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pzula commented Apr 1, 2014


Thank you for this great package!

I love this plugin, but have recently noticed an issue when using tmate that my keybindings don't seem to work.

When I run :TmuxPaneCurrentCommand, I get this output:
protocol version mismatch (client 8, server 7)

This is pane-ful (get it?) when using tmate to pair with others remotely, as I've grown accustomed to navigating in vim normally while in tmux. Do you have any suggestions on how I can work around this? I am using Mac OSX Mavericks, homebrew, and iTerm.


Hello @pzula,

thanks for the kind words! Most of the credit continues to belong to Mislav, but I'm happy folks are finding value here.

I have not seen the specific error, but I think this is a version mismatch situation. First thing, could you try killing all sessions (both tmux and tmate) and then reopening? Sometimes older server instances will stick around even through upgrades.

Also, can you confirm the versions you are using of both tmate (tmate -V) and tmux (tmux -V). It is possible that your tmate is built off of tmux < 1.8 which will not work with this plugin.

Lastly, I believe the issue may also be due to the fact that :TmuxPaneCurrentCommand is explicitly calling out to tmux and not tmate. That said, I just tried locally with tmate and all functionality worked as expected, so I am guessing its a version issue.

Please try the steps listed above and let me know if you continue to have issues.

pzula commented Apr 3, 2014

Hi Chris!

Thanks you for the tips. I've killed all sessions and am still having issues. Here is the output I get when running those commands:

pzula ~ ✨  tmux -V
tmux 1.9a
pzula ~ ✨  tmate -V
tmate 1.8.9

Here is a screenshot of what happens when I try to navigate my vim windows with Ctrl+L and Ctrl+H:

Do you have any other suggestions? My dotfiles are available at if that helps...


Looks like the issue is inconsistent versions between tmux and tmate. I was running locally with tmux 1.8 and tmate 1.8.9 and all was good, but I then updated tmux to 1.9a to test, and I see the same issue as you.

Unfortunately I don't think there is much I can do to solve this. Once tmate is updated you should be able to work with both on 1.9 versions, but for the time being I would recommend rolling tmux back to 1.8 if that is an option for you. There is a great Stack Overflow answer that details the various ways to roll back a brew install version. You can see the changelog for 1.8 to 1.9 to decide if its worth it for you.

Closing this now as it seems this is the best answer we'll get for the time being, but please comment back in or reopen should you find anything new.

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thewatts commented Apr 8, 2014

Jumped on here to find a solution to this little issue, and was pleased to see that @pzula beat me to the punch!


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Issue with Vim Tmux Navigator? #33


I'm running Yosemite and tried to downgrade to tmux 1.8. When you start tmux it says something to the effect of: "warning this version is unsupported, please upgrade to 1.9a". I also use tmuxinator which uses some of the new -c stuff (I guess?) and so it didn't work either. Hopefully we can get tmate upgraded to 1.9a soon, but unfortunately it looks like the author hasn't had time for the last year to update it tmate-io/tmate#33

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