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A MODX plugin that processes ajax and non-ajax requests


This plugin is currently not availabel through MODX package management.

If you want to use this plugin you need to do some things first:

  • create a new category in the manager called AjaxSwitch
  • create a new chunk called Default Template and add it to the new AjaxSwitch category. Fill the chunk at least with the [[+resource.content]] tag.
  • create a new TV called ajaxswitch.templateWrapper give it a nice caption like Template Wrapper, set the input type to "listbox" and add the following @binding as input option values: @SELECT name FROM modx_site_htmlsnippets WHERE category = X (where X is the ID of your AjaxSwitch category)
  • create a new plugin called AjaxSwitch and copy the contents of core/components/ajaxswitch/elements/plugins/AjaxSwitch.php