Make local backups of your Google Calendar (or any other calendar)
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Google Calendar Backup

Command-line tool to make local backups of your Google Calendar (or any other calendar).


You need a machine which is able to run Windows PowerShell.

Change the values in the config file as follows:

  • DownloadPath:
    The calendar files will be downloaded to this folder

  • SubfolderPerDate:
    Valid values are:
    0: The downloaded files will be overwritten on each run
    1: On each run, the files will be saved in a new subfolder with the current date/time. The old files will never be deleted.

  • Calendar:
    Multiple items possible. Each one needs:

    • url: The calendar's download URL
    • filename: The downloaded calendar will be saved with this filename
      (note: if you use the same name multiple times, the second file will overwrite the first!)

How do I know the download URL for my calendar?

I wrote this tool to download my Google Calendar, so I only know the answer for Google:
Each Google Calendar has a private address, which is a direct link to the calendar in the ICalendar format.
Here are the instructions how to get the private address.


Google Calendar Backup is licensed under the MIT License.