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Write maths, see maths is a jQuery plugin for editable areas which gives an instant MathJax preview of the TeX you're writing just above the cursor.

To use it, just call $(selector).writemaths()$ when the page loads.

You can optionally pass in an object with some options:

  • cleanMaths: a function which does something to the LaTeX before displaying it.
  • callback: a function which is called when the preview is displayed.
  • iFrame: set this to true if you're applying writemaths to something like TinyMCE, which lives inside an iframe.
  • position: the position on the parent element on which to place the preview. It's really the ```at`` option of jquery.ui.position.
  • previewPosition: the position on the preview element to line up with the parent element. It's really the my option of jquery.ui.position.
  • of: the element to position relative to.


A jQuery plugin to give an instant preview of LaTeX in editing areas.



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