Sound Interactivity: openFrameworks + Arduino code.
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Sound Interactivity: openFrameworks + Arduino code.
for the Flaming Lotus Girls ( Xylophage sculpture

Demo with IR sensor triggering Gurgle sounds here:

The preliminary design calls for 3 IR sensors per mushroom for each of the 3 Sound mushrooms. 120 deg angle per mushroom, so divide by 3 yields 40 degrees per Sensor, which is good wiggle room to prevent beam overlap. 3 more analog inputs are available on the Arduino UNO if we want touch sensors. The design will likely change - as We will probably want to revise this to more sensors.

Breathing: Speed of playback depends on proximity to IR sensors. The closer you are, the faster the breathing. The exhale/inhale sequences are randomly selected from 10 different pairs.

Accents: This is the scrape.wav file which plays back with no interactivity affecting it

Gurgles: Are triggered by IR sensors. Played at 100% volume