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The script is the new official machine update script for the new RESTful API on

  • Update your linuxcounter machines directly via this script without the need for log into your account
  • Automate the machine update by installing a cronjob by invoking a simple command


Download the file "" from github, move it into your PATH and make it executable:

$ wget
$ chmod +x
$ sudo mv /usr/local/bin/

Or clone the repository in order to be able to contribute to the code, enhance the script, fixing bugs and sending pull requests:

$ git clone
$ cd linuxcounter-update-examples/_official
$ sudo cp /usr/local/bin/


First start the script by using the "-h" parameter to get some help:

$ -h

You may use the interactive mode of the script for being guided through the machine registration and sending the data:

$ -i


GNU General Public License Version 3

Free Software, Hell Yeah!