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The Linux counter


Anno domini (year: №2.015; quarter: №2), the counter – re-vived; now – on Symfony-2.

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The new «Linux counter» Project – was created as a re-placement.

Since year №2.012 (January; the №11-th), – the address – was changed:

from [HTTP://Counter.Li.Org]
        to [HTTPS://WWW.LinuxCounter.Net]

– to host the only (and – main) real Linux counter: with the largest base of users.

The original counter – was ran by a Non-Profit member-ship (organization, called – «The Linux counter Project»), – which – was created on {the 1-st of May, 1999, anno domini}: taking over (the running; of counter) from Harald Tveit Alvestrand (who – has been running (the project) since 1993) – a chief executive officer (of the Organization).

It – was started (as a «For fun!» project), – to find out:

How many Linux users – are there? (World-wide)

The basic idea (for people) – is to register our-selves, as being a Linux users!…

Of course: this way – you – won't get all Linux users counted… – as not every Linux user – would register (it-self; at the Linux counter site).

Thus: the only way (to know the number, of Linux users; World-wide), – is – to make a guess (preferably – a not too wild guess) – of the {number}, of Linux users

Not making wild guesses? There – is only one way, to go: statistics; – and so – there – we are! :(

Also; see – this: an article, of Wiki-Pedia: for information about a Linux counter project.

On the 10-th of September (in 2.011, anno domini) – the project was (also) Slash Dotted


The code base – has a GNU GPL-3.

Re-porting an Issue? (Or – a Feature re-quest?)

Issues (and – Feature re-quests) – are tracked here: on GitHub!

When re-porting a «bug» – please: be care-ful! (And – as de-scriptive (and – exact), as possible!)

Thank you!