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ngDropbox is a Dropbox Core API Client for AngularJS adapted from dropbox-js. It should be familiar to dropbox-js users as well as idiomatic to AngularJS.


This module is extracted from an AngularJS application. It mostly satisfies the needs of that project but I'm working (as of 1/4/2014) in my spare time to implement the rest of the API. If you want to use ngDropbox but something is missing or doesn't work as expected, please submit an issue or get in touch to pair program. Thanks in advance!


Bower is the quickest way to include ngDropbox in your project.

$ bower install --save

<script src="bower_components/ngDropbox/dropbox.js"></script>

If you don't use Bower, just download dropbox.js into your scripts directory.

$ curl -O

<script src="your/js/path/dropbox.js"></script>


After you create an app in the Dropbox App Console, add an OAuth Redirect URI pointing to https://<HOST>/components/ngDropbox/callback.html.

In your AngularJS app, load the module. Inform your app of the App key and Redirect URI, then inject the service into your controllers and start making API calls. All methods that communicate with the API return promises.

// load the module
angular.module('myApp', ['dropbox'])

  .config(function (DropboxProvider) {
    DropboxProvider.config(<APP_KEY>, <REDIRECT_URI>);

  // inject the service
  .controller('DropboxCtrl', function ($scope, Dropbox) {
    // assign a promise to scope
    $scope.accountInfo = Dropbox.accountInfo();

    // or use callbacks
    Dropbox.copy('dir/image1.jpg', 'dir/image2.jpg').then(function (res) {
      Dropbox.move('dir/image1.jpg', 'dir/image.jpg').then(function (res) {
        $ = Dropbox.stat('dir');




Methods yet to be implemented (as of 8/1/2013).

  • signOut/signOff
  • writeFile
  • resumableUpload
  • makeUrl
  • readThumbnail
  • makeCopyReference/copyRef
  • pullChanges/delta


  • Support redirect and other authentication methods in addition to browser popup
  • Test in multiple browsers
  • Test error cases


Installing the Karma test runner with npm install karma -g, then run the tests with karma start.

Copyright and License

The library is Copyright (c) 2013 Christian Smith, and distributed under the MIT License.