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This package is part of the Argdown project. It contains the two Argdown map views used in @argdown/vscode and @argdown/sandbox:

  • DagreMap uses dagre-d3 to generate SVG from Argdown data
  • VizJsMap uses viz.js to generate SVG from Argdown data (via the dot format)

Both views use the browser DOM and can not be used in a pure node.js project.

Both map views use d3 to add move & zoom interaction to the graphs. These features are implemented in the ZoomManager class.

VizJsMap uses the web worker functionality of viz.js so you have to provide it with a working url to the full.render.js script of the viz.js package.

To find out how to use these views, take a look at the example provided with this package. It can be build with npm run example. The example uses the parcel bundler to bundle up the different npm packages and compile the typescript files. It also shows how to use the full.render.js of viz.js as a web worker.

To build this package use npm run build.