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Warning The raspicam2 package is deprecated. Use camera_ros instead. The MMAL rawcam component is now considered legacy. From Raspberry Pi OS 11 (bullseye) on, all Raspberry Pi cameras are interfaced via libcamera by default. camera_ros uses libcamera to interface with Raspberry Pi cameras as well as standard V4L2 cameras.


ROS2 node for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module. Works with both the V1.x and V2.x versions of the module. We recommend using the v2.x cameras as they have better auto gain, and the general image quality is better.

Build Instructions

  1. On Ubuntu: Install the VideoCore libraries. Since these conflict with packages libgles2-mesa-dev and mesa-common-dev, you have to remove those one first.
sudo apt autoremove --purge libgles2-mesa-dev mesa-common-dev
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-pi-flavour-makers/ppa
sudo apt install libraspberrypi-bin libraspberrypi-dev
  1. Change to the workspace and build:
colcon build

Running the Node

  1. Activate the camera via raspi-config (sudo apt install raspi-config)
  2. source the workspace and start the node executable
source install/setup.bash
ros2 run raspicam2 raspicam2_node --ros-args --params-file `ros2 pkg prefix raspicam2`/share/raspicam2/cfg/params.yaml


  1. Make sure that your user is in the video group by running groups|grep video.

  2. If you get an error saying: Failed to create camera component, make sure that the camera cable is properly seated on both ends, and that the cable is not missing any pins. If this doesn't work update your firmware with rpi-update.

  3. If the publish rate of the image over the network is lower than expected, consider using a lower resolution to reduce the amount of bandwidth required.

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