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Argdown for Visual Studio Code

Argdown logo

Argdown is a simple syntax for analyzing complex argumentation, inspired by Markdown. This extension provides full language support for Argdown in VS Code:

If you want to learn more about Argdown argumentation syntax, read the guide and documentation.

Why the extension was temporarily unpublished

On 2018-11-26 the extension was unpublished on the Marketplace as it was one of the extensions that inadvertantly depended on the open-source library event-stream that was used by hackers to introduce a "backdoor" vulnerability. We are not responsible for this hack, nor have we directly used the event-stream library in our code. Instead it was automatically installed by the VS Code yeoman generator for extension authors. As the hack targeted cryptocurrency software, users of this extension were not affected by this hack, however Microsoft decided to be cautious and unpublish all extensions using the library. Version 1.0.3 updated the event-stream package and no longer contains the insecure dependency. We are sorry for any inconveniences caused by the temporary unaivailability.

Working with the extension

VS Code will only load the extension for Argdown documents.

To tell VS Code that your document is an Argdown document, save your document with the .argdown or .ad filename extension (e.g. test.argdown).

Activating the Argdown theme

Activating the Argdown theme

Standard themes do not highlight Argdown relations and elements. For complete syntax highlighting, please activate the Argdown theme:

  1. Go to Code/Preferences/Color Theme in the main application menu
  2. Select Argdown Theme from the list of available themes

The Argdown theme is the default VS Code light theme, enhanced by some Argdown-specific features, so it will also work with other languages.

We hope that VS Code will add support for language-specific themes in the future, so that the Argdown theme will only be active for Argdown files.

Map Preview

Map Preview

Code Completion

Code Completion

Document Outline, Breadcrumbs and Symbol Search

Document Outline