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Vim Quicklink

A Vim plugin for quickly looking up a topic and inserting the relevant link into a markdown document.



URL Searching

The main feature of vim-quicklink is to search for and insert a relevant link without needing to leave vim. You can do this by visually selecting the word or phrase you want to add a link around, then press <C-k> to activate the plugin. A prompt will pop up asking for the text to search for, defaulting to the highlighted text. Hit <enter> to run the search. A results window will pop up with the following keymaps:

  • <tab> - Jump to next search result;
  • <S-tab> - Jump to the previous result;
  • o - open the link for the result under the cursor in your browser;
  • <enter> - accept the result under the cursor;
  • q - quit out of the quicklink adventure.

Link Opening

vim-quicklink also updates the gx mapping from netrw to work with markdown link format. The default behavior of gx when your cursor is over a URL will still work and is unchanged, but you can now also use gx on a markdown link such as [webapi-vim][] in this readme and vim-quicklink will find and open the associated URL using netrw. All keymaps :

  • gx - Open link under cursor;
  • gl - Go to link defintion under cursor.


This plugin relies on a webapi-vim, a vimscript wrapper for interacting with APIs. Assuming you're using Vundle, add the following line to your ~/.vimrc file:

Bundle 'mattn/webapi-vim'
Bundle 'christoomey/vim-quicklink'


A Vim plugin for quickly looking up a topic in google and inserting the relevant link




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