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A plugin for Apache Airflow that allows operations against Microsoft Power BI
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Power BI Plugin

This plugin is designed to allow you to perform operations against Microsoft Power BI.


The current Power BI Hook allows the following operations to take place against the Power BI REST API:

  1. Get the refresh history for a dataset
  2. Refresh a dataset


At present the following operators are available:

  1. PowerBIDatasetRefreshOperator


In order to make use of the plugin copy the powerbi_plugin package in the root of the repository into the $AIRFLOW_HOME/plugins folder. If the $AIRFLOW_HOME/plugins folder does not exist then simply create it.

Once you have completed your Airflow plugins folder should look like this


In order to use the hook and operator use the following imports:

  • from airflow.hooks.powerbi_plugin import PowerBIHook
  • from airflow.operators.powerbi_plugin import PowerBIDatasetRefreshOperator
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