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A C# library for communicating with the PrintNode API

Getting started

Let's set up your account first.

Create an API key at

Install your PrintNode client to the computer of your choice.

Open the PrintNode client and get the printer ID. Now let's "Hello, world!":

// Your PrintNode API key is stored in apiKey
// Your PrintNode printer id is stored in printerId
// Your awesome test PDF is stored as a byte[] in pdfDocumentBytes

PrintNodeConfiguration.ApiKey = apiKey;
var printer = await PrintNodePrinter.GetAsync(printerId);
var printJob = new PrintNodePrintJob
    Title = "Hello, world!",
    Content = Convert.ToBase64String(pdfDocumentBytes),
    ContentType = "pdf_base64"

await printer.AddPrintJob(printJob);

You can set up several computers each with their own PrintNode client, and register them to the same PrintNode account.

var computers = await PrintNodeComputer.ListAsync();
    "id": 11,
    "name": "AnalyticalEngine",
    "inet": null,
    "inet6": null,
    "hostname": null,
    "version": null,
    "jre": null,
    "createTimestamp": "2015-06-28T18:29:19.871Z",
    "state": "disconnected"

To get a specific computer

var computerId = 12777;
var computer = await PrintNodeComputer.GetAsync(computerId);

To get a list of printers connected to your current account

var printers = await PrintNodePrinter.ListAsync();

To get a specific printer

var printerId = 38409;
var printer = await PrintNodePrinter.GetAsync(printerId);

To add a job to a printer

byte[] pdfDocument = await DownloadPdf("");

var printJob = new PrintNodePrintJob
    Title = "My cool test print",
    Content = Convert.ToBase64String(pdfDocument),
    ContentType = "pdf_base64"

var response = await printer.AddPrintJob(printJob);

To list print jobs for a printer

var printerId = 38409;
var printJobs = await PrintNodePrintJob.ListForPrinterAsync(printerId);

To create a child account

var childAccount = new PrintNodeChildAccount
	FirstName = "First name",
	LastName = "Last name",
	Email = "",
	Password = "password",
	CreatorRef = "a cool ref"

var response = await childAccount.CreateAsync();

var accountId = response.Id.Value;

To get a list of printers on behalf of a child account

using (new PrintNodeDelegatedClientContext(accountId))
	var printers = PrintNodePrinter.ListAsync();


A C# library for communicating with the PrintNode API




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