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Test cases package for Trace Compass Incubator ROS plugin
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tracecompass_ros_testcases Build Status

Test cases package for Trace Compass Incubator ROS plugin.


See the script.


Some test traces are available in traces/. The scripts used to generate those traces are in tracecompass_ros_testcases/scripts/.

Test cases

  • pub_sub: simple publisher-subscriber

    • pub_sub_1
      Publisher waits a bit, publishes 1 message, then subscriber re-publishes to /rosout.

    • pub_sub_10
      Publisher waits a bit, then publishes 10 messages. The subscriber re-publishes to /rosout. Both queue size are smaller than 10.

    • pub_sub_latching
      Publisher publishes 10 messages right away, but latching is enabled.

  • multi_instances: multiple instances (different names) of the same node (type)

Setup necessary repos

Using vcstool

cd ws/src/
vcs import < tracecompass_ros_testcases/.repos
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