Drive a CGA screen directly with an Arduino UNO. Implements a monochrome 100x70 resolution / framebuffer.
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Drive a CGA screen directly from an Arduino (UNO) without any additional hardware. The code implements a monochrome green 100x70 resolution and framebuffer. More information can be found in this blog post.


*Compatibility note: This library has only been tested with an UNO (ATMega328P based) Arduino board.

Wiring the CGA Connector

Wiring the Arduino to the CGA connector is very straighforward. The CGA pinout has 9 pins in total: 2 grounds (GND), 1 reserved pin, Hsync, VSync and seperate pins for R, G, B and I (intensity).

Wire digital 8 to GREEN, digital 9 to RED, digital 10 to BLUE, digital 11 to HSync, digital 12 to VSync. Wire a direct 5V connection to Intensity. Connect GND to GND.