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Welcome to the auxi GitHub repository!


auxi is a toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers with their day-to-day tasks. Many of the calculations that we do require things like molar masses, conversion of one compound to another using stoichiometry, enthalpy calculations, heat transfer calculations, mass balances, energy balances, etc. It is usually quite time consuming to get started with these calculations in a tool like Excel. auxi aims to save you time by making many of these calculations available from within Python.

We hope that auxi will help you spend less time focusing on searching for formulas and data, and setting up calculations, and more time on thinking about the problems that you need to solve with these calculations. Enjoy!

Here are some of the other auxi resources:

To install auxi, use the following command:

pip install auxi

Repository Overview

Directory Structure

The repository contains the following top-level directories:

  • root

    This directory contains the high-level system documentation such as this readme file, and other files that need to be easily accessible to contributors and maintainers. It also contains the .gitignore file to specify ignored files and patterns, and .travis.yml file to provide configuration details for the Travis.CI continuous integration tool.

  • doc

    This directory currently contains the auxi user documentation. Detailed system documentation may be added later.

  • scripts

    This directory contains scripts used to automate the build and release process.

  • src

    This directory contains the source files of the Python package.

High-level System Documentation

The auxi high-level system documentation consists of the following files:


    This document identifies the roles involved in the auxi project, and explains the responsibilities and access rights of each role.


    This document lists and explains the standards that are used in the auxi project. If you want to play along nicely when you contribute, you need to know and understand these.


    This document explains exactly how you can contribute code to auxi.


    This document explains how releases are done. Not everyone can do this, but it is important for everyone involved in the project to understand how this works.


    This document contains the details of what changed in each auxi release.


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