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[Show the location][contriloca_page] of your github project contributors.

Lovingly crafted by [@denbuzze][twitter_denbuzze].

[Follow us on twitter][twitter_denbuzze]

Confessions from the author

  • It's the first time I've used [dojo] in a real life project.
  • I hope people will show me ways how to make my code better.
  • I don't like cats.

Commit to the project

How to commit?

  1. Push the finished code to your own remote repository.
  2. Send a pull request to [christianv/contriloca][contriloca].

Code Style Guidelines

  • Indentation: 2 spaces
  • Max column width: 78 characters
  • Trailing spaces: not allowed
  • Always use curly brackets {} for if/else/for
  • Put all var statements in the beginning of a function
  • Use === & !== for comparing variables
  • Use the following spacing rules:
for (var i = 0, j = length; i < j; i++) {

## API Usage
The contriloca project uses the following APIs:

* [Google Maps JavaScript API](
* [Github API v3](

## Version log
* 0.0.1 Initial version

[twitter_denbuzze]: (
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