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Add ctwombat and ctslate colorschemes

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@@ -0,0 +1,56 @@
+"%% SiSU Vim color file
+" Slate Maintainer: Ralph Amissah <>
+" (originally looked at desert Hans Fugal <> (2003/05/06)
+:set background=dark
+:highlight clear
+if version > 580
+ hi clear
+ if exists("syntax_on")
+ syntax reset
+ endif
+let colors_name = "slate"
+:hi Normal guifg=White guibg=grey15
+:hi Cursor guibg=khaki guifg=slategrey
+:hi VertSplit guibg=#c2bfa5 guifg=grey40 gui=none cterm=reverse
+:hi Folded guibg=black guifg=grey40 ctermfg=grey ctermbg=darkgrey
+:hi FoldColumn guibg=black guifg=grey20 ctermfg=4 ctermbg=7
+:hi IncSearch guifg=green guibg=black cterm=none ctermfg=yellow ctermbg=green
+:hi ModeMsg guifg=goldenrod cterm=none ctermfg=brown
+:hi MoreMsg guifg=SeaGreen ctermfg=darkgreen
+:hi NonText guifg=RoyalBlue guibg=grey15 cterm=bold ctermfg=blue
+:hi Question guifg=springgreen ctermfg=green
+:hi Search guibg=peru guifg=wheat cterm=none ctermfg=grey ctermbg=blue
+:hi SpecialKey guifg=yellowgreen ctermfg=darkgreen
+:hi StatusLine ctermbg=lightgrey ctermfg=black
+:hi StatusLineNC ctermbg=lightgrey ctermfg=black
+:hi Title guifg=gold gui=bold cterm=bold ctermfg=yellow
+:hi Statement guifg=CornflowerBlue ctermfg=lightblue
+:hi Visual gui=none guifg=khaki guibg=olivedrab cterm=reverse
+:hi WarningMsg guifg=salmon ctermfg=1
+:hi String guifg=SkyBlue ctermfg=darkcyan
+:hi Comment term=bold ctermfg=11 guifg=grey40
+:hi Constant guifg=#ffa0a0 ctermfg=brown
+:hi Special guifg=darkkhaki ctermfg=brown
+:hi Identifier guifg=salmon ctermfg=red
+:hi Include guifg=red ctermfg=red
+:hi PreProc guifg=red guibg=white ctermfg=red
+:hi Operator guifg=Red ctermfg=Red
+:hi Define guifg=gold gui=bold ctermfg=yellow
+:hi Type guifg=CornflowerBlue ctermfg=2
+:hi Function guifg=navajowhite ctermfg=brown
+:hi Structure guifg=green ctermfg=green
+:hi LineNr guifg=grey50 ctermfg=3
+:hi Ignore guifg=grey40 cterm=bold ctermfg=7
+:hi Todo guifg=orangered guibg=yellow2
+:hi Directory ctermfg=darkcyan
+:hi ErrorMsg cterm=bold guifg=White guibg=Red cterm=bold ctermfg=7 ctermbg=1
+:hi VisualNOS cterm=bold,underline
+:hi WildMenu ctermfg=0 ctermbg=3
+:hi DiffAdd ctermbg=4
+:hi DiffChange ctermbg=5
+:hi DiffDelete cterm=bold ctermfg=4 ctermbg=6
+:hi DiffText cterm=bold ctermbg=1
+:hi Underlined cterm=underline ctermfg=5
+:hi Error guifg=White guibg=Red cterm=bold ctermfg=7 ctermbg=1
+:hi SpellErrors guifg=White guibg=Red cterm=bold ctermfg=7 ctermbg=1
@@ -0,0 +1,51 @@
+" Maintainer: Lars H. Nielsen (
+" Last Change: January 22 2007
+set background=dark
+hi clear
+if exists("syntax_on")
+ syntax reset
+let colors_name = "wombat"
+" I Replaced all the italics with not Italics
+" Vim >= 7.0 specific colors
+if version >= 700
+ hi CursorLine guibg=#2d2d2d
+ hi CursorColumn guibg=#2d2d2d
+ hi MatchParen guifg=#f6f3e8 guibg=#857b6f gui=bold
+ hi Pmenu guifg=#f6f3e8 guibg=#444444
+ hi PmenuSel guifg=#000000 guibg=#cae682
+" General colors
+hi Cursor guifg=NONE guibg=#656565 gui=none
+hi Normal guifg=#f6f3e8 guibg=#242424 gui=none
+hi NonText guifg=#808080 guibg=#303030 gui=none
+hi LineNr guifg=#857b6f guibg=#000000 gui=none
+hi StatusLine guifg=#f6f3e8 guibg=#444444 gui=none
+hi StatusLineNC guifg=#857b6f guibg=#444444 gui=none
+hi VertSplit guifg=#444444 guibg=#444444 gui=none
+hi Folded guibg=#384048 guifg=#a0a8b0 gui=none
+hi Title guifg=#f6f3e8 guibg=NONE gui=bold
+hi Visual guifg=#f6f3e8 guibg=#444444 gui=none
+hi SpecialKey guifg=#808080 guibg=#343434 gui=none
+" Syntax highlighting
+hi Comment guifg=#99968b gui=none
+"hi Todo guifg=#8f8f8f gui=none
+hi Constant guifg=#e5786d gui=none
+hi String guifg=#95e454 gui=none
+hi Identifier guifg=#cae682 gui=none
+hi Function guifg=#cae682 gui=none
+hi Type guifg=#cae682 gui=none
+hi Statement guifg=#8ac6f2 gui=none
+hi Keyword guifg=#8ac6f2 gui=none
+hi PreProc guifg=#e5786d gui=none
+hi Number guifg=#e5786d gui=none
+hi Special guifg=#e7f6da gui=none

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