A switch-accessible children's game encouraging creativity and individuality.
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This game was developed as a Google Summer of Code project under the Inclusive Design Institute. Blog posts detailing the work process can be found here, and you can play the game here!


“Playtown!” is a web game for kids to discover and personalize their own world. The game begins with a town map, and users can complete different activities at different locations. Players will be able to:

  • build an ice cream sundae,
  • create a robot,
  • customize an avatar, and
  • design a house!

All controls are switch-accessible, and users can also adjust text size and scroll speed. Design-wise, Playtown aims to follow the Inclusive Design Guide and the Game Accessibility Guidelines.

On the technical side, the game is being built with:

User Tips

Two-switch controls (tab to scan, enter to select) are recommended for users who want greater control over the scan speed.

Press the escape key at any point in the game to return to the previous screen:

  • Location escapes to map
  • Map escapes to main menu
  • Main menu escapes to control selection

Running Locally

To run the game locally, complete the following steps:

  1. Clone the repository: git clone https://github.com/christine-hu/playtown.git

  2. Navigate to the repository, and download the dependencies: npm install

  3. Set up a local testing server (ex: python -m SimpleHTTPServer)

  4. Go to the server (ex: localhost:8000) via your web browser. Tada!