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Vim Titlecase

Titlecase is a vim plugin that adds a new operator (command that takes a text object or motion to act on) for titlecasing text.

   this is some text  |  this is Some text
 method('some args')  |  method('Some Args')
        a title line  |   A Title Line


The main interface to the plugin is via the <Plug>Titlecase operator, by default mapped to gz.

The gz mapping will wait for a text object or motion before completing the titlecase operation. This means gzi' will titlecase inside of single quotes, gzap will titlecase a paragraph, etc. gz will also work on a visual selection.

In addition, gzz will titlecase the current line.

Word Exclusion

The variable g:titlecase_excluded_words can be used to specify which will be left untouched. For example:

let g:titlecase_excluded_words = ["thoughtbot"] 

Title-Casing Rules

The plugin lowercases all the: * conjunctions * articles * prepositions

It leaves the word as is when: * It is in all caps. * It is specified in the exclusion list g:titlecase_excluded_words.

And it capitalizes everything otherwise.

When used from <Plug>TitlecaseLine it capitalises the first and last word no matter what.


The functionality of <Plug>TitlecaseLine unfortunately has an edgecase which causes it to ignore the exclusion list for the first and last words. "the fanciful tales of HTML" will be transformed to "The Fanciful Tales of Html" while in "the ins and outs of the SPARC system" the all caps will be respected. (I made these names up on the fly)

The plugin also doesn't take into account that the word after a colon needs to be capitalized.


Be default titlecase maps itself to gz. If you would like to disable the default maps, add the following to your vimrc:

Bundle 'christoomey/vim-titlecase'

nmap <leader>gz  <Plug>Titlecase
vmap <leader>gz  <Plug>Titlecase
nmap <leader>gzz <Plug>TitlecaseLine
<Plug>Titlecase " Titlecase the region defined by a text object or motion
<Plug>TitlecaseLine " Titlecase the entire line


Teach Vim about titlecase, with support for motions and text objects







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