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Simple Playground - Achieving Required Knowledge

Following statements are intended to hold true for this repository

1. S&P-ARK is a TEMPLATE Project

S&P-ARK is not a "real" project, but it is currently used to publish my opinion about a project / or about projects / that should be conducted by the Web3D Community to elaborate the "Community Requirements" for the NSN and to use the NSN, after it will have been standardized

2. Everlasting Statements (last modified on 2019-07-23)

2.1. The GOALs of this project can be described as follows

  • Develop a Demo Simple Multiuser Scene x) with Working Title "Spaceship Web3D" - tbd.
  • SMS-BONES-GPS: Support Standardization of Network Sensor Node (NSN) xx)
  • Hence igniting what-I-call SMS Biotope or Extended Universe (Working Title)

A Simple Multiuser Scene is an X3Dv4 xxx) MU Scene, which uses standardized communication protocols to communicate among scene instances and with a server. It uses the X3D Network Sensor Node as one of its nodes to access the network

The Network Sensor Node (NSN) was proposed some time ago. It enables the scene author to define fields with arbitrary names (similar to Script or Prototype nodes). Those fields can be used to send and receive the current value or change requests for some network events and for some network states. Pre-defined calculations can be used on the server side and client side calculations can be autonomously implemented by the scene author to calculate the current value of states and events.

The exact syntax and the protocol for the Network Sensor are still to be defined. S&P-ARK shall help to gain knowledge about the possibilities we have therefore.

X3Dv4 is version 4 of the "Extensible 3D" standard, which is developed at Web3D Consortium.

The acronym SMS-BONES-GPS means, we would like to support the idea of using and/or profiling and/or defining IETF based communication protocols for Mixed Reality multiuser scenes i.e. the goal is to support something we would denote as

  • Simple Multiuser Scenes - Based On Network Sensor - Global Protocol Spec

2.2. The content of this repository is licensed by a GPL

3. Other Statements

Statement on 2017-12-02 by Christoph Valentin

In a first approach, I will bring the documentation of SrrTrains v0.01 project (.odt) to this repository to have it properly licensed

4. Links

This playground is a GIT repository

The "SMS Biotope" or "Extended Universe" (working titles) has not got a location yet.

Write an E-MAIL to SrrTrains Core Team - LINK BROKEN!!!

4.1. OUTPUT of the Playground

4.1.1. Your Output Missing Here

4.2. INPUT

4.2.1. Your Input Missing Here

4.2.2. Input from SrrTrains v0.01

4.2.3. Input from Protocol Brainstorming

4.2.4. Input from John C.

4.2.5. Project Exposee


Simple Playground - Achieving Required Knowledge



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