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This package is part of the Argdown project and adds Argdown support to the remark parser.

For a more detailed documentation, read the guide on how to use Argdown in Markdown.

Here are the basics from it:

How to add Argdown support to Remark

Install remark, remark-html and @argdown/remark-plugin in your package:

npm install remark remark-html @argdown/remark-plugin

Configure remark:

import remark from "remark";
import remarkArgdownPlugin from "@argdown/remark-plugin";
import html from "remark-html";

const defaultSettings = {};
const rm = remark()
  .use(remarkArgdownPlugin, {
    argdownConfig: (cwd) => {
      return defaultSettings;
  .use(html as any);

const markdownInput = `
# Argdown in Markdown

    <- <a>

const argdownConfig = { webComponent: { withoutHeader: true }; // example configuration
rm.process(markdownInput, (error, file)=>{