform, capsular, vaulted, arched
252a Sponge sponge, honeycomb, network, frit, filter
sieve, net, Adj
screen cellular, spongy, spongious, honeycombed, alveolar, sintered, #253
porous sharpness, acuity, acumination, spinosity
point, spike, spine, spicule, spiculum, needle, hypodermic needle, tack, nail, pin, prick, prickle, spur, rowel, barb, spit, cusp, horn, antler, snag, tag thorn, bristle, Adam's needle, bear grass bodkin belduque, bowie knife, paring knife, Adj
bushwhacker sharp, keen, acute, acicular, aciform, aculeated, acuminated, pointed, tapering, conical, pyramidal, mucronate, mucronated, spindle shaped, needle shaped, spiked, spiky, ensiform, peaked, salient, cusped, cuspidate, cuspidated, cornute, cornuted, cornicultate, prickly, spiny, spinous, spicular, thorny, bristling, muricated, pectinated, studded, thistly, briary, craggy snaggy, digitated, two-edged, fusiform, dentiform, denticulated, toothed, odontoid, starlike, stellated, stelliform, sagittate, sagittiform, arrowheaded, arrowy, barbed, spurred
acinaciform, apiculate, apiculated, aristate, awned, awny, bearded, calamiform, cone-shaped, coniform, crestate, echinate, gladiate, lanceolate, lanciform, awl, awl-shaped, lance-shaped, awl-shaped, scimitar-shaped, sword-shaped, setarious, spinuliferous, subulate, tetrahedral, xiphoid
cutting, sharp edged, knife edged, sharp as a razor, keen as a razor, sharp as a needle, sharp as a tack, sharpened, set
bluntness be blunt, render blunt, obtund, dull, take off the point, take off the edge, turn
blunt, obtuse, dull, bluff, edentate, toothless
smoothness, polish, gloss, lubricity, lubrication
down, velvet, velure, silk, satin, velveteen, velour, velours, velumen, glass, ice
slide, bowling green asphalt, wood pavement, flagstone, flags
roller, steam roller, lawn roller, rolling pin, rolling mill, sand paper, emery paper, emery cloth, sander, flat iron, sad iron, burnisher, turpentine and beeswax, polish, polish
shoe lapidary, lapidarian
smooth, smoothen, plane, file, mow, shave, level, roll, macadamize, polish, burnish, calender, glaze, iron, hot-press, mangle, Adj
lubricate smooth, polished, leiodermatous, slick, velutinous, even, level plane sleek, glossy, silken, silky, lanate, downy, velvety, glabrous, slippery, glassy, lubricous, oily, soft, unwrinkled, smooth as glass, smooth as ice, smooth as monumental alabaster, smooth as velvet, smooth as oil, slippery as an eel, Phr
woolly smooth as silk, slippery as coonshit on a pump handle, pig
slippery as a greased roughness, tooth, grain, texture, ripple, asperity, rugosity, salebrosity|, corrugation, nodosity, pilosity
arborescence brush, hair, beard, shag, mane, whisker, moustache, imperial, tress, lock, curl, ringlet, fimbriae, pili, cilia, villi, lovelock, beaucatcher, curl paper, goatee, papillote, lock
scalp plumage, plumosity, plume, panache, crest, feather, tuft, fringe, toupee
wool, velvet, plush, nap, pile, floss, fur, down, byssus, moss, bur, fluff
knot be rough, grain
go against the render-rough, roughen, ruffle, crisp, crumple, corrugate, set on edge, stroke the wrong way, rumple
rough, uneven, scabrous, scaly ,knotted, rugged, rugose, rugous, knurly, asperous, crisp, salebrous|, gnarled, unpolished, unsmooth, roughhewn, craggy, cragged, crankling, scraggy, prickly arborescent 242, leafy, well-wooded, feathery, plumose, plumigerous, laciniate, laciniform, laciniose, pappose, pileous, pilose, trichogenous, trichoid, tufted, fimbriated, hairy, ciliated, filamentous, hirsute, crinose, crinite, bushy, hispid, villous, pappous, bearded, pilous, shaggy, shagged, fringed, befringed, setous|, setose, setaceous, "like quills upon the fretful porcupine" tajo embrasure, window, casement, abatjour, light, sky light, fan light, lattice, bay window, bow window, oriel, dormer, lantern
outlet, inlet, vent, vomitory, embouchure, orifice, mouth, sucker, muzzle, throat, gullet, weasand, wizen, nozzle, placket
portal, porch, gate, ostiary|, postern, wicket, trapdoor, hatch, door, arcade, cellarway, driveway, gateway, doorway, hatchway, gangway, gate
lich way, path thoroughfare, channel, passage, passageway, tube, pipe, water pipe air pipe vessel, tubule, canal, gut, fistula, adjutage, ajutage, ostium, smokestack, chimney, flue, tap, funnel, gully, tunnel, main, mine, pit, adit, shaft, gallery
alley, aisle, glade, vista
bore, caliber, pore, blind orifice, fulgurite, thundertube
porousness, porosity
sieve, cullender, colander, cribble, riddle, screen, honeycomb
apertion, perforation, piercing, terebration, empalement, pertusion|, puncture, acupuncture, penetration
key opener, master key, password, combination, passe-partout
open, ope, gape, yawn, bilge, open
fly perforate, pierce, empierce|, tap, bore, drill, mine tunnel, transpierce, transfix, enfilade, impale, spike, spear, gore, spit, stab, pink, puncture, lance, stick, prick, riddle, punch, in
stave cut a passage through, make way for, for
make room uncover, unclose, unrip, lay open, cut open, rip open, throw open, pop open, blow open, pry open, tear open, open
pull open, perforated, perforate, wide open, ajar, unclosed, unstopped, oscitant, gaping, yawning, patent
tubular, cannular, fistulous, pervious, permeable, foraminous, vesicular, vasicular, porous, follicular, cribriform, honeycombed, infundibular, riddled, tubulous, tubulated, piped, tubate
opening, aperient
open sesame! closure, occlusion, blockade, shutting up, obstruction embolus, contraction infarction, constipation, obstipation, blind alley, blind corner, keddah, cul-de-sac, caecum, imperforation, imperviousness, impermeability, V
stopper close, occlude, plug, block up, stop up, fill up, bung up, cork up, button up, stuff up, shut up, dam up, blockade, obstruct bar, bolt, stop, seal, plumb, choke, throttle, ram down, dam, cram, trap, clinch, put to the door, door
shut the closed, shut, operculated, unopened
unpierced, imporous, caecal, closable, imperforate, impervious, impermeable, impenetrable, impassable, unpassable|2, invious|, pathless, wayless, untrodden, untrod
unventilated, air tight, water tight, hermetically sealed, tight, snug
perforator, piercer, borer, auger, chisel, gimlet, stylet, drill, wimble, awl, bradawl, scoop, terrier, corkscrew, dibble, trocar, trepan, probe, bodkin, needle, stiletto, rimer, warder, lancet, punch, puncheon, spikebit, gouge, spear puncher, punching machine, punching press, pliers
punch stopper, stopple, plug, cork, bung, spike, spill, stopcock, tap, rammer, ram, ramrod, piston, stop-gap, wadding, stuffing, padding, stopping, dossil, pledget, tompion, tourniquet
cover valve, vent peg, spigot, valve
slide janitor, doorkeeper, porter, warder, beadle, cerberus, ostiary
Motion in General motion, movement, move, going, unrest
stream, flow, flux, run, course, stir, evolution, kinematics, telekinesis
step, rate, pace, tread, stride, gait, port, footfall, cadence, carriage, velocity, angular velocity, clip, progress, locomotion, journey voyage transit restlessness mobility, movableness, motive power, laws of motion, mobilization
be in motion, move, go, hie, gang, budge, stir, pass, flit, hover about, hover round, hover about, shift, slide, glide, roll, roll on, flow, stream, run, drift, sweep along, wander walk change one's place, shift one's place, change one's quarters, shift one's quarters, dodge, keep going, keep moving, put in motion, set in motion, move, impel propel render movable, mobilize
moving, in motion, transitional, motory, motive, shifting, movable, mobile, mercurial, unquiet, Adv
restless nomadic erratic under way, on the move, on the wing, on the tramp, march
on the eppur si muove pause, lull stand still, standing still, lock, dead lock, dead stop, dead stand, full stop, fix, embargo
resting place, gite, bivouac, V
home pillow haven goal be quiescent, stand still, lie still, keep quiet, repose, breath
hold the remain, stay, stand, lie to, ride at anchor, remain in situ, tarry, mark time, bring to, heave to, lay to, pull up, draw up, hold, halt, stop, stop short, rest, pause, anchor, cast to an anchor, come to an anchor, rest on one's oars, repose on one's laurels, take breath, stop stagnate, quieta non movere, let alone, abide, rest and be thankful, keep within doors, stay at home, bed
go to dwell settle alight stick, stick fast, stand like a post, not stir a peg, not stir a step, n
be at a stand quell, becalm, hush, stay, lull to sleep, on
lay an embargo quiescent, still, motionless, moveless, fixed, stationary, immotile, at rest at a stand, at a standstill, at anchor, stock, still, standing still, sedentary, untraveled, stay-at-home, becalmed, stagnant, quiet, unmoved, undisturbed, unruffled, calm, restful, cataleptic, immovable sleeping silent still as a statue, still as a post, still as a mouse, still as death, vegetative, vegetating
at a stand, tout court, halt
at the stop! stay! avast! halt! hold hard! whoa! hold! sabr requiescat in pace, Journey
Deus nobis haec otia fecit travel, v
traveling wayfaring, campaigning
journey, excursion, expedition, tour, trip, grand tour, circuit, peregrination, discursion|, ramble, pilgrimage, hajj, trek, course, ambulation, march, walk, promenade, constitutional, stroll, saunter, tramp, jog trot, turn, stalk, perambulation, noctambulation, noctambulism, somnambulism, outing, ride, drive, airing, jaunt
equitation, horsemanship, riding, manege, ride and tie, basophobia
roving, vagrancy, pererration|, marching and countermarching, nomadism, vagabondism, vagabondage, hoboism vehicle automobile, train, bus, airplane, plane, autobus, omnibus, subway, motorbike, dirt bike, off-road vehicle, van, minivan, motor scooter, trolley, locomotive, legs, feet, pegs, pins, trotters
traveler depot embark, board, set out, hit the road, get going, underway
get peg on, jog on, wag on, shuffle on, stir one's stumps, bend one's steps, bend one's course, make one's way, find one's way, wend one's way, pick one's way, pick one's way, thread one's way, plow one's way, slide, glide, coast, skim, skate, march in procession, file on, defile
go to, repair to, resort to, hie to, to
betake oneself traveling, ambulatory, itinerant, peripatetic, roving, rambling, gadding, discursive, vagrant, migratory, monadic, circumforanean, circumforaneous, noctivagrant, mundivagrant, locomotive
wayfaring, wayworn, travel-stained
on foot, on horseback, on Shanks's mare, by the Marrowbone stage, in transitu 270, Int
en route come along! navigation, aquatics, boating, yachting, ship oar, paddle, screw, sail, canvas, aileron
natation, swimming, fin, flipper, tail
fish's aerostation, aerostatics, aeronautics, balloonery, balloon ballooning, aviation, airmanship, flying, flight, volitation, wing, pinion, rocketry, space travel, astronautics, orbital mechanics, orbiting
voyage, sail, cruise, passage, circumnavigation, periplus, headway, sternway, leeway, fairway
mariner flight, trip, shuttle, run, airlift
sail, put to sea take ship, get under way, set sail, spread sail, spread canvas, gather way, have way on, make sail, carry sail, plow the waves, plow the deep, plow the main, plow the ocean, waters
walk the navigate, warp, luff, scud, boom, kedge, drift, course, cruise, coast, hug the shore, hug the land, circumnavigate
ply the oar, row, paddle, pull, scull, punt, steam
swim, float, buffet the waves, ride the storm, skim, effleurer, dive, wade
fly, be wafted, hover, soar, flutter, jet, orbit, rocket, take wing, take a flight, take off, ascend, blast off, land, alight, wing one's flight, wing one's way, aviate, parachute, jump, glide
sailing, volant, aerostatic, seafaring, nautical, maritime, naval, seagoing, coasting, afloat, navigable, aerial, aeronautic, grallatory
under way, under sail, under canvas, under steam, on the wing, in flight, orbit
in bon voyage, "spread the thin oar and catch the driving gale" transit, transition, passage, ferry, gestation, portage, porterage, carting, cartage, shoveling, vection|, vecture|, vectitation|, shipment, freight, wafture, transmission, transport, transportation, importation, exportation, transumption, transplantation, translation, shifting, dodging, drift
dispersion transposition traction transfer, transmit, transport, transplace, transplant, translocate, convey, carry, bear, fetch and carry, carry over, ferry over, hand pass, forward, shift, conduct, convoy, bring, fetch, reach, tote displace throw drag mail, post
shovel, ladle, decant, draft off, transfuse, infuse, siphon
transferred, drifted, movable, portable, portative, mailable pallet, brace, cart, dolley, lift
support fork carriage ship equine, asinine
vehicle, conveyance, carriage, caravan, van, common carrier, wagon, waggon, wain, dray, cart, lorry
truck, tram, cariole, carriole, limber, tumbrel, pontoon, barrow, wheel barrow, hand barrow, perambulator, Bath chair, wheel chair, sedan chair, chaise, palankeen, palanquin, litter, brancard, crate, hurdle, stretcher, ambulance, black Maria, conestoga wagon, conestoga wain, jinrikisha, ricksha, brett, dearborn tractor, steamshovel, backhoe, fork lift, earth mover, dump truck, bulldozer, grader, caterpillar, trench digger, steamroller, pile driver, crane, crane
wrecking ship, vessel, sail, craft, bottom
navy, marine, fleet, flotilla, shipping
man of war transport, tender, storeship, merchant ship, merchantman, packet, liner, whaler, slaver, collier, coaster, lighter, fishing boat, pilot boat, trawler, hulk, yacht, baggala, floating hotel, floating palace, greyhound
ocean ship, bark, barque, brig, snow, hermaphrodite brig, brigantine, barkantine, schooner, topsail schooner, for and aft schooner, three masted schooner, chasse-maree, sloop, cutter, corvette, clipper, foist, yawl, dandy, ketch, smack, lugger, barge, hoy, cat, buss, sailer, sailing vessel, windjammer, steamer, steamboat, steamship, liner, ocean liner, cruisp, flap, dab, pat, thump, beat, blow, bang, slam, dash, punch, thwack, whack, hit hard, strike hard, swap, batter, dowse|, baste, pelt, patter, buffet, belabor, fetch one a blow, poke at, pip, ship of the line, destroyer, cruiser, frigate, landing ship, LST, aircraft carrier, carrier, flattop, nuclear powered carrier, submarine, submersible, submarine
atomic boat, pinnace, launch, life boat, long boat, jolly boat, bum boat, fly boat, cock boat, ferry oat, canal boat, swamp boat, ark, bully pernicity|, acceleration, haste spurt, rush, dash, race, steeple chase, smart rate, lively rate, swift rate, rattling rate, spanking rate, strapping rate, smart pace, lively pace, swift pace, rattling pace, spanking pace, strapping pace, round pace, flying, flight
lightning, greased lightning, light, electricity, wind, cannon ball, rocket, arrow, dart, hydrargyrum, quicksilver, telegraph, express train, torrent
eagle, antelope, courser, race horse, gazelle, greyhound, hare, doe, squirrel, camel bird, chickaree, chipmunk, hackee log, log line, speedometer, odometer, tachometer, strobe, radar speed detector, radar trap, air speed gauge, wind sock, wind speed meter, pedometer
move quickly, trip, fisk|, speed, hie, hasten, post, spank, scuttle, scud, scuddle, scour, scour the plain, scamper, run like mad, beat it, fly, race, run a race, cut away, shot, tear, whisk, zoom, swoosh, sweep, skim, brush, cut along, bowl along, barrel along, barrel, scorch, burn up the track, rush dash on, dash off, dash forward, bolt, trot, gallop, amble, troll, bound, flit, spring, dart, boom, march in quick time, march in double time, ride hard, ground
get over the hurry accelerate, put on, quicken, quicken one's pace, mend one's pace, clap spurs to one's horse, make haste, make rapid strides, make forced marches, make the best of one's way, put one's best leg foremost, stir one's stumps, wing one's way, set off at a score, carry sail, crowd sail, go off like a shot, go like a shot, go ahead, gain ground, outstrip the wind, wind
fly on the wings of the keep up with, keep pace with, outmarch
outstrip fast, speedy, swift, rapid, quick, fleet, aliped, nimble, agile, expeditious, express, active flying, galloping, light footed, nimble footed, winged, eagle winged, mercurial, electric, telegraphic, light-legged, light of heel, swift as an arrow, quick as lightning, thought
quick as a swiftly, with speed, apace, at a great rate, at full speed, at railway speed, full drive, full gallop, posthaste, in full sail, tantivy, trippingly, instantaneously under press of sail, under press of canvas, under press of sail and steam, velis et remis, on eagle's wing, in double quick time, with rapid strides, with giant strides, a pas de geant, in seven league boots, whip and spur, ventre a terre, as fast as one's legs will carry one, as fast as one's heels will carry one, as fast as one can lay legs to the ground, at the top of one's speed, by leaps and bounds, Phr
with haste vires acquirit eundo, "I'll put a girdle about the earth in forty minutes" drawl, creeping, lentor
retardation, slackening, claudication|
delay jog trot, dog trot, mincing steps, slow march, time
slow slow goer, slow coach, slow back, lingerer, loiterer, sluggard, tortoise, snail, V
poke* move slowly adv., creep, crawl, lag, slug, drawl, linger, loiter, saunter, plod, trudge, stump along, lumber, trail, drag, dawdle grovel, worm one's way, steal along, job on, rub on, bundle on, toddle, waddle, wabble, slug, traipse, slouch, shuffle, halt, hobble, limp, caludicate|, shamble, flag, falter, trotter, stagger, mince, step short, march in slow time, march in funeral procession, take one's time, hang fire retard, relax, slacken, check, moderate, rein in, curb, reef, strike sail, shorten sail, take in sail, put on the drag, apply the brake, clip the wings, reduce the speed, slacken speed, slacken one's pace, ground
lose slow, slack, tardy, dilatory gentle, easy, leisurely, deliberate, gradual, insensible, imperceptible, glacial, languid, sluggish, slow paced, tardigrade|!, snail-like, creeping, reptatorial
slowly, leisurely, piano, adagio, largo, larghetto, at half speed, under easy sail, at a foots pace, at a snail's pace, at a funeral pace, in slow time, with mincing steps, with clipped wings, haud passibus aequis propulsion percussion, concussion, collision, occursion|, clash, encounter, cannon, carambole, appulse, shock, crash, bump, impact, elan, charge beating blow, dint, stroke, knock, tap, rap, slap, smack, pat, dab, fillip, slam, bang, hit, whack, thwack, cuff squash, dowse, swap, whap, punch, thump, pelt, kick, punce|, calcitration, ruade, arietation|, cut, thrust, lunge, yerk|, carom, carrom, clip *, jab, plug*, sidewinder* ax dynamics, seismometer, accelerometer, detector
earthquake give an impetus, impel, push, start, give a start to, set going, drive, urge, boom, thrust, prod, foin, cant, elbow, shoulder, jostle, justle, hustle, hurtle, shove, jog, jolt, encounter, run against, bump against, butt against, knock one's head against, run one's head against, impinge, *c
boost whip come into a collision, enter into collision, collide, sideswipe, foul, fall foul of, run foul of, telescope
throw impelling, impulsive, impellent, booming, dynamic, dynamical, v
impelled "a hit, a very palpable hit" rebuff, repulse, return
ducks and drakes, boomerang, spring, reactionist
elastic collision, restitution
coefficient of recoil, react, spring back, fly back, bounce back, bound back, rebound, reverberate, repercuss, recalcitrate, echo, ricochet
recoiling, refluent, repercussive, recalcitrant, reactionary, retroactive
on the rebound, n
on the recoil for every action there is a reaction equal in force and opposite in direction wandering, vagrancy, evagation, bypaths and crooked ways, byroad
sidling, chess
knight's move at alter one's course, deviate, depart from, turn, trend, bend, curve swerve, heel, bear off, gybe, wear
intervert, deflect, divert, divert from its course, put on a new scent, shift, shunt, draw aside, crook, warp
stray, straggle, sidle, diverge tralineate|, digress, wander, wind, twist, meander, veer, tack, divagate, sidetrack, turn aside, turn a corner, turn away from, wheel, steer clear of, ramble, rove, drift, go astray, go adrift, yaw, dodge, step aside, ease off, make way for, shy
fly off at a tangent, glance off, wheel about, face about, turn to the right about, face to the right about, way
waddle go out of one's way lose one's deviating, aberrant, errant, excursive, discursive, devious, desultory, loose, rambling, stray, erratic, vagrant, undirected, circuitous, indirect, zigzag, crab-like
astray from, round about, wide of the mark, to the right about, all manner of ways, circuitously obliquely, sideling, chessboard
like the move of the knight on a precession, leading, heading, precedence priority the lead, le pas, V
van precursor go before, go ahead, go in the van, go in advance, precede, forerun, usher in, introduce, herald, head, take the lead, lead the way, lead the dance, get the start, have the start, steal a march, get before, get ahead, get in front of, Adj
outstrip take precedence leading, v
precedent in advance, before, ahead, in the van, in the lead, foremost, headmost, in front, at the head, out in front, way out in front, ahead
far seniores priores, time
ahead of his sequence, coming after following pursuit follower, attendant, satellite, shadow, dangler, train
follow, pursue go after, after
fly attend, beset, dance attendance on, dog, tread in the steps of, tread close upon, be in the wake of, be in the trail of, be in the rear of, go in the wake of, go in the trail of, go in the rear of, follow in the wake of, follow in the trail of, follow in the rear of, follow as a shadow, hang on the skirts of, tread on the heels of, follow on the heels of, trail
camp on the subsequent, next, succeeding, v
following behind, in the rear in the train of, in the wake of, #282
after progress, progression, progressiveness, advancing, advance, advancement, ongoing, flood, tide, headway, march rise, V
improvement advance, proceed, progress, get on, get along, get over the ground, gain ground, forge ahead, jog on, rub on, wag on, go with the stream, keep one's course, hold on one's course, go on, move on, come one, get on, pass on, push on, press on, go forward, move forward, come forward, get forward, pass forward, push forward, press forward, go forwards, move forwards, come forwards, get forwards, pass forwards, push forwards, press forwards, go ahead, move ahead, come ahead, get ahead, pass ahead, push ahead, press ahead, make one's way, work one's way, carve one's way, push one's way, force one's way, edge one's way, elbow one's way, make progress, make head, make way, make headway, make advances, make strides, make rapid strides go ahead, shoot ahead, distance, leeway
make up advancing, progressive, profluent, advanced
forward, onward, forth, on, ahead, under way, en route for, on one's way, on the way, on the road, on the high road, on the road to, in progress, in mid progress, 270
in transitu vestigia nulla retrorsum, Regression
"westward the course of empire takes its way" regress, regression, retrocession, retrogression, retrograduation, retroaction, reculade, retreat, withdrawal, retirement, remigration, recession recess, motion
crab-like refluence, reflux, backwater, regurgitation, ebb, return, resilience reflection, reflexion 277, flip-flop, volte
counter motion, retrograde motion, backward movement, motion in reverse, counter movement, counter march, veering, tergiversation, recidivation|, backsliding, fall, deterioration recidivism, recidivity
reversal, relapse, V
turning point &c.(reversion) recede, regrade, return, revert, retreat, retire, retrograde, retrocede, back out, back down, balk, Propulsion
crawfish* propulsion, projection, propelment, vis a tergo force from behind], push, shove ejaculate, ejection throw, fling, toss, shot, discharge, shy, launch, release
projectiles, ballistics, archery
propeller, screw, twin screws, turbine, engine
jet missile, projectile, ball, discus, quoit, brickbat, shot, arrow, gun, 727
ballista countdown, windup
shooter, shot, archer, toxophilite, bowman, rifleman, marksman, good shot, crack shot, V
sharpshooter propel, project, throw, fling, cast, pitch, chuck, toss, jerk, heave, shy, hurl, flirt, fillip
dart, lance, tilt, ejaculate, jaculate, fulminate, bolt, drive, sling, pitchfork
send, send off, let off, fire off, discharge, shoot, launch, release, send forth, let fly, put in orbit, send into orbit, dash
launch into orbit put in motion, set in motion, set agoing, start, give a start, give an impulse to, impel trundle expel carry one off one's legs, flight
put to propelled, propelling v.., propulsive, projectile
traction, drawing, draught, pull, haul, rake, "a long pull a strong pull and a pull all together", towage, haulage
draw, pull, haul, lug, rake, drag, tug, tow, trail, train, tow
take in wrench, jerk, twitch, touse|, Approach
yank approach, approximation, appropinquation, access, appulse, afflux, affluxion, V
advent pursuit approach, approximate, appropinquate, near, get near, go near, draw near, come to close quarters, come near, move towards, set in towards, drift, make up to, gain upon, pursue tread on the heels of, bear up, make the land, hug the shore, land
hug the approaching, approximative, affluent, impending, Adv
imminent on the come hither! approach! here! come! come near! forward! recession, retirement, withdrawal, retreat, retrocession 283, departure, V
recoil flight recede, go, move back, move from, retire, withdraw, shrink, back off, come away, move away, back away, go away, get away, drift away, depart retreat move off, stand off, sheer off, fall back, stand aside, run away remove, shunt, distance
receding distance oneself from a attraction, attractiveness, attractivity, drawing to, pulling towards, adduction
electrical attraction, electricity, static electricity, static, static cling, magnetism, magnetic attraction, gravity, gravitation
attraction of lodestone, loadstone, lodestar, loadstar, magnet, permanent magnet, siderite, magnetite, electromagnet, magnetic coil, voice coil, magnetic dipole, motor coil, rotor, stator
electrical charge, positive charge, charge
negative magnetic pole, north pole, south pole, monopole
magnetic attract, draw, draw towards, pull towards, drag towards, adduce
attracting, attrahent, attractive, adducent, adductive
ubi mel ibi apes repulsion, driving from, repulse, abduction
magnetic repulsion, magnetic levitation, antigravity
repel, push from, drive apart, drive from chase, dispel, retrude, abduce, abduct, send away, repulse
keep at arm's length, turn one's back upon, give the cold shoulder, send off, ear
send away with a flea in one's repelling, repellent, repulsive, abducent, abductive
centripetal like charges repel, opposite charges attract, like poles repel, attract
opposite poles convergence, confluence, concourse, conflux, congress, concurrence, concentration, convergency, appulse, meeting, corradiation
assemblage resort converge, concur, come together, unite, meet, fall in with, close with, close in upon, center round, center in, enter in, in
pour gather together, unite, concentrate, focus
bring into a converging, convergent, confluent, concurrent, centripetal, asymptotical, asymptotic, confluxible
divergence, divergency, divarication, ramification, forking, radiation, aberration
separation dispersion deviation diverge, divaricate, radiate, ramify, branch off, glance off, file off, fly off, fly off at a tangent, spread, scatter, Adj
disperse deviate part diverging, divergent, radiant, centrifugal, aberrant
arrival, advent, landing, debarkation, disembarkation, reception, welcome, d'honneur
vin home, goal, goalpost, landing place, landing stage, bunder, resting place, destination, harbor, haven, port, airport, spaceport, terminus, halting place, halting ground, landing strip, runway, terminal, journey's end, anchorage return, remigration, meeting, rencounter, encounter
completion recursion arrive, get to, come to, come, reach, attain, come up with, come up to, overtake, make, fetch, complete join, rejoin
light, alight, dismount, land, go ashore, debark, disembark, put in, put into, visit, cast anchor, pitch one's tent, sit down get to one's journey's end, make the land, be in at the death, come back, get back, come home, get home, return, come in make one's appearance drop in, detrain, deplane, outspan, de-orbit
come to hand, come at, come across, hit, come upon, light upon, pop upon, bounce upon, plump upon, burst upon, pitch upon, meet, encounter, rencounter, contact
come in arriving, bound
homeward here, hither
welcome! hail! all Hail! good-day, Phr
good morrow! any port in a departure, decession, decampment, embarkation, outset, start, removal, exit exodus, hejira, flight
leave taking, valediction, adieu, farewell, goodbye, auf wiedersehen, sayonara, dosvidanya, ciao, aloha, hasta la vista, stirrup cup, valedictorian
starting point, starting post, point of departure, point of embarkation, place of departure, place of embarkation, port of embarkation, airport, take-off point, taxiing runway, runway, launching pad, spaceport
depart, go away, take one's departure, set out, set off, march off, put off, start off, be off, move off, get off, whip off, pack off, go off, take oneself off, start, issue, march out, debouch, go forth, sally forth, sally, set forward, be gone, from
hail leave a place, quit, vacate, evacuate, abandon, go off the stage, make one's exit, retire, withdraw, remove, vamoose*, vamose* entrain, inspan
departing, valedictory, bound
outward whence, hence, thence, with a foot in the stirrup, on the wing, move
on the begone! farewell! adieu! goodbye! good day! au revoir! fare you well! God bless you! God speed! all aboard! auf wiedersehen! au plaisir de vous revoir! bon voyage! gluckliche Reise! vive valeque! ingress, entrance, entry, introgression, influx, intrusion, inroad, incursion, invasion, irruption, ingression, penetration, interpenetration, illapse, import, infiltration, immigration, admission insinuation 228, insertion inlet, way in, mouth, door, barway, immigrant
path conduit have the entree, enter, go into, go in, come into, come in, pour into, pour in, flow into, flow in, creep into, creep in, slip into, slip in, pop into, pop in, break into, break in, burst into, burst in, set foot on, ingress, burst in upon, break in upon, invade, intrude, insinuate itself, interpenetrate, penetrate, infiltrate, find one's way into, wriggle into, into
worm oneself give entrance to insert egress, exit, issue, emersion, emergence, outbreak, outburst, eruption, proruption, emanation, egression, evacuation, exudation, transudation, extravasation, perspiration, sweating, leakage, percolation, distillation, oozing, gush outpour, outpouring, effluence, effusion, effluxion, drain, dribbling, defluxion, drainage, outcome, output, discharge export, expatriation, emigration, remigration, debouch, debouche, emunctory, emigrant
exodus outlet, vent, spout, tap, sluice, floodgate, pore, vomitory, outgate, sally port, way out, mouth, 351
door path conduit airpipe emerge, emanate, issue, egress, go out of, come out of, move out of, pass out of, pour out of, flow out of, pass out of, evacuate
exude, transude, leak, run through, out through, percolate, transcolate|, egurgitate, strain, distill, perspire, sweat, drain, ooze, filter, filtrate, dribble, gush, spout, flow out, well, well out, pour, trickle, effuse, extravasate, disembogue, discharge itself, debouch, come forth, break forth, burst out, burst through, find vent, Adj
escape effused, outgoing
reception, admission, admittance, entree, importation, introduction, intromission, immission, ingestion, imbibation, introception, absorption, ingurgitation, inhalation, suction, sucking, eating, introit
drinking insertion interjection give entrance to, give admittance to, give the entree, introduce, intromit, usher, admit, receive, import, bring in, open the door to, throw in, ingest, absorb, imbibe, inhale, breathe in, let in, take in, suck in, draw in, readmit, resorb, reabsorb, snuff up, swallow, ingurgitate, engulf, engorge, gulp, eat, Adj
drink admitting, admitted, admissable, absorbent
ejection, emission, effusion, rejection, expulsion, exportation, eviction, extrusion, trajection, discharge
emesis, vomiting, vomition
egestion, evacuation, ructation, eructation, bloodletting, venesection, phlebotomy, paracentesis, expuition, exspuition, tapping, drainage, clearance, clearage
deportation, banishment rouge's march, relegation, extradition, dislodgment
bouncer vomit, vomitus, puke, barf
give exit, give vent to, let out, give out, pour out, squeeze out, send out, dispatch, despatch, exhale, excern|, excrete, embogue, secrete, secern, extravasate, shed, void, evacuation, emit, open the sluices, open the floodgates, turn on the tap, extrude, detrude, effuse, spend, expend, pour forth, squirt, spirt, spurt, spill, slop, perspire breathe, blow tap, draw off, bale out, lade out, let blood, broach
eject, reject, expel, discard, cut, send to coventry, boycott, chasser, banish bounce * turn out neck and heels, turn out head and shoulders, turn out neck and crop, pack off, send away with a flea in the ear, send to Jericho, bow out, to
show the door turn out of doors, turn out of house and home, evict, oust, unhouse, unkennel, dislodge, unpeople, dispeople, depopulate, relegate, deport
empty, drain to the dregs, sweep off, clear off, clear out, clear away, suck, draw off, clean out, make a clean sweep of, clear decks, purge
embowel, disbowel, disembowel, eviscerate, gut, unearth, root out, root up, averuncate|, weed out, get out, eliminate, get rid of, do away with, shake off, exenterate
vomit, throw up, regurgitate, spew, puke, keck, retch, heave, upchuck, chuck up, barf, belch out, cast up, bring up, be sick, get sick, god
worship the porcelain disgorge, expectorate, clear the throat, hawk, spit, sputter, splutter, slobber, drivel, slaver, slabber, eructate, drool
unpack, unlade, unload, unship, offload, break bulk, dump
be let spew forth, erupt, Adj
ooze emitting, emitted, v
begone! get you gone! get away, go away, get along, go along, get along with you, go along with you! go your way! away with! off with you! get the hell out of here!, #298
go about your business! be off! avaunt! aroynt! allez-vous-en! jao! va-t'en! eating, deglutition, gulp, epulation, mastication, manducation, rumination, gluttony hippophagy, ichthyophagy
drunkenness food, pabulum, aliment, nourishment, nutriment, sustenance, sustentation, sustention, nurture, subsistence, provender, corn, feed, fodder, provision, ration, keep, commons, board, commissariat prey, forage, pasture, pasturage, fare, cheer, diet, dietary, regimen, belly timber, staff of life, bread, cheese
bread and comestibles, eatables, victuals, edibles, ingesta, grub, grubstake, prog, meat, bread, bread stuffs, cerealia, cereals, viands, cates, delicacy, dainty, creature comforts, contents of the larder, fleshpots, festal board, ambrosia, good cheer, living
good beef, bisquit, bun, cornstarch coffee, chocolate, cocoa, tea, the cup that cheers but not inebriates, bock beer, lager beer, Pilsener beer, schenck beer, Brazil tea, cider, claret, ice water, mate, mint julep diner, hippophage, V
glutton eat, feed, fare, devour, swallow, take, gulp, bolt, snap, fall to, despatch, dispatch, discuss, take down, get down, gulp down, lay in, tuck in*, lick, pick, peck, gormandize bite, champ, munch, cranch, craunch, crunch, chew, masticate, nibble, gnaw, mumble
live on, feed upon, batten upon, fatten upon, feast upon, browse, graze, crop, regale, carouse eat heartily, do justice to, play a good knife and fork, banquet
break bread, break one's fast, breakfast, lunch, dine, take tea, sup
drink in, drink up, drink one's fill, quaff, sip, sup, suck, suck up, lap, swig, swill*, chugalug, tipple empty one's glass, drain the cup, toss off, toss one's glass, wash down, crack a bottle, whistle
wet one's purvey eatable, edible, esculent, comestible, alimentary, cereal, cibarious, dietetic, culinary, nutritive, nutritious, gastric, succulent, potable, potulent|, bibulous
omnivorous, carnivorous, herbivorous, granivorous, graminivorous, phytivorous, ichthyivorous, omophagic, omophagous, pantophagous, phytophagous, Phr
xylophagous "across the walnuts and the wine" Excretion excretion, discharge, emanation, exhalation, exudation, extrusion, secretion, effusion, extravasation, ecchymosis, evacuation, dejection, faeces, excrement, shit, stools, crap, bloody flux, cacation, coeliac-flux, coeliac-passion, dysentery, perspiration, sweat, subation, exudation, diaphoresis, sewage, eccrinology
saliva, spittle, rheum, ptyalism, salivation, catarrh, diarrhoea, ejecta, egesta, sputa, excreta, lava, 653
exuviae hemorrhage, bleeding, V
outpouring excrete emanate insertion, implantation, introduction, insinuation planting, , injection, inoculation, importation, infusion, forcible ingress immersion, submersion, submergence, dip, plunge, 260
bath imbed, immerse, immerge, merge, bathe, soak dip, plunge bury insert itself, res
plunge in medias inserted extraction, extracting, removal, elimination, extrication, eradication, evolution
evulsion, avulsion, wrench, expression, squeezing, extirpation, extermination, ejection export extractor, corkscrew, forceps, pliers
extract, draw, take out, draw out, pull out, tear out, pluck out, pick out, get out, wring from, wrench, extort, root up, weed up, grub up, rake up, root out, weed out, grub out, rake out, eradicate, pull up by the roots, pluck up by the roots, averruncate|, unroot, uproot, pull up, extirpate, dredge
remove, educe, elicit, evolve, extricate, eliminate eviscerate express, squeeze out, out
press extracted passage, transmission, permeation, penetration, interpenetration, transudation, infiltration, endosmose exosmose, endosmosis, intercurrence, V
ingress egress path conduit opening journey voyage pass, pass through, perforate penetrate, permeate, thread, thrid, enfilade, go through, go across, go over, pass over, cut across, ford, cross, pass and repass, work, make one's way, thread one's way, worm one's way, force one's way, make a passage form a passage, cut one's way through, find its way, find its vent, transmit, make way, clear the course, traverse, ground
go over the passing, intercurrent, endosmosmic, endosmotic
en passant Transcursion transcursion|, transiliency, transgression, trespass, encroachment, infringement, extravagation|, transcendence, V
redundancy transgress, surpass, pass, go beyond, go by, show in front, come to the front, shoot ahead of, steal a march upon, upon
steal a gain overstep, overpass, overreach, overgo, override, overleap, overjump, overskip, overlap, overshoot the mark, outstrip, outleap, outjump, outgo, outstep, outrun, outride, outrival, outdo, beat, beat hollow, distance, leave in the lurch, leave in the rear, throw into the shade, exceed, transcend, surmount, soar encroach, trespass, infringe, trench upon, entrench on, intrench on, strain, stretch a point, strain a point, Rubicon
cross the surpassing beyond the mark, ahead
Shortcoming shortcoming, failure, falling short, default, defalcation, leeway, labor in vain, go
no incompleteness imperfection insufficiency noncompletion failure come short of, fall short of, stop short of, come short, fall short, stop short, not reach, want, keep within bounds, keep within the mark, compass
keep within the break down, stick in the mud, collapse, Adv
flat out within the mark, within the compass, within the bounds, behindhand, re infecta, to no purpose, it
for from the bubble ascent, ascension, rising acclivity, hill flight of steps, flight of stairs, ladder rocket, lark, sky rocket, sky lark, Club
Alpine ascend, rise, mount, arise, uprise, go up, get up, work one's way up, start up, shoot up, go into orbit, float up, bubble up, aspire
climb, clamber, ramp, scramble, escalade, surmount, shin, shinny, shinney, scale, heights
scale the raise, elevate go aloft, fly aloft, tower, soar, take off, spring up, pop up, jump up, catapult upwards, explode upwards, hover, spire, plane, swim, float, surge, Adj
leap rising scandent|, buoyant, supernatant, superfluitant|, excelsior
descent, descension, declension, declination, fall, falling v.: slump, drop, plunge, plummet, cadence, subsidence, collapse, lapse, downfall, tumble, slip, tilt, trip, lurch, cropper, culbute, titubation, stumble, Icarus
fate of avalanche, debacle, landslip, landslide
declivity, dip, hill
descend, go down, drop down, come down, fall, gravitate, drop, slip, slide, rappel, settle, plunge, plummet, crash, decline, set, sink, droop, come down a peg, slump
dismount, alight, light, get down, swoop, stoop fall prostrate, precipitate oneself, let fall tumble, trip, stumble, titubate, lurch, pitch, swag, topple, topple over, tumble over, topple down, tumble down, tilt, sprawl, plump down, cropper
come down a descending, descendent, decurrent, decursive, labent, deciduous, fall
nodding to its downhill, downwards
the bottom fell elevation, raising, erection, lift, sublevation, upheaval, sublimation, exaltation, prominence lever crane, derrick, windlass, capstan, winch, dredge, dredger, machine
dredging dumbwaiter, elevator, escalator, lift
heighten, elevate, raise, lift, erect, set up, stick up, perch up, perk up, tilt up, rear, hoist, heave, uplift, upraise, uprear, upbear, upcast, uphoist, upheave, buoy, weigh mount, give a lift, exalt, sublimate, place on a pedestal, pedestal
set on a escalate take up, drag up, fish up, dredge
stand up, rise up, get up, jump up, spring to one's feet, hold oneself, hold one's head up, height
drawn oneself up to his full elevated, stilted, attollent, rampant
on stilts, on the shoulders of, on one's legs, legs
on one's hind lowering, depression, dip abasement, detrusion, reduction
overthrow, overset, overturn, upset, prostration, subversion, precipitation
bow, courtesy, curtsy, genuflexion, genuflection, kowtow, obeisance, salaam
depress, lower, let down, take down, let down a peg, take down a peg, cast, let drop, let fall, sink, debase, bring low, abase, reduce, detrude, pitch, precipitate
overthrow, overturn, overset, upset, subvert, prostate, level, fell, cast down, take down, throw down, fling down, dash down, pull down, cut down, knock down, hew down, raze, raze to the ground, rase to the ground, trample in the dust, ears
pull about one's sit, sit down, couch, squat, crouch, stoop, bend, bow, courtesy, curtsy, bob, duck, dip, kneel, bend the knee, bow the knee, bend the head, bow the head, cower, Adj
recline depressed, at a low ebb, detrusive
prostrate facinus quos inquinat aequat jump about trip it on the light fantastic toe, trip the light fantastic, dance oneself off one's legs, shoes
dance off one's leaping, saltatory, frisky
on the light fantastic di salto in Plunge plunge, dip, dive, header, ducking, diver
plunge, dip, souse, duck, dive, plump, take a plunge, take a header, make a plunge, bathe &c.(water) submerge, submerse, immerse, douse, sink, engulf, bottom
send to the get out of one's depth, go to the bottom, go down like a stone, drop like a lead balloon, founder, welter, wallow
circuition, circulation, turn, curvet, excursion, circumvention, circumnavigation, circumambulation, northwest passage, circuit turning, wrench, evolution, coil, corkscrew
turn, bend, wheel, go about, put about, heel, go round to the right about, turn round to the right about, turn on one's heel, make a circle, make a complete circle, describe a circle, describe a complete circle, go through 180x, go through 360x, pass through 180x, 360x
pass through circumnavigate, circumambulate, circumvent, Adj
"put a girdle round about the earth" make a detour turning, circuitous, circumforaneous, circumfluent
round rotation, revolution, spinning, gyration, turning about an axis, turning around an axis, circulation, roll, circumrotation, circumvolution, circumgyration, volutation, circination|, turbination, pirouette, convolution
verticity|, whir, whirl, eddy, vortex, whirlpool, gurge, countercurrent, Maelstrom, Charybdis, Ixion
cyclone, tornado, whirlwind, devil
dust axis, axis of rotation, swivel, pivot, pivot point, axle, spindle, pin, hinge, pole, arbor, bobbin, mandrel, axle shaft, gymbal, hub, rotation
hub of helix, motion
helical angular momentum, angular velocity, revolutions per minute, RPM
centrifugal force, surge, vertigo, dizzy round, force
coriolus carousel, merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, top, dreidel ,teetotum, gyroscope, turntable, lazy suzan, screw, whirligig, rolling stone, water wheel, windmill, wheel, pulley wheel, roulette wheel, potter's wheel, pinwheel, gear, roller, flywheel, jack, caster, centrifuge, ultracentrifuge, bench centrifuge, refrigerated centrifuge, gas centrifuge, microfuge, drill, augur, oil rig, wagon wheel, wheel, tire, tyre[Brit]
whirling rotate, roll along, revolve, spin, turn round, circumvolve, circulate, gyre, gyrate, wheel, whirl, pirouette, twirl, trundle, troll, bowl
roll up, furl, wallow, welter, box the compass, spin like a top, teetotum|!
spin like a spin rotating &c.v., rotary, rotary, circumrotatory, trochilic, vertiginous, gyratory, vortical, vorticose
head over heels, round and round, mill
like a horse in a change section!! revolution, evolution
revolution = change = #146--> evolution, unfolding, development, evolvement, unfoldment, V
eversion evolve, unfold, unroll, unwind, uncoil, untwist, unfurl, untwine, unravel, untangle, disentangle, develop
evolving, v
evolved oscillation, vibration, libration, motion of a pendulum, nutation, undulation, pulsation, pulse
alternation, coming and going, ebb and flow, flux and reflux, down
ups and fluctuation, vacillation wave, vibratiuncle, swing, beat, shake, wag, seesaw, dance, lurch, dodge, logan, loggan, rocking-stone, vibroscope
oscillate, vibrate, librate, alternate, undulate, wave, rock, swing, pulsate, beat, wag, waggle, nod, bob, courtesy, curtsy, tick, play, wamble, wabble, dangle, swag
fluctuate, dance, curvet, reel, quake, quiver, quaver, shake, flicker, wriggle, roll, toss, pitch, flounder, stagger, totter, move up and down, bob up and down Adv., pass and repass, ebb and flow, come and go, Agitation
vacillate teeter agitation, stir, tremor, shake, ripple, jog, jolt, jar, jerk, shock, succussion, trepidation, quiver, quaver, dance, jactitation|, quassation|, 7c
shuffling, twitter, flicker, flutter
turbulence, perturbation, commotion, turmoil, disquiet, tumult, tumultuation|, hubbub, rout, bustle, fuss, racket, subsultus, staggers, megrims, epilepsy, fits, carphology, chorea, floccillation, the jerks, St
Vitus's dance, tilmus
spasm, throe, throb, palpitation, convulsion
disturbance, chaos restlessness ferment, fermentation, ebullition, effervescence, hurly-burly, cahotage, tempest, storm, ground swell, heavy sea, whirlpool, V
vortex whirlwind be agitated shake, tremble, tremble like an aspen leaf, quiver, quaver, quake, shiver, twitter, twire, writhe, toss, shuffle, tumble, stagger, bob, reel, sway, wag, waggle, wriggle, wriggle like an eel, dance, stumble, shamble, flounder, totter, flounce, flop, curvet, prance, cavort physics, somatology, somatics, natural philosophy, experimental philosophy, physicism, physical science, philosophie positive, materialism, materialist, physicist, somatism, somatist
material, bodily, corporeal, corporal, physical, somatic, somatoscopic, sensible, tangible, ponderable, palpable, substantial
objective, impersonal, nonsubjective, neuter, unspiritual, materialistic
immateriality, immaterialness, incorporeity, spirituality, inextension, plane
astral personality, I, myself, me, ego, spirit astral body, immaterialism, spiritualism, spiritualist
disembody, spiritualize
immaterial, immateriate, incorporeal, incorporal, incorporate, unfleshly, supersensible, asomatous, unextended, unembodied, disembodied, extramundane, unearthly, pneumatoscopic, 450
spiritual personal, subjective, nonobjective
world, creation, nature, universe, earth, globe, wide world, cosmos, kosmos, terraqueous globe, sphere, macrocosm, megacosm, spheres
music of the heavens, sky, welkin|, empyrean, starry cope, starry heaven, starry host, firmament, Midgard, supersensible regions, varuna, vault of heaven, canopy of heaven, spaces
celestial heavenly bodies, stars, asteroids, nebulae, galaxy, milky way, galactic circle, via lactea, ame no kawa astronomy, uranography, uranology, cosmology, cosmography, cosmogony, eidouranion, orrery, geodesy star gazing, star gazer, astronomer, observatory, planetarium
cosmic, cosmical, mundane, terrestrial, terrestrious|, terraqueous, terrene, terreous|, telluric, earthly, geotic, under the sun, sublunary, subastral
solar, heliacal, lunar, celestial, heavenly, sphery, starry, stellar, sidereal, sideral, astral, nebular, uranic
in all creation, on the face of the globe, here below, sun
under the die Weltgeschichte ist das Weltergesicht, "earth is but the frozen echo of the silent voice of God" gram, centigram, milligram, microgram, kilogram, nanogram, picogram, femtogram, attogram
balance, scale, scales, steelyard, beam, weighbridge, spring balance, piezoelectric balance, analytical balance, two-pan balance, one-pan balance, postal scale, scale
baby be heavy, gravitate, weigh, press, cumber, load
weigh, poise
weighty, weighing, heavy as lead, ponderous, ponderable, lumpish, lumpy, cumbersome, burdensome, cumbrous, unwieldy, massive
incumbent, superincumbent
levity, lightness, imponderability, buoyancy, volatility
feather, dust, mote, down, thistle, down, flue, cobweb, gossamer, straw, cork, bubble, balloon, float, buoy, ether, air
leaven, ferment, barm, yeast
lighter-than-air balloon, helium balloon, hydrogen balloon, balloon
hot air convection, thermal draft, thermal
be light, float, rise, swim, up
be buoyed render light, lighten, leaven
light, subtile, airy, imponderous, imponderable, astatic, weightless, ethereal, sublimated, gossamery, suberose, suberous, uncompressed, volatile, buoyant, floating, portable
light as a feather, light as a thistle, light as air, lighter than air, rise like a balloon, balloon
float like a Solid Matter density, solidity, solidness, impenetrability, impermeability, incompressibility, imporosity, cohesion constipation, consistence, spissitude|
specific gravity, hydrometer, areometer
condensation, caseation, solidation, solidification, consolidation, concretion, coagulation, petrification crystallization, precipitation, deposit, precipitate, inspissation, gelation, v
thickening indivisibility, indiscerptibility, insolubility, indissolvableness
solid body, mass, block, knot, lump, concretion, concrete, conglomerate, cake, clot, stone, curd, coagulum, bone, gristle, cartilage, casein, crassamentum|, legumin
superdense matter, condensed states of matter, dwarf star, star
neutron be dense, become solid, render solid, solidify, solidate, concrete, set, take a set, consolidate, congeal, coagulate, curd, curdle, lopper, fix, clot, cake, candy, precipitate, deposit, cohere, crystallize, petrify condense, thicken, gel, inspissate, incrassate, compress, squeeze, ram down, constipate
dense, solid, solidified, caseous, pukka, coherent, cohesive compact, close, serried, thickset, substantial, massive, lumpish, impenetrable, impermeable, nonporous, imporous, incompressible, constipated, concrete knotted, knotty, gnarled, crystalline, crystallizable, thick, grumous|, stuffy
undissolved, unmelted, unliquefied, unthawed
indivisible, indiscerptible, infrangible, indissolvable, indissoluble, insoluble, infusible
rarity, tenuity, absence of solidity subtility, subtilty, subtlety, sponginess, compressibility
rarefaction, expansion, dilatation, inflation, subtilization
vaporization, evaporation, diffusion, gassification
ether rarefy, expand, dilate, subtilize
rare, subtile, thin, fine, tenuous, compressible, flimsy, slight, light cavernous, spongy rarefied, unsubstantial, uncompact, incompressed, rarefiable
hardness, rigidity, renitence, renitency, inflexibility, temper, callosity, durity rubber, latex, caoutchouc, whalebone, gum elastic, baleen, natural rubber, neoprene, synthetic rubber, Buna-S, plastic
flexibility, modulus
Young's stretch, flex, extend, distend, be elastic, bounce, Adj
spring back elastic, flexible, tensile, spring, resilient, renitent, buoyant, ductile, stretchable, extendable
the stress is proportional to the want of elasticity, Adj
absence of elasticity inelasticity unyielding, inelastic, irresilient
inflexible 328} tenacity, toughness, strength, grip, grasp, stickiness, sequacity, stubbornness leather, white leather, whitleather, gristle, cartilage
unbreakability, strength
tensile be tenacious, fracture
resist grip, grasp, Adj
stick tenacious, tough, strong, resisting, sequacious, stringy, gristly cartilaginous, leathery, coriaceous, tough as whitleather, stubborn unbreakable, indivisible, atomic
327} brittleness, fragility, friability, frangibility, fissibility, house of cards, glass
house of be brittle, house
live in a glass break, crack, snap, split, shiver, splinter, crumble, break short, burst, fly, give way, fall to pieces, crumble to, dust
crumble into brittle, Texture
brash structure organization, anatomy, frame, mold, fabric, construction, framework, carcass, architecture, stratification, cleavage
substance, stuff, compages, parenchyma, constitution, staple, organism
organography, osteology, myology, splanchnology, neurology, angiography, adeology, angiography, adenography
texture, surface texture, intertexture, contexture, tissue, grain, web, surface, warp and woof, warp and weft, tooth, nap flatness fineness of grain, coarseness of grain, goods
dry silk, satin, muslin, burlap
structural, organic, anatomic, anatomical
textural, textile, fine grained, coarse grained, fine, delicate, subtile, gossamery, filmy, silky, satiny, coarse, homespun
rough, gritty, smooth
smooth as silk, satin
smooth as powderiness[State of powder.], pulverulence, sandiness, efflorescence, friability
powder, dust, sand, shingle, sawdust, grit, meal, bran, flour, farina, rice, paddy, spore, sporule, crumb, seed, grain, particle limature|, filings, debris, detritus, tailings, talus slope, scobs, magistery, fine powder, flocculi
smoke, cloud of dust, cloud of sand, cloud of smoke, puff of smoke, volume of smoke, sand storm, storm
dust pulverization, comminution, attenuation, granulation, disintegration, subaction, contusion, trituration, levigation, abrasion, detrition, multure, limitation, tripsis, &c.v
filing mill, arrastra, gristmill, grater, rasp, file, mortar and pestle, nutmeg grater, teeth, grinder, grindstone, kern, quern, koniology
come to dust, be disintegrated, be reduced to powder reduce to powder, grind to powder, pulverize, comminute, granulate, triturate, levigate, scrape, file, abrade, rub down, grind, grate, rasp, pound, bray, bruise, contuse, contund, beat, crush, cranch, craunch, crunch, scranch, crumble, disintegrate, Adj
attenuate powdery, pulverulent, granular, mealy, floury, farinaceous, branny, furfuraceous, flocculent, dusty, sandy, sabulous, psammous, arenose, arenarious, arenaceous, gritty, efflorescent, impalpable, lentiginous, lepidote, sabuline, sporaceous, sporous
pulverizable, friable, crumbly, shivery, pulverized, attrite, pieces
in friction, attrition, rubbing, abrasion, scraping, confrication|, detrition, contrition|, affriction, abrasion, arrosion|, limature|, frication, rub, elbow grease, rosin, massage, roughness rolling friction, sliding friction, friction
starting rub, scratch, scrape, scrub, slide, fray, rasp, graze, curry, scour, polish, rub out, wear down, gnaw, file, grind set one's teeth on edge, rosin
anatriptic, attrite
smoothness unctuousness lubrication, lubrification, anointment, v
oiling synovia, glycerine, oil, lubricating oil, grease saliva, lather
lubricate, lubricitate|, oil, grease, lather, soap, wax
lubricated, lubricous
Fluids in General fluidity, liquidity, liquidness, 334
gaseity fluid, inelastic fluid, liquid, liquor, lymph, humor, juice, sap, serum, blood, serosity, gravy, rheum, ichor, sanies, chyle
solubility, solubleness
hydrology, hydrostatics, hydrodynamics
be fluid, flow liquefy, melt, Adj
condense liquid, fluid, serous, juicy, succulent, sappy, ichorous, fluent liquefied uncongealed, soluble
gaseity, vaporousness, flatulence, flatulency, volatility, aeration, aerification
elastic fluid, gas, air, vapor, ether, steam, essence, fume, reek, effluvium, flatus, cloud ammonia, ammoniacal gas, volatile alkali, vacuum, vacuum
partial pneumatics, pneumatostatics, aerostatics, aerodynamics
gasmeter, gasometer, air bladder, swimming bladder, sound colliquation|, colliquefaction|, thaw, liquation|, deliquation|, deliquescence, lixiviation, dissolution
solution, apozem, lixivium, infusion, flux
solvent, menstruum, alkahest
render liquid liquefy, run, deliquesce, melt solve, dissolve, resolve, liquate|, hold in solution, condense, precipitate, rain
liquefied, liquescent, liquefiable, deliquescent, soluble, colliquative
vaporization, volatilization, gasification, evaporation, vaporation, distillation, cupellation, cohobation, sublimination, exhalation, volatility
vaporizer, still, retort, fumigation, steaming, bay salt, sodium|!
chloride of mister, spray
bubble, effervescence
render -gaseous vaporize, volatilize, distill, sublime, evaporate, exhale, smoke, transpire, emit vapor, fume, reek, steam, fumigate, cohobate, finestill
bubble, sparge, effervesce, boil
volatilized, reeking, volatile, evaporable, vaporizable
bubbly, effervescent, boiling
Specific Fluids water, serum, serosity, lymph, rheum, diluent, agua, aqua, pani
dilution, maceration, lotion, washing, immersion|, humectation, infiltration, spargefaction|, affusion, irrigation, douche, balneation, bath
deluge high water, tide
flood be watery, reek
add water, water, wet, moisten dilute, dip, immerse, merge, immerge, submerge, plunge, souse, duck, drown, soak, steep, macerate, pickle, wash, sprinkle, lave, bathe, affuse, splash, swash, douse, drench, dabble, slop, slobber, irrigate, inundate, deluge, syringe, inject, gargle
watery, aqueous, aquatic, hydrous, lymphatic, balneal, diluent, drenching, diluted, weak, Phr
wet the waters are air common air, atmospheric air, atmosphere, aerosphere
open air, sky, welkin, blue sky, cloud weather, climate, rise and fall of the barometer, isobar
aerology, aerometry, aeroscopy, aeroscopy, aerography, meteorology, climatology, pneumatics, eudioscope, baroscope, aeroscope, eudiometer, barometer, aerometer, aneroid, baroscope, weather gauge, weather glass, cock
weather exposure to the air, exposure to the weather, ventilation, aerostation, aeronautics, aeronaut
air, ventilate, Adj
fan containing air, flatulent, effervescent, windy atmospheric, airy, aerial, aeriform, meteorological, weatherwise
in the open air, a la belle etoile, al fresco, dio
sub jove moisture, moistness, humidity, humectation, madefaction|, dew, serein, marsh hygrometry, hygrometer
moisten, wet, humect, humectate, sponge, damp, bedew, imbue, imbrue, infiltrate, saturate, soak, drench be moist, not have a dry thread, Adj
perspire moist, damp, watery madid, roric, undried, humid, sultry, wet, dank, luggy, dewy, roral|, rorid|, roscid, juicy
wringing wet, soaking wet, wet through to the skin, v
saturated swashy, soggy, dabbled, reeking, dripping, soaking, soft, sodden, sloppy, muddy, irriguous
swampy dryness, siccity, aridity, drought, ebb tide, water
low exsiccation|, desiccation, arefaction|, dephlegmation|, drainage, drier
desiccative, dessicator
dessicator, hair drier, clothes drier, gas drier, electric drier, vacuum oven, drying oven, kiln, lyophilizer
be dry render dry, dry, dry up, soak up, sponge, swab, wipe, drain
desiccate, dehydrate, exsiccate, parch
kiln dry, vacuum dry, blow dry, oven dry, dry
hang out to be fine, up
hold dry, anhydrous, arid, adust, arescent|, dried, undamped, juiceless, sapless, sear, husky, rainless, without rain, fine, dry as a bone, dry as dust, dry as a stick, dry as a mummy, biscuit
dry as a water proof, tight
water dehydrated, dessicated
Ocean sea, ocean, main, deep, brine, salt water, waves, billows, high seas, offing, great waters, watery waste, "vasty deep", wave, tide, hydrography, hydrographer, Neptune, Poseidon, Thetis, Triton, Naiad, Nereid, sea nymph, Siren, trident, dolphin
oceanic, marine, maritime, pelagic, pelagian, seagoing, hydrographic, bathybic, cotidal
at sea, on sea, afloat
land, earth, ground, dry land, firma
terra continent, mainland, peninsula, chersonese, delta, tongue of land, neck of land, isthmus, oasis, promontory highland coast, shore, scar, strand, beach, playa, bank, lea, seaboard, seaside, seabank, seacoast, seabeach, ironbound coast, loom of the land, derelict, innings, alluvium, alluvion, ancon
riverbank, river bank, levee
soil, glebe, clay, loam, marl, cledge, chalk, gravel, mold, subsoil, clod, clot, rock, crag
acres, landsman
real estate land, come to land, set foot on the soil, set foot on dry land, come ashore, go ashore, debark
earthy, continental, midland, coastal, littoral, riparian, alluvial, terrene landed, predial, territorial, geophilous, ripicolous
ashore, on shore, land
on Lake land covered with water, gulf, gulph, bay, inlet, bight, estuary, arm of the sea, bayou alberca, barachois, hog wallow campagna, alkali flat, llano, mesa, Stream
mesilla stream flow blow running jet, spirt, spurt, squirt, spout, spray, splash, rush, gush, jet d'eau, sluice
water spout, water fall, cascade, force, foss, lin, linn, ghyll, Niagara, cataract, rapids, white water, catadupe|, cataclysm, debacle, inundation, deluge, chute, washout
rain, rainfall, serein, shower, scud, downpour, driving rain, drenching rain, cloudburst, hyetology, hyetography, predominance of Aquarius, St
reign of Swithin, mizzle, drizzle, stillicidum, plash, dropping, falling weather, northeaster, hurricane, typhoon
stream, course, flux, flow, profluence, effluence defluxion, flowing, current, tide, race, coulee
spring, artesian well, fount, fountain, rill, rivulet, gill, gullet, rillet, streamlet, brooklet, branch hydrodynamics, hydraulics, hydraulicostatics, rain gauge, flowmeter, pegology
irrigation pump, watering pot, watering cart, hydrant, syringe, garden hose, lawn spray, bhisti, mussuk
flow, run, meander, gush, pour, spout, roll, jet, well, issue, drop, drip, dribble, plash, spirtle, trill, trickle, distill, percolate, stream, overflow, inundate, deluge, flow over, splash, swash, guggle, murmur, babble, bubble, purl, gurgle, sputter, spurt, spray, regurgitate, ooze, flow out rain hard, rain in torrents, rain cats and dogs, rain pitchforks, pour with rain, drizzle, spit, set in, mizzle
flow into, fall into, open into, drain into, discharge itself, disembogue
pour, pour out shower down, irrigate, drench spill, splash
stanch, dam, Adj
up obstruct fluent, diffluent, profluent, affluent, tidal, flowing, meandering, meandry, meandrous, fluvial, fluviatile, streamy, showery, rainy, pluvial, stillicidous|, stillatitious
"for men may come and men may go but I go on forever" wind, draught, flatus, afflatus, efflation, eluvium, air, breath, breath of air, puff, whiff, zephyr, blow, breeze, drift, aura, stream, current, jet stream, undercurrent
gust, blast, squall, gale, half a gale, storm, tempest, hurricane, whirlwind, tornado, samiel, cyclone, anticyclone, typhoon, simoon, simoom, harmattan, monsoon, trade wind, sirocco, mistral, bise, tramontane, levanter, capful of wind, fresh breeze, stiff breeze, keen blast, blizzard, barber pulmonic, pulmonary
"lull'd by soft zephyrs" conduit, channel, duct, watercourse, race, head race, tail race, abito, aboideau, aboiteau, bito, acequia, acequiador, acequiamadre, arroyo, adit, aqueduct, canal, trough, gutter, pantile, flume, ingate, runner, lock-weir, tedge, vena, dike, main, gully, moat, ditch, drain, sewer, culvert, cloaca, sough, kennel, siphon, piscina, pipe funnel, tunnel water pipe, waste pipe, emunctory, gully hole, artery, aorta, pore, spout, scupper, adjutage, ajutage, hose, gargoyle, gurgoyle, penstock, weir, flood gate, water gate, sluice, lock, valve, rose, waterworks
vascular air pipe, air tube, airhole, blowhole, breathinghole, venthole, shaft, flue, chimney, funnel, vent, nostril, nozzle, throat, weasand, trachea, bronchus, bronchia, larynx, tonsils, windpipe, spiracle, ventiduct, ventilator, louvre, jalousie, Venetian blinds, blowpipe pipe jhilmil, smokestack
screen, screen
window artificial lung, iron lung, machine
heart and lung semiliquidity, stickiness, viscidity, viscosity, gummosity, glutinosity, mucosity, spissitude, crassitude, lentor, adhesiveness inspissation, incrassation, thickening
jelly, mucilage, gelatin, gluten, carlock, fish glue, ichthyocol, ichthycolla, isinglass, mucus, phlegm, goo, pituite, lava, glair, starch, gluten, albumen, milk, cream, protein|!, treacle, gum, size, glue wax, beeswax
emulsion, soup, squash, mud, slush, slime, ooze, V
moisture marsh inspissate, incrassate, thicken, mash, squash, churn, up
beat semifluid, semiliquid, tremellose, half melted, half frozen, milky, muddy, lacteal, lactean, lacteous, lactescent, lactiferous, emulsive, curdled, thick, succulent, uliginous
gelatinous, albuminous, mucilaginous, glutinous, glutenous, gelatin, mastic, amylaceous, ropy, clammy, clotted, viscid, viscous, sticky, tacky, gooey, slab, slabby, lentous|, pituitous, mucid, muculent, mucous, gummy
bubble, foam, froth, head, spume, lather, suds, spray, surf, yeast, barm, spindrift
cloud, vapor, fog, mist, haze, steam, geyser, scud, messenger, rack, nimbus, cumulus, woolpack, cirrus, stratus, cirrostratus, cumulostratus, cirrocumulus, mackerel sky, mare's tale, dirty sky, curl cloud, frost smoke, thunderhead
nephelognosy, nephograph, nephology
effervescence, fermentation, v
bubbling nebula, cloudliness 426, V
nebulosity bubble, boil, foam, froth, mantle, sparkle, guggle, gurgle, effervesce, ferment, fizzle
bubbling, frothy, nappy, effervescent, sparkling, mousseux frothy], up
cloudy, thunderheaded, vaporous, nebulous, overcast
"the lowring element scowls o'er the darkened landscip" anointment, V
lubrication oil unctuous, oily, oleaginous, adipose, sebaceous, unguinous, fat, fatty, greasy, waxy, butyraceous, soapy, saponaceous, pinguid, lardaceous, slippery
oil, fat, butter, cream, grease, tallow, suet, lard, dripping exunge|, blubber, glycerin, stearin, elaine, oleagine, soap, soft soap, wax, cerement, paraffin, spermaceti, adipocere, petroleum, mineral, mineral rock, mineral crystal, mineral oil, vegetable oil, colza oil, olive oil, salad oil, linseed oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, nut oil, animal oil, neat's foot oil, train oil, ointment, unguent, liniment, aceite, amole, Barbados tar, fusel oil, grain oil, rape oil, seneca oil, hydrate of amyl, ghee, heating oil, "#2 oil", No
oil, distillate, residual oils, kerosene, jet fuel, gasoline, naphtha, stearin
resin, rosin, gum, lac, sealing wax, amber, ambergris, bitumen, pitch, tar, asphalt, asphaltum, camphor, varnish, copal, mastic, magilp, lacquer, japan
artificial resin, polymer, ion-exchange resin, cation-exchange resin, anion exchange resin, water softener, Amberlite, Dowex, Diaion
varnish resiny, resinous, bituminous, pitchy, tarry, asphaltic, asphaltite
VITALITY Vitality in general organized world, organized nature, living nature, animated nature, living beings, organic remains, fossils
protoplasm, cytoplasm, protein, albumen, structure organization, organism
biology, natural history, organic chemistry, anatomy, physiology, zoology botany, microbiology, virology, bacteriology, naturalist
mycology archegenesis 161, antherozoid, bioplasm, biotaxy, chromosome, dysmeromorph, ecology, oecology, erythroblast, gametangium, gamete, germinal matter, invagination, isogamy, oogamy, karyaster, macrogamete, microgamete, metabolism, anabolism, catabolism, metaplasm, ontogeny, ovary, ovum, oxidation, phylogeny, polymorphism, protozoa, spermary, spermatozoon, trophoplasm, vacuole, vertebration, zoogloea, zygote
Darwinism, neo-Darwinism, Lamarkism, neoLamarkism, Weismannism
morphology, taxonomy
organic, organized, karyoplasmic, unsegmentic, vacuolar, zoogloeic, zoogloeoid
mineral world, mineral kingdom, unorganized matter, inorganic matter, brute matter, matter
inanimate mineralogy, geology, geognosy, geoscopy, metallurgy, metallography, lithology, oryctology|, oryctography|
turn to dust, mineralize, fossilize
inorganic, inanimate, inorganized, lithoidal, azoic, mineral
life, vitality, viability, animation, vital spark, vital flame, soul, spirit
respiration, wind, breath of life, breath of one's nostrils, oxygen, air
respirator, artificial respirator, heart and lung machine, iron lung, medical devices lifeblood, Archeus, existence vivification, vital force, vitalization, revivification Prometheus, life to come physiology, biology, ecology
animal nourishment, staff of life genetics, heredity, inheritance, evolution, natural selection, reproduction microbe, aerobe, anaerobe, facultative anaerobe, obligate aerobe, obligate anaerobe, halophile, methanogen, archaebacteria, microaerophile
animal vegetable artificial life, robot, robotics, intelligence
artificial breathing, breathing rate, heartbeat, pulse, temperature
preservation of life, V
healing be alive, live, breathe, respire, subsist walk the earth "strut and fret one's hour upon the stage" bring to life, put into life, vitalize, vivify, vivificate, reanimate keep alive, keep body and soul together, keep the wolf from the door, life
support hive nine lives like a living, alive, in life, in the flesh, in the land of the living, on this side of the grave, above ground, breathing, quick, animated, animative, lively all alive and kicking, tenacious of life, full of life, yeasty
vital, vitalic, vivifying, vivified, , viable, zoetic, Promethean
vivendi atqui vivere militare est "Hell's grim Tyrant" death blow necrology, bills of mortality, obituary, V
death song die, expire, perish, meet one's death, meet one's end, pass away, be taken, yield one's breath, resign one's breath, resign one's being, resign one's life, end one's days, end one's life, end one's earthly career, breathe one's last, cease to live, cease to breathe, depart this life, be no more, go off, drop off, pop off, lose one's life, lay down one's life, relinquish one's life, surrender one's life, drop into the grave, sink into the grave, close one's eyes, fall dead, drop dead, fall down dead, drop down dead, break one's neck, give up the ghost, yield up the ghost, one
be all over with pay the debt to nature, shuffle off this mortal coil, take one's last sleep, go the way of all flesh, hand in one's checks, pass in one's checks, hand in one's chips, Adj
pass in one's chips dead, lifeless, deceased, demised, departed, defunct, extinct, late, gone, no more, exanimate, inanimate, out of the world, taken off, released, departed this life, dead and gone, dead as a doornail, dead as a doorpost, dead as a mutton, dead as a herring, dead as nits, launched into eternity, gone to one's eternal reward, gone to meet one's maker, pushing up daisies, gathered to one's fathers, dead
numbered with the dying, moribund, morient|, hippocratic, in articulo, in extremis, in the jaws of death, in the agony of death, going off, aux abois, one one's last legs, on one's death bed, at the point of death, at death's door,, at the last gasp, near one's end, given over, booked, with one foot in the grave, grave
tottering on the brink of the stillborn, mortuary, Adv
deadly post obit, mortem
post life ebbs, life fails, life hangs by a thread, one's days are numbered, one's hour is come, one's race is run, one's doom is sealed, Death knocks at the door, Death stares one in the face, the breath is out of the body, the grave closes over one, Killing
sic itur ad astra killing, homicide, manslaughter, murder, assassination, trucidation|, iccusion|, effusion of blood, blood, blood shed, gore, slaughter, carnage, butchery, battue
massacre, fusillade, noyade, thuggery, Thuggism
deathblow, finishing stroke, coup de grace, quietus, execution judicial murder, martyrdom
butcher, slayer, murderer, Cain, assassin, terrorist, cutthroat, garroter, bravo, Thug, Moloch, matador, sabreur, guet-a-pens, gallows, executioner man-eater, apache, Aceldama
hatchet man slaughtering, phthisozoics, sport, sporting, the chase, venery, hunting, coursing, shooting, fishing, pig
sticking, sportsman, huntsman, fisherman, hunter, Nimrod, slaughterhouse, meat packing plant, shambles, abattoir
fatal accident, violent death, casualty
kill, put to death, slay, shed blood, murder, assassinate, butcher, slaughter, victimize, immolate, massacre, take away life, deprive of life, make away with, put an end to, despatch, dispatch, burke, settle, for
do strangle, garrote, hang, throttle, choke, stifle, suffocate, stop the breath, smother, asphyxiate, drown
saber, cut down, cut to pieces, cut the throat, jugulate, stab, run through the body, bayonet, eviscerate, put to the sword, sword
put to the edge of the shoot dead, blow one's brains out, brain, knock on the head, stone, lapidate, give a deathblow, deal a deathblow, give a quietus, grace
give a coupe de behead, bowstring, electrocute, gas hunt, n
shoot cut off, nip in the bud, launch into eternity, send to one's last account, sign one's death warrant, of
strike the death knell give no quarter, pour out blood like water, decimate, run amuck, wade knee deep in blood, blood
imbrue one's hands in die a violent death, welter in one's blood, dash out one's brains, blow out one's brains, commit suicide, kill oneself, make away with oneself, put an end to oneself, all
put an end to it killing, murderous, slaughterous, sanguinary, sanguinolent, blood stained, blood thirsty, homicidal, red handed, bloody, bloody minded, ensanguined, gory, thuggish
mortal, fatal, lethal, dead, deadly, mortiferous|, lethiferous, unhealthy internecine, suicidal
sporting, piscatorial, piscatory
in at the "assassination has never changed the history of the world" cypress, orbit, dead march, muffled drum, mortuary, undertaker, mute, elegy, funeral, funeral oration, funeral sermon, epitaph
graveclothes, shroud, winding sheet, cerecloth, cerement
coffin, shell, sarcophagus, urn, pall, bier, hearse, catafalque, urn
cinerary grave, pit, sepulcher, tomb, vault, crypt, catacomb, mausoleum, Golgotha, house of death, narrow house, cemetery, necropolis, burial place, burial ground, grave yard, church yard, God's acre, tope, cromlech, barrow, tumulus, cairn, ossuary, bone house, charnel house, dead house, morgue, lich gate, burning ghat, crematorium, crematory, dokhma, mastaba, potter's field, stupa, Silence
Tower of sexton, gravedigger
monument, cenotaph, shrine, grave stone, head stone, tomb stone, memento mori, hatchment, stone, obelisk, pyramid
exhumation, disinterment, necropsy, autopsy, post mortem examination, zoothapsis
inter, bury, lay in the grave, consign to the grave, lay in the tomb, entomb, in tomb, inhume, lay out, perform a funeral, embalm, mummify, toll the knell, put to bed with a shovel, inurn
exhume, disinter, unearth
burried, burial, funereal, funebrial, mortuary, sepulchral, cinerary, elegiac, necroscopic
in memoriam, post obit, post mortem, sod
beneath the hic jacet[obs3], ci-git, RIP, requiescat in pace, "the lone couch of his everlasting sleep" mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, crustacean, shellfish, mollusk, worm, insect, arthropod, microbe
microbe, animalcule alligator, crocodile, saurian, dinosaur frog, toad
trout, bass, tuna, muskelunge, sailfish, sardine, mackerel
ant, mosquito, bee, honeybee
tardigrade, spider
biped, quadruped
flocks and herds, live stock, domestic animals, wild animals, game, ferae naturae, beasts of the field, fowls of the air, denizens of the sea, black game, black grouse, blackcock, duck, grouse, plover, rail, snipe
horse cattle, kine, ox, bull, bullock, cow, milch cow, calf, heifer, shorthorn, sheep, lamb, lambkin, ewe, ram, tup, pig, swine, boar, hog, sow, steer, stot, tag, teg, bison, buffalo, yak, zebu, dog, cat
dog, hound, pup, puppy, whelp, cur, mongrel, house dog, watch dog, sheep dog, shepherd's dog, sporting dog, fancy dog, lap dog, toy dog, bull dog, badger dog, mastiff, blood hound, grey hound, stag hound, deer hound, fox hound, otter hound, harrier, beagle, spaniel, pointer, setter, retriever, Newfoundland, water dog, water spaniel, pug, poodle, turnspit, terrier, fox terrier, Skye terrier, Dandie Dinmont, collie
feline, puss, pussy, grimalkin, gib cat, cat
tom fox, Reynard, vixen, stag, deer, hart, buck, doe, roe, caribou, coyote, elk, moose, musk ox, sambar
bird, poultry, fowl, cock, hen, chicken, chanticleer, partlet, rooster, dunghill cock, barn door fowl, feathered tribes, feathered songster, singing bird, dicky bird, canary, warbler, finch, aberdevine, cushat, cygnet, ringdove, siskin, swan, pigeon
wood vermin, varmint US], pest
animal, zoological equine, bovine, vaccine, canine, feline, fishy, piscatory, piscatorial, molluscous, vermicular, gallinaceous, rasorial, solidungulate, soliped
vegetable, vegetable kingdom, flora, verdure
plant, tree, shrub, bush, creeper, herb, herbage, grass
annual, perennial, biennial, triennial, exotic
timber, forest, wood, woodlands, timberland, hurst, frith, holt, weald, park, chase, greenwood, brake, grove, copse, coppice, bocage, tope, clump of trees, thicket, spinet, spinney, underwood, brushwood, scrub, boscage, bosk, ceja, chaparral, Zoology
motte zoology, zoonomy, zoography, zootomy, anatomy, comparative anatomy, animal physiology, comparative physiology, morphology, mammalogy
anthropology, ornithology, ichthyology, herpetology, ophiology, malacology, helminthology, entomology, oryctology, paleontology, mastology, vermeology, ichthy ichthyotomy, taxidermy
zoologist zoological botany, physiological botany, structural botany, systematic botany, phytography, phytology, phytotomy, vegetable physiology, herborization, dendrology, mycology, fungology, algology, flora, romona, botanic garden 371, hortus siccus, herbarium, herbal
botanist herbist, herbarist, herbalist, herborist, herbarian
botanize, herborize
botanical, botanic
husbandry, taming, circuration, zoohygiantics, domestication, domesticity, manege, veterinary art, farriery, breeding, pisciculture
menagerie, vivarium, zoological garden, bear pit, aviary, apiary, alveary, beehive, hive, aquarium, fishery, duck pond, pond
fish phthisozoics 361[Destruction of animals], euthanasia, sacrifice, destruction
humane neatherd, cowherd, shepherd, grazier, drover, cowkeeper, trainer, breeder, apiarian, apiarist, bull whacker hencoop, bird cage, cauf, range, sheepfold, V
tame, domesticate, acclimatize, breed, tend, break in, train, cage, bridle, Adj
pastoral, bucolic, tame, domestic
agriculture, cultivation, husbandry, farming, georgics, geoponics, tillage, agronomy, gardening, spade husbandry, vintage, horticulture, arboriculture, floriculture, landscape gardening, viticulture
husbandman, horticulturist, gardener, florist, agricultor, agriculturist, yeoman, farmer, cultivator, tiller of the soil, woodcutter, backwoodsman, granger, habitat, vigneron, viticulturist, Triptolemus
field, meadow, garden, botanic garden, winter garden, ornamental garden, flower garden, kitchen garden, market garden, hop garden, nursery, green house, hot house, conservatory, bed, border, seed plot, grassplot, grassplat, lawn, park parterre, shrubbery, plantation, avenue, arboretum, pinery, pinetum, orchard, vineyard, vinery, orangery, V
farm cultivate, till the soil, farm, garden, sow, plant, reap, mow, cut, manure, dress the ground, dig, delve, dibble, hoe, plough, plow, harrow, rake, weed, lop and top, backset anthropology, anthropogeny, anthropography, anthroposophy, ethnology, ethnography, humanitarian
human being, person, personage, individual, creature, fellow creature, mortal, body, somebody, one, such a one, some one, soul, living soul, earthling, party, head, hand, dramatis personae, quidam
people, persons, folk, public, society, world, community, community at large, general public, nation, nationality, state, realm, commonweal, commonwealth, republic, body politic, million population tribe, clan family cosmopolite, lords of the creation, ourselves
human, mortal, personal, individual, national, civic, public, social, cosmopolitan, anthropoid
"am I not a man and a brother?" gentleman, sir, master, sahib, yeoman, wight|!, swain, fellow, blade, beau, elf, chap, gaffer, good man, husband Mr., mister, boy cock, drake, gander, dog, boar, stag, hart, buck, horse, entire horse, stallion, gibcat, tomcat, he goat, Billy goat, ram, tup, bull, bullock, capon, ox, gelding, steer, stot
homosexual, gay, queen
masculinize male, he-, masculine, manly, virile, unwomanly, unfeminine
he, him, his
hominem pagina nostra sapit womankind, the sex, the fair, fair sex, softer sex, vessel
weaker dame, madam, madame, mistress, Mrs
lady, donna belle, matron, dowager, goody, gammer, Frau, frow, Vrouw, rani, good woman, good wife, squaw, wife matronage, matronhood
bachelor girl, new woman, feminist, suffragette, suffragist
nymph, wench, grisette, girl sissy, betty, cot betty hen, bitch, sow, doe, roe, mare, she goat, Nanny goat, tabita, ewe, cow, lioness, tigress, vixen
estrogen, oestrogen
consanguinity 166 relatives], paternity lesbian, dyke
female, she-, feminine, womanly, ladylike, matronly, maidenly, wifely, womanish, effeminate, unmanly, gynecic, gynaecic
she, her, hers
"a perfect woman nobly planned" sex, sexuality, gender, male, masculinity, maleness female, femininity sexual intercourse, copulation, mating, coitus, sex, lovemaking, marital relations, sexual union, sleeping together, knowledge
carnal sex instinct, sex drive, libido, lust, concupiscence, hots, horns fornication, adultery
sex symbol, sex goddess, stud, hunk
one-night pornography, porn, porno, hardcore pornography, softcore pornography, pin-up, cheesecake, beefcake, Playboy with sexual photos], Esquire, Hustler
perversion, deviation, sexual abnormality, fetish, fetishism, homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, sodomy, buggery, pederasty, sadism, masochism, sado-masochism, incest
mate, copulate, make love, have intercourse, fornicate, have sex, do it, sleep together, fuck, sleep around, field
play the masturbate, jerk off, jack off, oneself
play with have the hots, become aroused, get hot, have an erection, up
get it come, climax, ejaculate
sexy, erotic, sexual, carnal, sensual
hot, horny, randy, rutting, passionate, lusty, hot-blooded, libidinous, up, mood
in the homosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual
Sensation in general Physical sensibility, sensitiveness, physical sensibility, feeling, impressibility, perceptivity, aesthetics, moral sensibility sensation, impression, senses
consciousness external be sensible of, feel, perceive
render sensible, sharpen, cultivate, tutor
cause sensation, impress, excite an impression, impression
produce an sensible, sensitive, sensuous, aesthetic, perceptive, sentient, conscious acute, sharp, keen, vivid, lively, impressive, thin-skinned
to the "the touch'd needle trembles to the pole" luxury, lap of luxury, purple and fine linen, bed of downs, bed of roses, velvet, clover, cup of Circe treat, refreshment, regale, feast, delice, bouche
dainty bonne source of pleasure happiness feel pleasure, experience pleasure, receive pleasure, enjoy, relish, luxuriate in, revel in, riot in, bask in, swim in, drink up, eat up, wallow in, feast on, gloat over, float on, lips
smack the live on the fat of the land, live in comfort adv., bask in the sunshine, gras
faire ses choux give pleasure enjoying, luxurious, voluptuous, sensual, comfortable, cosy, snug, in comfort, ease
at pleasant, Adv
agreeable in comfort, on a bed of roses, ease
at one's ride si sapis pang, colic, kink
sharp pain, piercing pain, throbbing pain, shooting pain, sting, gnawing pain, burning pain, pain
excruciating anguish, agony, torment, torture, rack, cruciation, crucifixion, martyrdom, toad under a harrow, vivisection
feel pain, experience pain, suffer pain, undergo pain, suffer, ache, smart, bleed, tingle, shoot, twinge, twitch, lancinate, writhe, wince, make a wry face, sit on thorns, needles
sit on pins and give pain, inflict pain, lacerate, pain, hurt, chafe, sting, bite, gnaw, gripe, pinch, tweak, grate, gall, fret, prick, pierce, wring, convulse, torment, torture, rack, agonize, crucify, cruciate, excruciate|, break on the wheel, put to the rack, Adj
flog grate on the ear in pain, in a state of pain, pained, gouty, podagric, torminous
painful, aching, sore, raw
Special Sensation Touch touch, tact, taction, tactility, feeling, palpation, palpability, contrectation, manipulation, massage
hand, finger, forefinger, thumb, paw, feeler, antenna, palpus
touch, feel, handle, finger, thumb, paw, fumble, grope, grabble, twiddle, tweedle, pass the fingers over, run the fingers over, manipulate, wield, feeler
throw out a tactual, tactile, tangible, palpable, lambent
Sensations of itching, pruritis, titillation, formication, aura, stereognosis
itch, tingle, creep, thrill, sting, prick, prickle, tickle, titillate
itching, stereognostic, titillative
numbness anaesthesia, needles
pins and benumb numb, benumbed, deadened, intangible, impalpable
Heat heat, caloric, temperature, warmth, fervor, calidity, incalescence, incandescence, glow, flush, fever, hectic
phlogiston, fire, spark, scintillation, flash, flame, blaze, bonfire, firework, pyrotechnics, pyrotechny, wildfire, sheet of fire, lambent flame, devouring element, adiathermancy, recalescence
summer, dog days, canicular days, baking heat, white heat, tropical heat, Afric heat, Bengal heat, summer heat, blood heat, sirocco, simoom, broiling sun, insolation, warming sun pyrology, thermology, thermotics, thermodynamics, thermometer calorie, gram-calorie, small calorie, kilocalorie, kilogram calorie, large calorie, British Thermal Unit, B.T.U., therm, quad
degrees Kelvin, kelvins, degrees centigrade, degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit
degrees be hot, glow, flush, sweat, swelter, bask, smoke, reek, stew, simmer, seethe, boil, burn, blister, broil, blaze, flame, smolder, parch, fume, pant
heat recalesce, thaw, give
hot, warm, mild, genial, tepid, lukewarm, unfrozen, thermal, thermic, calorific, fervent, fervid, ardent, aglow
sunny, torrid, tropical, estival|!, canicular, steamy, close, sultry, stifling, stuffy, suffocating, oppressive, reeking, baking red hot, white hot, smoking hot, v
burning hot, piping hot, like a furnace, like an oven, burning, hot as fire, hot as pepper, hot enough to roast an ox, egg
hot enough to boil an fiery, incandescent, incalescent, candent, ebullient, glowing, smoking, live, on fire, dazzling, in flames, blazing, in a blaze, alight, afire, ablaze, unquenched, unextinguished, smoldering, in a heat, in a glow, in a fever, in a perspiration, in a sweat, sudorific, sweltering, sweltered, blood hot, blood warm, warm as a toast, wool
warm as volcanic, plutonic, igneous, isothermal|!, isothermic|!, isotheral|!
not a breath of air, "whirlwinds of tempestuous fire" ice, snow, snowflake, snow crystal, snow drift, sleet, hail, hailstone, rime, frost, hoar frost, white frost, hard frost, sharp frost, barf, glaze freezing mixture, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, helium
liquid chilliness, chill, shivering, goose skin, horripilation, rigor, chattering of teeth, numbness, frostbite
be cold, shiver, starve, quake, shake, tremble, shudder, didder, quiver, freeze, freeze to death, cold
perish with chill, freeze horripilate, make the skin crawl, flesh
give one goose cold, cool, chill, chilly, icy, gelid, frigid, algid, fresh, keen, bleak, raw, inclement, bitter, biting, niveous, cutting, nipping, piercing, pinching, clay-cold, starved chilled to the bone, shivering, aguish, transi de froid, frostbitten, frost-bound, frost-nipped
cold as a stone, cold as marble, cold as lead, cold as iron, cold as a frog, cold as charity, cold as Christmas, cool as a cucumber, custard
cool as icy, glacial, frosty, freezing, pruinose, wintry, brumal, hibernal, boreal, arctic, Siberian, hyemal, hyperborean, hyperboreal, icebound, out
frozen unwarmed, unthawed, lukewarm, tepid, isocheimal, isocheimenal, isocheimic
frozen, numb, frost-bitten
coldly, bitterly, pierre fendre, #384
increase of temperature, heating, calefaction, tepefaction, torrefaction, melting, fusion, liquefaction burning, ambustion, combustion, incension|, accension, concremation, cremation, scorification, cautery, cauterization, ustulation, calcination, cracking, refining, incineration, cineration, carbonization, cupellation
ignition, inflammation, adustion, flagration| furnace blanket, flannel, fur, wadding clothing still, refinery, fractionating column, fractionating tower, tower
cracking match incendiary, petroleuse, cauterizer, caustic, lunar caustic, alkali, apozem, moxa, acid, aqua fortis, aqua regia, catheretic, nitric acid, nitrochloro-hydric acid, nitromuriatic acid, radioactivity, gamma rays, alpha particles, beta rays, X-rays, radiation, cosmic radiation, background radiation, radioactive isotopes, tritium, uranium, plutonium, radon, radium
sunstroke, coup de soleil, insolation
pottery, ceramics, crockery, porcelain, china, earthenware, stoneware, pot, mug, terra cotta, brick, clinker
cinder, ash, scoriae, embers, soot, slag
coke, carbon, charcoal, wood alcohol, turpentine, tea tree oil, gasoline, kerosene, naptha, fuel oil wax, paraffin, residue, tar
inflammability, combustibility
diathermancy, transcalency, conduction, convection, radiation, radiant heat, heat conductivity, conductivity
thermal expansion, expansion
coefficient of heat, warm, chafe, stive, foment, make hot sun oneself, sunbathe
go up in flames, burn to the ground fire, set fire to, set on fire, kindle, enkindle, light, ignite, strike a light, apply the match to, apply the torch to, rekindle, relume, fan the flame, add fuel to the flame, poke the fire, stir the fire, blow the fire, of
make a bonfire melt, thaw, fuse, liquefy burn, inflame, roast, toast, fry, grill, singe, parch, bake, torrefy, scorch, brand, cauterize, sear, burn in, corrode, char, calcine, incinerate, smelt, scorify, reduce to ashes, burn to a cinder, commit to the flames, flames
consign to the boil, digest, stew, cook, seethe, scald, parboil, simmer, rags
do to take fire, catch fire, Adj
blaze heated, molten, sodden, rchauff, heating, adust
inflammable, combustible, diathermal, diathermanous, burnt, volcanic, radioactive
refrigeration, infrigidation, reduction of temperature, cooling, congelation, conglaciation| ice box extincteur, fire annihilator, amianth, amianthus, earth-flax, mountain-flax, flexible asbestos, fireman, 388a
fire brigade incombustibility, adj
incombustibleness air conditioning cooling], central air conditioning, air conditioner, fan, attic fan, dehumidifier
cool, fan, refrigerate, refresh, ice, congeal, freeze, glaciate, benumb, starve, pinch, chill, petrify, chill to the marrow, regelate, nip, cut, pierce, bite, make one's teeth chatter, damp, slack quench, put out, stamp out, extinguish, go out, 388a
burn out cooled, frozen out, cooling, frigorific
furnace, stove, kiln, oven, cracker, hearth, focus, combustion chamber, athanor, hypocaust, reverberatory, volcano, forge, fiery furnace, limekiln, Dutch oven, tuyere, brasier, salamander, heater, warming pan, boiler, caldron, seething caldron, pot, urn, kettle, chafing-dish, retort, crucible, alembic, still, waffle irons, muffle furnace, induction furnace, electric heater, electric furnace, heat
electric resistance open-hearth fireplace, gas fireplace, coal fire, wood fire, fire-dog, fire-irons, grate, range, kitchener, caboose, camboose, poker, tongs, shovel, ashpan, hob, trivet, andiron, gridiron, ashdrop, frying-pan, stew-pan, backlog
hearth, inglenook
oil burner, gas burner, Franklin stove, pot-bellied stove, wood-burning stove, central heating, steam heat, hot water heat, gas heat, forced hot air, electric heat, heat pump, solar heat, heat
convective hothouse, bakehouse, washhouse, laundry, conservatory, sudatory, Turkish bath, Russian bath, vapor bath, steam bath, sauna, warm bath, vaporarium
refrigerator, refrigeratory, frigidarium, cold storage, cold room, cold laboratory, icehouse, icepail, icebag, icebox, cooler, damper, polyurethane cooler, cooler
wine freezer, deep freeze, dry ice freezer, liquid nitrogen freezer, refigerator-freezer
freezing mixture substances], ice, ice cubes, blocks of ice, chipped ice, liquid nitrogen, dry ice, dry ice-acetone, helium
liquid fuel, firing, combustible
coal, wallsend, anthracite, culm, coke, carbon, charcoal, bituminous coal, tar shale, turf, peat, firewood, bobbing, faggot, log, cinder ingle, tinder, touchwood, sulphur, brimstone, incense, port-fire, fire-barrel, fireball, brand, amadou, bavin, blind coal, glance coal, German tinder, pyrotechnic sponge, punk, smudge wax, paraffin wax, paraffin oil, lamp oil, oil
whale oil, petroleum, gasoline, high octane gasoline, nitromethane, petrol, gas, juice natural gas, synthetic gas, synthesis gas, propane, butane, hydrogen
brand, torch, fuse, wick, spill, match, light, lucifer, congreve, vesuvian, vesta, fusee, locofoco, linstock
candle oil carbonaceous, combustible, inflammable, high octane, high specific impulse, combustion,
heat of Insulation, extinction
Fire of 388} insulation, incombustible material, noncombustible material, fire retardant, flame retardant, fire wall, door
fire incombustibility, adj
incombustibleness extincteur, fire annihilator, amianth, amianthus, earth-flax, mountain-flax, asbestos, fireman, fire fighter, fire eater, fire department, fire brigade, engine company, pumper, fire truck, hook and ladder, aerial ladder, bucket, fire hose, hydrant
fire backfire, firebreak, trench, bombardment
aerial water wet blanket, fire extinguisher, soda and acid extinguisher, dry chemical extinguisher, CO-two extinguisher, carbon tetrachloride, foam, sprinklers, automatic sprinkler system, fire bucket, bucket
sand fire alarm, evacuation alarm, fire code, fire regulations, fire, fire inspector, code violation, citation
go out, die out, burn out, fizzle
extinguish, damp, slack, quench, smother, put out, stamp out, douse, snuff, snuff out, out
blow fireproof, flameproof
incombustible, nonflammable, uninflammable, unflammable, fireproof
fight fire with fire thermometer, thermometrograph, mercury thermometer, alcohol thermometer, clinical thermometer, dry-bulb thermometer, wet-bulb thermometer, Anschutz thermometer, gas thermometer, telethermometer, color-changing temperature indicator, thermopile, thermoscope, pyrometer, calorimeter, bomb calorimeter, thermistor, thermocouple
thermostat, thermoregulator
Taste taste, flavor, gust, gusto, savor, gout, relish, sapor|, sapidity, twang, smack, lips
smatch| smack the sapid, saporific, gustable|, gustatory, gustful, strong, gamy, #391
palatable insipidity, blandness, adj
tastelessness be tasteless bland, void of taste insipid, tasteless, gustless|, savorless, ingustible|, mawkish, milk and water, weak, stale, flat, vapid, fade, wishy-washy, mild, untasted
pungency, piquance, piquancy, haut
poignancy gout, strong taste, twang, race
sharpness, acrimony, roughness unsavoriness mustard, cayenne, caviare, seasoning niter, saltpeter, brine 392a, carbonate of ammonia, sal ammoniac, sal volatile, smelling salts, 401a
hartshorn dram, cordial, nip
nicotine, tobacco, snuff, quid, smoke, segar, cigar, cigarette, weed, fragrant weed, Indian weed, Cavendish, fid, negro head, old soldier, rappee, stogy
be pungent, tongue
bite the render -pungent, season, spice, salt, pepper, pickle, brine, devil
smoke, chew, snuff
take pungent, strong, high-, full-flavored, high-tasted, high
seasoned, gamy, sharp, stinging, rough, piquant, racy, biting, mordant, spicy, seasoned, hot, hot as pepper, peppery, vellicating, escharotic, meracious|, acrid, acrimonious, bitter, #392a
rough unsavory niter, saltpeter, brine
salty, salt, saline, brackish, briny, salty as brine, salty as a herring, wife
salty as Lot's salty, Phr
racy take it with a grain of Bitterness bitterness, acridness, acridity, acrimony, caustic, alkali, acerbity, gall, wormwood, bitters, bitters
astringent alkaloids, turmeric
bitter, bitterish, acrid, acerb, acerbic
bitter as gall, bitter pill to take, pill
sugar coating on a bitter condiment, seasoning, sauce, spice, relish, appetizer
salt, mustard, grey poupon mustard, pepper, black pepper, white pepper, peppercorn, curry, sauce piquante, caviare, onion, garlic, pickle, achar, allspice, bell pepper, Jamaica pepper, green pepper, chutney, cubeb, pimento
capsicum, red pepper, chili peppers, cayenne
nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, oregano, cloves, fennel
pot herbs, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, marjoram
frankincense, balm, myrrh
ginger, turmeric
season, spice, flavor, #394
spice up savoriness, good taste, deliciousness, delectability
relish, zest, appetizer
tidbit, titbit, dainty, delicacy, tasty morsel, appetizer, hors d'ouvres, ambrosia, nectar, bonne-bouche, game, turtle, venison, delicatessen
be savory, tickle the palate, tickle the appetite, palate
flatter the render palatable relish, like, lips
smack the savory, delicious, tasty, well-tasted, to one's taste, good, palatable, nice, dainty, delectable, toothful, toothsome, gustful, appetizing, lickerish, delicate, exquisite, rich, luscious, ambrosial, scrumptious, delightful
per amusare la bocca cela se laisse unsavoriness, amaritude, acrimony, acridity 392b, roughness acerbity, austerity, gall and wormwood, rue, quassia, aloes, marah, sickener
be unpalatable, sicken, disgust, nauseate, pall, stomach
turn the unsavory, unpalatable, unsweetened, unsweet, ill-flavored, bitter, bitter as gall, acrid, acrimonious, rough
offensive, repulsive, nasty, sickening, nauseous, loathsome, fulsome, #396
unpleasant sweetness, dulcitude
sugar, syrup, treacle, molasses, honey, manna, confection, confectionary, sweets, grocery, conserve, preserve, confiture, jam, julep, sugar-candy, sugar-plum, licorice, marmalade, plum, lollipop, bonbon, jujube, comfit, sweetmeat, apple butter, caramel, damson, glucose, maple sirup, maple syrup, maple sugar, mithai, sorghum, taffy
nectar, hydromel, mead, meade, metheglin, honeysuckle, liqueur, sweet wine, aperitif
sugar cane, beets
sugar desert, pastry, pie, cake, candy, ice cream, tart, puff, pudding dulcification|, dulcoration|
sweetener, corn syrup, cane sugar, refined sugar, beet sugar, dextrose, artificial sweetener, saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame, Low
Sweet'N be sweet render sweet, sweeten, edulcorate, dulcorate|, dulcify|, candy, mull
sweet, saccharine, sacchariferous, dulcet, candied, honied, luscious, lush, nectarious, melliferous, v
sweetened sweet as a nut, sweet as sugar, honey
sweet as sickly eau sucre, #398
"sweets to the sweet" Odor odor, smell, odorament|, scent, effluvium, emanation, exhalation, fume, essence, trail, nidor|, redolence
sense of smell, scent, act of smelling, olfaction, olfactories
fragrance bloodhound, hound
have an odor, smell, smell of, smell strong of, exhale, give out a smell, reek, reek of, scent
smell, scent, snuff, snuff up, sniff, nose, inhale