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9/20/2023: split out ALM Toolkit from the BISM Normalizer VS extension. Find the ALM Toolkit codebase at

General Usage

Download from the BISM Normalizer Visual Studio Marketplace page. New releases will be uploaded to this page.

This video covers BISM Normalizer 3 use cases and demo.


Object Model & Build Process

This video shows the internals of BISM Normalizer 3. Everything still applies except obfuscation, which has been removed.


Command to Perform a Release Build

Output goes to bin\ReleaseObfusc

msbuild BismNormalizer.csproj /verbosity:m /target:Rebuild /property:Configuration=Release

Set Up New Development Machine

VS 2019 Workloads installed must include .NET desktop development and VS extension development.

Requires VS Installer Projects extension.

May need to temporarily comment out following at bottom of BismNormalizer.csproj to load project into VS for 1st time. After 1st successful load, add it back.

Import Project="..\packages\MSBuild.Extension.Pack.1.8.0\build\net40\MSBuild.Extension.Pack.targets"

Update: 4/23/2018: AMO libraries are now accessed through NuGet references, so no longer necessary to install AMO client libraries from the MSI.

Do a Release build from the command-line to set up cross project references for the 1st time (see command above) - and then close and reopen VS.

Set AlmToolkit or BismNormalizer as startup project

In BismNormalizer project properities > Debug tab, set

  • Start External Program (assuming Enterprise edition): C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Enterprise\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe

  • Command Line Arguments: /rootsuffix Exp

The automated tests refer to a localhost SSAS tabular server.